Warriors of Three

November 7, 2010
The three looked around at the wasteland that was once their village. Roin, the first warrior, checked the sharpness of the claws that were attached to his knuckles. Noicky, The Second Warrior, was creating a new spear out of a large branch that he had found. Broint, The Third Warrior, was refining a blade he had recently rummaged from the ruins. There was an hour of waiting before the Darkness arrived. "Finally, it is time my friends to avenge our village's losses!" Roin shouted to the other two. Roin, The First Warrior, struck first. Sprinting toward the Darkness he launched himself in the air, swing his claws at the Darkness. However, the Darkness was expecting his attack, and threw Roin back toward the others putting a dagger in his heart. Roin the First Warrior, first to strike, first to fall. "ROIN!" Broint, The Second Warrior, shouted. "GO BACK TO HELL DEMON!" Brent was swung his sword at the Darkness, and was able to do some damage, until he was thrown back by an attack that he was unable to block. He dropped his sword, which was quickly picked up by the demon and thrown at him. "BRENT!" Noicky Ran over to his fallen ally. "Noicky, it's up to you now, AVENGE US!" Noicky nodded and gripped his spear. "This is for my village, for my family, for my allies!" Noicky shouted as he drove the spear into the Darkness. The Third Warrior was knocked back, and once he recovered he noticed Roin with his claws next to him. He ripped the blades off the claws, and threw them at the demon with pin-point accuracy. The beast screamed with pain. The Darkness was stunned Noicky saw the opportunity and grabbed Broint's sword. Noicky leaped into the air, and stabbed the sword into the Darkness, finally slaying it. "The Darkness has been defeated, it will not be long until I die from all my wounds, but for whatever reason it does not matter to me. I can finally die happy," and with that the Third Warrior died.

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