October 31, 2010
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Chad watched Flash throw the knife back and forth between his hands, moving as fast as his name. The light of the street lamps glinted off the blade, it shined, like it had just been cleaned and polished. He wondered now if it had been foolish to deny the offer, certainly it would have been the easier path; but Chad knew he couldn’t be a part of what they wanted him to be a part of. He watched Flash throw the knife back and forth once more before it came hurtling at him.

Chad Marshal was the only 17 year old in his neighborhood and also the toughest looking kid around. He was tall with dark brown hair that went just past his ears. He was very muscular, even though he was skinny, from working on cars all day and lifting the parts. His mom used to tease him that he fit the description tall, dark, and handsome perfectly before she left. However this is not what made people think he was tough. Maybe it was the fact his muscles made him look like he could beat anyone who dared to challenge him, maybe it was that he was only 17 and already 6’8”, or maybe he just had an aura of toughness about him. Whatever it was Chad didn’t know and didn’t care.

He didn’t think he was that interesting of a person but everyone still liked to gossip about the story. How his dad had beat his mom. How after a while his mom had just left their house leaving only a phone number for Chad and the explanation that she couldn’t take any more. Chad couldn’t blame her for leaving him especially when she knew Chad was bigger and stronger than his dad now and couldn’t be hurt by him. Between school and work he only ever saw his dad coming home drunk or sleeping it off. His trouble at home was bad but the real trouble started when the Tigers found him.

His neighborhood was a fairly nice one, for New York at least, but they still had a gang. The Tigers was that gang. It was made up of the five toughest kids in the neighborhood, besides Chad. Chad was sure he could take any one of those guys if he wanted, but he never hurt anyone. The Tigers on the other hand did what they pleased and no one stopped them. They were led by the only guy Chad thought would have a good chance against him, Flash. Chad didn’t know his real name and didn’t care, all he knew was he wouldn’t want to test his skills against that guy.

One day he was working at the auto shop when the Tigers came by. They had been watching him for weeks and now they’d come to see him.

“Hey how’s it goin’,” Chad looked up and saw it was Flash. He didn’t answer. “You’re Chad right,” he sneered, “we’d like you to… join our little… group,” he said hesitantly as though he was trying to find the words to say it.

“No,” Chad responded immediately and harshly.

“What’sa matter,” Flash taunted. “Ya chicken,” he laughed.

“No,” Chad said, “I just don’t feel the need to hurt people for fun.

“Who said you had a choice in the matter,” Flash said more seriously. “We want you to join got it,” he said. Chad just glared. “Fine,” Flash said, “if you don’t wanna join you don’t have to, but yur gunna have to fight for it,” Flash sneered.

“Fine,” Chad said.

“Alright, we’ll meet you tonight after dark in the alley behind this building, see you then,” Flash smiled and walked away.

Chad finished up his shift for the night and slowly made his way behind the building. Flash and his gang were waiting. Flash held a knife in both hands and promptly tossed one to Chad.

“Whoever gets the other pinned first with their knife wins. If it’s you then you’re free, we’ll never bother you again. If it’s me, then you’re one of us forever,” Flash stated.

“Alright,” said Chad

Flash tossed his knife back and forth in his hands with light glinting off it. Then he lunged. Chad sidestepped a second faster but Flash was turned around almost immediately. This time Chad lunged and Flash sidestepped, but Chad had anticipated it and his knife met it’s target. It sliced right through Flash’s expensive leather jacket going partway into the street lamp behind him. Chad grabbed the hand with the knife before it could stab his head where it was aimed, and it was over. Chad had him pinned and he wasn’t escaping. Chad hesitantly let go of him and made him promise never to touch him again. They never bothered him again, but once in a while, Chad would see them and Flash would nod and in his own way acknowledge the one person who beat him.

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BloodRunner said...
Nov. 18, 2010 at 7:18 pm
nice i like it :)
foreveryoung21 said...
Nov. 7, 2010 at 2:04 pm
i like this, it is a cool short story I want to know more about chad
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