Frozen In Darkness

October 8, 2010
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It was late at night in New York 1988 and my heart was pounding hard. Claude was right on my tail and was gaining. I had nowhere to go. Suddenly I could feel an icy film forming over my heart as I realized I was trapped. He found me and shot me with a chilling ray. I could feel my body temperature dropping and suddenly blackness….
My name is Michael Brian and years ago I stumbled across a map in my grandpa’s attic. I was looking through an old chest and a paper brown with age caught my eye. It leads to a treasure. When I arrived to claim the prize a man named Claude tried to steal it from me. Claude is my arch nemesis and has always been jealous of how I was my grandpa’s favorite, not him. I escaped without losing it and he has been chasing me ever since. This time he was successful and stole it, and left me there frozen in carbonate.
For what seemed to be an hour later I regained consciousness. When I looked around I realized I was in a different place. A newspaper hits me in the face and I see it says the year 2323! I spot a boy around my age and asked him where I was. He said I was in a town called Malsgrove. His name was Max Blast. He asked me “have I seen you somewhere”? I replied “no that’s impossible because I’m from the year 1988”. “What? That’s over 300 years ago” he exclaimed. “If that’s so” he went on, “That means grandpa’s stories are true”!
After explaining what happened he told me he would help me return to my time. A burst of happiness went through me. A car flies out of nowhere and a voice says “Jacob you are under arrest”! Max took off and yelled for me to come. I ran as hard as I could go, wondering why they were chasing me and who was Jacob?
When Max and I were successfully hidden he told me why we were getting chased by those cops. He told me that the guy they want was my descendant. His name was Jacob and he had committed many crimes and was wanted. And one other thing he looked exactly like me. Max knew this because he has seen Jacob on the wanted shows.
Max told me that he had heard his grandpa had told him stories of a time machine he owned. There was a map somewhere at his grandpa’s house. We arrived and max had told him it was around the back. Michael stared at the enormous house and then proceeded to the spacious back yard. Max had to have some help opening the cellar. The cellar door creaked open and a whoosh of mustiness filled my nose. We stepped down the steps into the darkness. The motion detectors made the lights flood on.
Max led me to his grandfather’s safe and cracked it open. He grabbed the map and let me read it read. It said that we had to go to China which in this time it is called Pangaea. He ran to a garage and go into a machine that said on the side LSM. It stood for light speed machine. We got inside and before I could blink we were there.
We arrived at a temple called crevice. The land was rugged and the air was humid. It had a pathway to get to the room where the time machine was located. After a grueling hike we arrived at a giant stone door that was locked. Max knew what to do he threw a stone at the top and it opened.
He ran and entered the key to the time machine and pulled the lever. He looked at me and said goodbye as it whirled up. I turn to walk into the colorful portal. Just then there was a crash outside and the sound of sirens. Jacob burst into the room and he tripped and both of us fell into the stream.
A bright flash and then it all went black. I awake to Claude chasing Jacob. Claude mistook Jacob for me. I was watching from a distance and Jacob got zapped and he was gone. A policeman was alerted and caught Claude arresting him for murder.
I learned that one little action can really change your life forever and now that experience I had is just a memory.

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