The Signs

October 18, 2010
By Takeem BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Takeem BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Todd sat outside his house, in his hand was a crow, the crow had been circulating the prided area for at least an hour. The Crow was a sign read the book of Graddo. The Graddo was a book made by the One. The One was a half demon and half human. This world was full of demons and humans and he was a satisfaction to the rule because of his human life. He was worshipped as a god and he studied the economics of the daily earth. As he studied he found out something knew that there was a darkness that seeped through the earth. Inside the darkness flew the crows. The crows where a flock of crows, but there were no ordinary crows their eyes were demonic and they ate human flesh. No one knew where they came from or who controlled them and the darkness. But to stop the darkness you must watch for The Signs. The Signs began about a year ago, when The One was studying a magic called Anacromology it was how to conjure the chakra inside us into spheres of magical gust. He was working on that, when a flock of rapid crows began to peck the outside of his house. They were banging and tearing through his house as if it was soft as marshmallows. So he decided to put his skill in the arts of Anacromology to work. He dug deep inside his body to where his magic flowed as a steaming river, he began to transform the energy into a ball of heavy wind and he shot it at the crows, it was too fast to miss but the crows moved at deadly inhuman speeds and when they saw he was stunned by astonishment they attacked. They pecked at him and tried to eat him, but he was The One so he got them off him and sent them away. Two o days after that incident with the Crows a deadly tornado of darkness attacked there village. Ever time after that, when he seen the crows two days later the darkness would attack so he began to write what was transpired into a book, he found more signs two and he turned the warnings to the book of Graddo.
Chapter 1
As we said before, Todd sat outside his house, in his hand was a crow, the crow had been circulating the prided area for at least an hour. The Crow was a sign read the book of Graddo. He wore a slightly feminine grin on his face, he was casually thinking, because it was only one crow and it was dead could it still be a sign. He couldn’t make the wrong judgment this was a serious thing. The wrong decision could mess everything up for everyone. It was his job as The One. His great grand dad created the book of Graddo, so it wasn’t like the book wasn’t familiar. He knew what he had to do; it was time to test it. There were other signs, one fallen crow on the ground couldn’t possibly be the sign, and there was no point of going crazy over nothing. So he decided to go back to his little small house that was on the other side of the town of Micaville. Micaville was a small town in the region of Burotis. He made it to his house in record speed, it only took him an hour in a half, he was swimming in sweat, the sun showed no sign of remorse as it beamed on his UN protected bushy brown whip of hair. Todd was a small, athletic build boy, he had bushy brown hair, he wore khakis with a tight beige shirt. He had like 30 pairs of that same matching outfit. Just different colors, but let’s get back to him i=and his house. When he finally got enough air to walk up the steps of his house, he began to his expedition to his room. On his way to his room, he was summoned by his parents, they wanted to know why it took him so long to return home, so he told them what had transpired earlier, how he found the dead crow but he didn’t want to call a fluke call which would drive the town people to hate him, but if he didn’t call something and The Darkness came it wouldn’t be good for the folks of this small town. So he sat on his bed, waiting for another sign, or a sign that the darkness was approaching, he had fell asleep in the same spot and that was a mistake he would regret for the rest of his life. He was awoken by a sudden tumble of things that collapsed outside as the Darkness attacked and singed anything in its neurotic path of heavy damage. Asphalt and trees laid everywhere. He must get up know he told his body as he rushed up and stormed through the house in search of his family. After about 15 minutes of searching he realized they were gone and he would never see them again, unless they ran for it, if they ran and found someone who knew the magic arts and had them take the, to the hideout that they made where the darkness couldn't get in.

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It is a starting of my newset book... my latset

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