Creek Monsoon

June 2, 2010
By , Mckinney, TX
Over here Larry” I yelled back to my 5-year-old kid brother;
as I stopped to wait on him, I see something. At first I didn’t know where it came from, but then a quick sparkle glittered towards my eyes. “Hey whatcha ya looking at” Larry’s horrible grammar screamed at me, I nearly hopped out of my clothes. I took a quick glance over my shoulder to see him in his baggy blue jeans staring at me. “I said-“yea I know, there’s something over there” I pointed my wrinkly finger towards the dirty creek. “Wow, when was that built?” he curiously asked, ‘its like a mirage, it just shows up, you know what I mean”.
“Nope, no clue” his sassy response quickly got under my skin, “ohh you don’t, then lets find out”. I grasped his wrist and forced him to follow me. “Jordan let me go, I won’t tell mom and dad please”! As we inched closer, Larry all of a sudden tripped over a wooden twig then went splashing into the water. I stood there silently for a minute “LARRY, LARRY” no bubbles or panic was filling the damp water. My hands furiously touched the icy, cold liquid hoping to find Larry’s hand reaching out, nothing happened. I sat there, sobbing in my fingers, tears dripping through them “I lost him, he’s gone”. “BOOM” something rocketed out of the stream, leaving the soggy cold water drenched everywhere. “Jordan where are you” it was Larry I rushed over to him, trying to keep him dry. “Larry what happened, were you drowning I couldn’t help because I couldn’t find you.” It took him a couple of seconds, to get a hold of his story “no it was none of that”! A smile quickly appeared “i’m going back tomorrow Jordan, you come with me, it will be great.” He started to get up and jog home but like before I snatched his wrist to tame him. “Larry are you crazy, mom will kill me” I looked towards the water “were not telling”. “Don’t worry Jordan”, he patted my back “Larry tell me what happen or we camp out tonight”.
“No or we can’t go back you have to see for yourself, come on were going to miss supper, I’m hungry.” He easily escaped, leaving me still eyeing the water, making me wonder what happen. Dinner was weird, I glanced at Larry the entire time, he had a smile like it was the 4th of July. “How was the creek Larry” the question finally popped out “oh great dad, there was this-“ “CRASH” I threw my plate to the ground “Jordan, gosh girl what’s got into you”. My dad freaked, telling me to clean all of it or else. “Honey I got it, Jordan go do homework ok baby”. As dad and mom were concentrating on the plate, I grabbed Larry and told him to follow. “HAHA I wasn’t going to mention monsoon” “monsoon” this made me think deeply about the creek. “It’s the name, they told me” “they? Ok Larry this is getting to weird”. “Don’t worry big sis, you’ll have your chance tomorrow ok?” Larry then left; he went to his room and played Nintendo” JORDAN help your mom with dishes”!!!! I slept horrible, you could tell by my eyes the next morning but I was ready for monsoon. “Good morning Jordan, Larry still asleep?” her forehead wrinkled “weird he’s the usually first one awake”. “Yea um were going back to the creek is that ok”? “Sure, not to late Larry has a soccer game”. “What up guys” Larry trotted in like he was a king, “Jordan come on, were going to be late”. “Late for what” mom looked curious “don’t know mom, Larry go now” we finally left. Leaves crunched as we followed our trail, “Jordan be quiet, its kind of early shhh”! The creek was in the clear, “come on its much more fun if we jump in GOOOOOO”. Suddenly, Larry bolted towards the creek doing a cannonball into the water. “Oh my gosh Larry!!!!” stress overwhelmed me then something hit me “AHHHHHHHHH”. Coldness strikes throughout my body; at first I couldn’t breathe I was drowning! A hand gripped on my ankle, pulling me down that’s when I started struggling to get away! The hand was so powerful, me struggling wasn’t enough, finally I got air. “Jordan I should’ve told you about holding your breath, meet monsooners”. I opened my eyelids, to see we were in some kind of ship and the monsooners weren’t so pretty. “Larry what is this”? My question seem to surprise Larry “Jordan its monsoon anyways sister, family, accept”. I was so caught up in the scene, everything was either gray or white and looked like star treks ship. “WE ACCEPT” one of the green blue-eyed monsooners yelled. “Good, Jordan let me show you around” Larry was real excited about the tour but I was too scared. “Larry can we talk?” Larry started coming towards me but the monsooner tackled him and threw him back.” Hey don’t do that” for a wild reason I brought pepper spray, I started reaching for my jean pocket. Then a force jumped me back a couple of feet, “wait, wait ACCEPT ACCEPT” Larry bawled. A warm ray was close to my throat, I was so delirious from the blow, I didn’t care!! The pepper spray was finally in my hand, my fingers arouse to tap on the button, it was my time. Everything