Forrbidden Blood Part 3

June 10, 2010
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I suddenly sit up on the couch, breathing incredibly deep. “Hey hey,” Jessica forced me to lie back down. “Calm down.” I caught my breath in the net of reality. Every time I blinked, the image of a young man showed themself on my eyelids. He had short, slicked back hair , dark hazel skin, and light green eyes. I felt the side of my stomach. Stitches lined up from the beginning of my bellybutton to the a little bit underneath my right breast. “We had to take you to the hospital.” Jessica explained. “ I don’t know what happened to me. Can’t remember very well but I dreamt of when I saved you from the vampires and a man.” I said. “What man?” Jessica knelt beside the couch. “I...don’t know.” I answered. “Well okay,” She rubbed my arm in comfort. “You should go take a shower and get dressed. We have to go back to the hospital.” Jessica reported. “Ugh.” I carefully got off the couch and plunged to the floor. Jessica assisted me to my feet. “Thank you.” I said. She helped me up the stairs. “No need to thank me Diane.”

I took a shower in water temperatures below 10 degrees. Frost covered the mirror when I stepped out of the shower. I dressed myself in a casual outfit of a short sleeve orange shirt, dark jeans, orange belt, black scarf, and calf length boots. I straightened out my shoulder length black hair. When I had finished, I gazed into the mirror. Looking back at me was a human but deep inside was a monster. I could barely stand the sight of myself. When I began to stroll back downstairs, Jessica was typing up something on her laptop. My expression went from happy to serious and so did Jessica's. "What's wrong?" I rushed out the door and down the hill. There was a vampire in the area, but during the morning time? I jumped through the second story window of a house. A female, pale brown skinned vampire was on top of a man, bending his head at just the right angle. I tackled her off of him and into the wall. The vampire hissed at me. I moved her over to the sunlight. Her skin began to sizzle then [poof].She explodes into a pile of dust."Are you okay?" I turned to the man. He had his back against the headboard. "Afraid?" My midnight blue eyes seemed to intimidate him. "[gulp] No." Like a bolt of lightening, I climbed onto his bed and got right up to his neck. He was the dark hazel-skinned man with short black hair and beautiful light green eyes I have been seeing. The smell of his blood was irresistible. "Why not?" My fangs slowly came down as I placed my left hand on the other side of the headboard. "If you were going to kill me, you would have." His heart was beating rapidly in his chest. "I always play with my food." My sharp fangs touched his neck. I put my hand on his chest and edged closer to his throat. He held his breath. "Are you afraid?" I whispered. "No." He repeated. I calmly backed away until I could see his face fully. "Good." I smiled. "Why didn't you do it?" I was centimeters from connecting our lips. "There's something I like about you." I confessed. “What’s your name?” “Erik.” He replied. I climbed off of him and stood in the window, preparing myself to jump."You're leaving?" He quizzed. "I can't stay but remember," I turned back. “This is our dirty little secret.” I shook my head, laughed, then hopped to the street. The broken pieces of glass put themselves back together.

“Hey. What happened?" Jessica asked when I sat on the couch beside her. She was drinking something from her monkey tail mug. It was a mug of a monkey with its tail as the handle. The sound of running water upstairs entered my sound boundary. George must be washing up. "Another vampire was attacking the man I have been seeing." I explained. "The guy?" She questioned. "Na the guy. Yeah the guy Jess." "You should’ve let that one go." Jessica sipped on her mug. "No. Erik is mine now and anyone that tries to harm him will get their got heads ripped off." She set the mug down."Whoa Diane." I was surprised by what I had just said. "Do you feel something for this guy?" "I..." "You do." Jessica was on her feet, pacing. "I don’t understand." I had a confused look on my face. "That's bad. You just met this guy. You have no idea who he is." Jessica had began to ramble. "You can't resist his blood. One day you'll kill him and then people will start asking questions and I am too young to go to jail..." "Jessica," She stopped pacing. "you are not going to jail." I assured. "Don't worry about any of that." "[sigh] Well let’s get going. Your appointment is in about 20minutes." Jessica picked up the cup and sipped on it then went to the garage. “We’re taking my car.” I said. “Na ah. I’m driving so we are taking my car k?” Jessica climbed into the driver’s seat of her black BMW. “Your very funny.” I replied while getting into the passenger’s seat. “Ha ha.” Jessica smiled. “Let’s just go alright?.”

Jessica pulled the car into a parking space in the hospital’s parking lot. I sat in the car as Jessica turned off the engine. “Are you okay?” I took several seconds before answering her. “I’m never okay.” I climbed out of the car and shut the door. In concern, Jessica quickly got out of the car and followed me. [beep] [beep] She locked her car doors. “I know you don’t like being around humans very much but i’m worried about your well being Diane.” “I know Jessica and I appreciate that but don’t you think they’ll figure something out about me?” We entered the sliding doors and continued into the elevator. “They aren’t that smart.” Jessica pushed the button that read fifteen. “You say that as if you aren’t one of them.” I smiled. “I never was.” She replied.

“How long do we have to wait?” I sat on the lay back type tables in a tiny room with Jessica sitting in one of the over-sized chairs. “I don’t know.” “Humans are so slow I swear.” “Not everyone has super duper speed muffin.” Jessica reminded. “You’re really funny.” “I sure do try.” She gave me a cheesy smile. A man in a long white coat, that touched the ground, came into the room writing down something on his clipboard. He closed the door and looked up at me. “You.” I uttered. Jessica gazed at me suspiciously. “You son of a *****!” I hopped off the table. “Diane.” Jessica stepped between me and the man, knowing I wouldn’t hurt her to get to him. “Move.” I ordered. “I saved your life you ungrateful wench!” The man said. “I never needed anything from you Toby!” Jessica held me back. “Calm down Diane,” She got me to sit back on the table. “Let him speak alright? Go ahead while she’s down.” She stepped aside. Toby ran his left hand through his wild black hair. The paleness of his white skin made me question if he was alive or dead. “Look what ever that person cut you with is fatal, but not to you.” He reported. “What is it?” I asked while trying to keep my anger in its cage. “Some kind of poison that we’ve never seen. Here,” Toby pulled a small container out of his pocket. “We were able to eject the some that didn’t insert itself into your bloodstream.” I took the container from his scrawny fingers. “Rosary Pea. How did anyone even find this?” I questioned. “What is it?” Jessica quizzed. “It contains abrin which could kill anyone within a matter of seconds but it doesn’t seem to have an affect on me.” I told. “Bummer.” Toby replied. “That’s good then.” Jessica said. “I guess so. We can leave now.”

“What was that whole thing about?” Jessica asked as we entered the elevator once again. “Toby worked for my father. He is the one who light my friend on fire and made me watch while he burned into the ashes that inflict my soul with pain that I suffer on a daily basis while my heart bleeds endlessly at the complete and utter sorrow .” I explained. That was the first shed of softness i’ve ever shown in front of Jessica. A quiet black tear went down my cheek as the memories of that day cracked into my mind. “Diane,” “No.” I held out my hand. “I know how you feel.” “You do? Jessica can you honestly look me in my eyes and tell me you know how it feels to watch someone you truly care about cry your name while they burn to an oblivion?” Jessica remained silent. “You can’t and maybe one day you will truly feel pain and then... you will know how I feel.” The elevator doors slid open. I left her standing in the elevator as I walked out of the sliding doors.

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