The Interview

November 2, 2010
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“Mom, what do you think I should wear?” Michelle Rusden yelled down stairs to her mother.
“Where is it you are going again?” Mrs. Rusden asked.
“My job interview, duh. I want to look nice but not too nice…You know what I mean?” Michelle asked her mother who was already sitting on Michelle’s bed. Mrs. Rusden had come upstairs to help Michelle with her ensemble predicament.
Michelle had curly auburn hair that fell all the way down to her back dimples. She could have been decently pretty if she had ever brushed through it daily. Her light green eyes were hidden behind thick black wire-rimmed glasses. Mrs. Rusden had wavy light brown hair that came down right above her shoulders. She was thin for a mother of three children. Her regular outfit consisted of: dark blue jeans that came up a few inches over her belly button, a low cut V-neck blouse and flip flops.

“Honey, I really like what you are wearing right now. It’s perfect,” Mrs. Rusden said as she re-examined Michelle’s outfit. Michelle was wearing a one piece black jumper that came down as shorts with a hot pink floral blouse.
“Do you really think this is okay to wear to a job interview?” Michelle asked with a look of disgust on her face.
“Yes, it is. It’s not like you’re working for the Queen of England. You’re applying at Target for Pete’s sake,” Mrs. Rusden joked, trying to lighten up Michelle’s mood.
“Okay. I guess you are right. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal,” Michelle said as she took a quick glance at the clock on her bedside table. “Oh shoot. It’s already 5:30! I have to go.” Michelle swiftly walked out of her bedroom doorway and down the stairs as her mother followed. They were standing in the living room for a quick second while Michelle checked for everything she needed.
“Do you have everything you need, Michelle?” Mrs. Rusden asked.
“Yes, I think so. I don’t need much,” Michelle replied. She grabbed her purse from the couch and started towards the door. “Bye Dad! I’m leaving for my interview,” Michelle hollered into her father’s den.
“Okay, good luck sweetie,” Mr. Rusden yelled back.
Michelle got into her small white Honda and set her purse in the passenger’s seat. She drove out of her neighborhood and into town where she was stopped by a red light. She wasn’t paying attention that there was a red light so she had to make an abrupt stop. As she made the jolt of a stop, her purse spilled onto the floor of her car. It was a red light, so she decided to pick up all of the stuff and put it back into her purse. As she was picking up some of the stuff, the red light turned to green. The car in front of her moved, so she looked up and drove forward while picking up the remains of items.
Michelle jerked to the left on accident without knowing. Soon, she was in the left lane driving the wrong way with traffic driving toward her. A semi-truck started honking at her frantically so she would move back into her lane. She quickly swerved back to the right just in time as the truck passed her; with the driver giving her the finger.
Finally, Michelle arrives to Target for the job interview and parks in the front of the parking lot. She made her way inside when a fat, old, white haired man ran into her with a shopping cart.
“I’m sorry, Miss,” The man said.
“It’s okay. Excuse me; do you know where I have to go for my interview?” Michelle asked the man.
“Yes, right through those doors,” He said as he pointed to a set of double doors.
“Thank you so much!” Michelle said as she walked toward the doors.

There was an office that said “Danger” on the door. Michelle hesitated to approach the office just as an old man came through, opened the office door and sat down, leaving the door wide open.
“Hey miss? Are you coming in?” The man said impatiently. Michelle walked into his office and sat down in a brown metal chair.
“I’m sorry. The door was closed, so I didn’t know if anybody was in here or not,” Michelle explained.
“It’s all right. Now, let’s get this interview over with. My name is Joe. Joe Danger.”
“I didn’t know you were the manager here,” Michelle said.
The man right in front of her was the man who had run a shopping cart into her when she entered the store. He looked different sitting in an office chair than the way he did out in the store. There was some type of jolly, grandpa sense to him when he was out there. In front of a desk was a more intimidating essence coming from him that made Michelle anxious.
“Why do you want to work here, Michelle?” Joe said, breaking Michelle’s thoughts.
“Well, I am sixteen now, and my family needs another supporter.”
“That’s a very great answer…You’re also a very attractive young woman, you know that Michelle?” Joe said with a devilish grin forming across his face.
“Thank you, but I think we should get back to the interview.”
“Forget the interview, Michelle. Come here and give me a kiss and I’ll give you the job.”
“I’m sorry. I have to go.”
“Oh come on! It’ll be our little secret. Nobody will find out,” Joe said, now frustrated.
Michelle walked toward the door of his office, but Joe got up and blocked the door before she could open it.
“I don’t understand why you won’t let me leave. I honestly have to be somewhere.”
“Baby, don’t be like this. I told you, you don’t have to be scared. Nobody will ever know.”
“I’m not scared. I’m just not interested in you.”
Joe became furious with Michelle, so he grabbed her by the arm and pushed her to the other side of the office. She hit the wall with a sickening thud that made a flower pot on the shelf above shatter over her head. Michelle slowly drifted into unconsciousness as she felt Joe drag her injured body into a loud, hot room.

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Anonymous said...
Nov. 6, 2010 at 6:33 pm
Wow. Intense ending. Keep writing!
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