went to quick; I grabbed my bottle and squirted hot mist air into the ugly green face. “HA eat that” my body suddenly got up and did another squirt towards the blue-eyed creature. “Jordan stop, you will make them mad” Larry was on the ground the whole time like he was under a spell. As I crashed beside him, monsooners came in every direction left to right with their ray guns! “Larry we are leaving” I slid my fingers into his and ran where ever green aliens weren’t coming. “Jordan in there, that’s where I hid at first” Larry pointed to a dark spot in the corner of the room. We quickly scattered into the little room “Larry buttons?” what are they for” my wrinkly fingers just started pressing them randomly. “SHHH if we be quiet, they can’t hear us” Larry put his chubby finger on my lips to shhh me. CREAK, CREEAK monsooner’s steps came closer and closer “DA HA WAKI” their weird language scared me but they vanished. “Did you see me, I was like…. like…. a ninja.” I was so ecstatic about my moves, Larry’s fear didn’t bother me. “They’re going to empower us, no not us, you Jordan your so stupid” Larry’s emotions really confused me. I some how found this amusing “Larry this is the only time I feel great about myself, besides you see them.” “It’s called a surprise attack, Jordan you see their guns it will slice you like bread” Larry clenched his hair. “Excuse me for trying to save your life, they pushed you like nothing, Larry their bad guys besides they cant find us, too stupid” I whispered. “Too smart, they’re waiting for us we have to leave now”!!!
Right then a big zap went between me and Larry “AHHH” my bravery faded away quickly. “Buttons” Larry tapped on each one until he found a solution, ZAP,ZAP,ZAP huge holes were blowing in. “Larry were going to die” I was so scared, closing my eyes is what I automatically did. “Jordan wake up, and were not dead” Larry’s whining voice cried. “Are we ok? Where’s the alien? Millions of questions spilled out “ok I liked you better when you were asleep”. “Don’t get up, ceiling is low” everything was dark, our voices was the only thing occupying the room. “Were pretty close to land, just up the stairs” “stairs Larry what happened, how did we get here?” “UGGH you past out when they were shooting, so I closed the door then ended up here”. “I’m so uncomfortable, can we hurry up and go home, call the cops and we will be in a safe haven Larry”. “Ok come on, crawl” my arms were sore by the time we saw light “yess light, light yess”. “Don’t get your hopes up Jordan, probably ship lights” but it wasn’t, it was a vent out. I was the first one out “ok Larry grab my hand were going home” Larry’s face lit up which was pretty. “SLAP” I could tell something was pulling on Larry’s bottom half “Jordan don’t let me go”. I couldn’t keep his promise, he was slipping “Larry hold on, don’t leave please, don’t leave”. I was foolish to think that, he was disappearing” Jordan I love you” “no Larry its ok love you too”. “MOM, DAD, MOM,” Larry got tugged back in and I was sitting and weeping. “Larry I’m so sorry” still crying hard that I couldn’t understand my own self. “Honey, Jordan where are you baby?” my mom hollered. “JORDAN” my dads deep voice really frightened me “dad, mom”. “There she is, George” I could hear their pace was speeding up, and then huge arms attacked me. “Jordan, when did you get out here?” my mothers question made me furious “don’t know, wow mom”. But I just went back to sobbing “honey I have the same the question, its cold and 5 in the morning. “What? No me and Larry left at noon, not night” there was curiosity still frozen on their faces. “Wait where did you go?” dad asked “to the creek dad, I told mom this morning, creek”. “Huh?” my moms face was still puzzled “I… I…. went with Larry, your 5-year-old son?” “Jordan creek? Larry? Are you feeling ok?” “Fine don’t believe me, there’s the creek”. I finally noticed a creek wasn’t present, it was just yellow and green leaves. “What, ha-ha funny joke Larry where are you brother?” now I was feeling a little loony when no one answered. “Ok, Ok your son remember him born on May 12, 2004”. Both my parents nodded “no”, “honey I’m sorry but there’s no creek and certainly no Larry”. All the blood from my face drained, “no Larry?”

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babydoll said...
Jun. 19, 2010 at 9:25 pm
This is awesome Atkyn! I didn't know how creative you are! Keep up the good work!
lexus mom said...
Jun. 18, 2010 at 4:29 pm
This story was awesome!!!! It kept me wanting to read more and more. PLEASE write more.
Kitty's Mom said...
Jun. 15, 2010 at 7:32 pm
Good job!  Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.  
Atkyn G. said...
Jun. 13, 2010 at 11:05 am
What a great story!!!  You are a very talented writer, keep up the good work!
Atkyn G. replied...
Jun. 13, 2010 at 11:08 am
The previous reply is actually her proud momma, not Atkyn!
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