Mission + love = what?

October 29, 2010
By KennaLynn PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
KennaLynn PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
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‘Why him? Why now?’ I asked myself. ‘Everyone knows I can’t do it. Why did they pick me? Why not Mina? Or Sarah? Or Luna?’ My silver eyes began to tear up. I didn’t want to go on a mission with anyone let alone him.

A knock on my door broke me out of my thoughts. I sighed a bored out sigh. “Come in.” The small wooden door opened with a creek. Mina stood in the doorway.

“It’s time to go.” she said in a gently tone. I smiled softly.

“Thanks hun. Tell them I’ll be down in a minute.” Mina nodded, making her torques hair fall in her face. I laughed.

As Mina exited the room I began to get ready. My long unruly brown hair got placed in a ponytail made by a silver ribbon. My nose and mouth got covered with a silver cloth hiding my identity. Normally I wouldn’t got to these links to hide myself but I didn’t want to be noticed. Not by my family, and surely not him.

I walked down the stairs silently. Once I appeared in the living room my eyes beheld a amazing sight. Now normally I wouldn’t be like this with him or anyone for that matter, but this changed it. There he stood. His arms crossed over a well toned chest. Green eyes fastened on the girls. Black hair whipped around his face. He looked amazing. There he was.

Alaister Damian Clay.

He turned and faced me. I hadn’t even realized I had been staring at him, tell he gave me a funny look. “Something on my face?” he asked. His voice was gentle but with a hint of harshness in it.

“N-no! I’m sorry.” I stammered uneasily. Mira, our master, walked out into the room.

“Alaister, Inari. Your both here. Good. I want you two to go into Dr. Marilyn’s office and steal her Multiplier. It’s a device that allows you to make more then one of yourselves. We need that because Sarah has made the marvelous idea for us to copy ourselves to get the bigger prize. Go now.” Mara instructed. Her voice gently but demanding. We all bowed low.

“Yes Miss. Mara.” Alaister and I walked out of the building and stopped. This was going to be a fun and interesting mission.

The author's comments:
This is only the first part of chapter one of this story i'd like to hear feed back on whether or not i should continue it.

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