Ultimatum - Introduction

June 2, 2010
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An eerie silence settles over the area as both vanish from my sight. Unease sinks to the pit of my stomach and for the first time in years I feel fear towards losing someone close to me. There are no words to describe the feeling of being swallowed by a nightmare.

The worst part is, theres nothing I can do about it. All I can do is to stand here and watch this death match.

From the silence is born the sound of clashing metal. Two distinct, muffled grunts force their way to my ears but all I hear are pleas to be heard, and chosen. I'm being offered an ultimatum, though I dont want to choose. There is no way to make it easier for myself; no way to make it easier for them.

More clashing metal errupts in the stormy night air as a flash of lighting illuminates the scene.

Two males stand opposite of eachother; grimaces of disgust and determination overwhelm their faces. Each holds a long, thin sword with unique hilts. Both are designed as different as the men who stand before each other.

To my left is Sato. His slim, yet muscular figure is hidden within a black cloak. The oversized hood hides his ever-somber grey eyes and soft, shaggy black hair but I can still see the hatred that curls his lips downwards. He has no issues holding his own, yet he only grasps the katana with one arm, his right arm. His left stays stiffly at his side at all times. I've never once been permitted to look at him without it shrouded in the lengthy, dark sleeve.

On the right is Ryuu. He stands tall and agressive, nearly glowing with confidence. He remains in a guarded stance with two hands his hilt, but seems to be somewhat at ease. His white beater flaps lightly in the wind, along with his spikey silver hair. I can hear the chains on his jeans clank together almost as if its with the same protest I possess.

Ryuu turns his head at an angle that makes me shudder. From where I'm standing I can see his scar clearly. A line that extends from just below the lobe of his left ear that wraps down an around his throat. I stifle a sob and the picture in my mind as I think about how it was caused.

I dig my fingers into my palms. Time is running out. My decision needs to be made.

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