stories of a teen ager

May 30, 2010
One day after a long week my sister amber and I were feeding the horses when all of a sudden amber said I do not want to hang out with tom any more, tom was our brother and our biology partner. Well you have to get over it I replied as I yelled to her across the yard. Then when I finally got to the shed where amber was and then she figured out how to climb out of the window and into the forest where she could run in fifty derections and maybe more if you count sideways . then she always visited the crocadiles in the swamp. Then one day after wendsday my sister slept in till my dad got home from feeding and washing the horses. As we woke her up at two at night! Then at five o clock and she said she is going to go to the park she loves the park but if we only kept her we would not have been in trouble. Oh yah can’t talk about that yet. Well before she went to the park she was eating a donut and drank chocolate milk. Then I relized it she was going to visit her boyfriend jesse although we were ferbiden to go see Richard or Jesse because our dad thinks they are evil of some sort but amber and I didn’t believe him at all because he was the one who killed our mom and got away with it so amber of course hates him and I forgave him when I was three. Now we are ten and she never forgave him after all these years so then one night after a hard day I was able to sneek out and go to the woods and meet jesse to tell him to stay away from my sister but as I showed up he and amber were kissing where we were exspose to meet but they were so in love they could not get their eyes off of each other so when I ran home crying they suddenly topped kissing and stopped to look around and notice someone was around and saw them. As I got home my dad saw me and asked if I was ok then I replied I am fine now leave me alone. Then as amber got home she went up stairs to see where I was but when she walked in a whispered why did you go to see him? Then she said why did you? Then I replied I asked you first now tell me. Hen she said I went over there to tell him good bye. Well I went over there to tell him to stay away from you. Then she slamed the door while she left the house and ran to the shed where there were fifty things to kill your self with but as I looked out the other window and saw her with a tourch and it was lite but as I fallowed her to a palace our dad made when we were five I found out that was where she lived tell she was seven but as I fallowed her deeper in the palace and found her old bed room where all of her dolls and our old dogs doggie toy. Well we use to have adog named pawley and she died when we were eight well we think she might of ran away but we do not know for sure. Well how about I tell you of the story when we were five. Ok well here it goes. One day
when I was five amber and I were alone well not practaly we had our dog pawley and our cat salum and his lovly lady mini. Then when dad thought we were not going to be fun people so he made us a house so we can be able to exspress our self. Although after we saw thye house it looked like a palace and then he showed me my room and it looked like where a princess would live then he shoud amber her room. Well lets just say when we got to the room it was as small as a prisinoirs room then he made up an excuss that he ran out of wall and flooring so he had to make it smaller. Then she cried like a baby and then I said you can have my room cause I am no princess I am a regular girl. So then I ran to my room inspight of all that has happened I knew I was no princess and I did not need a big room. All I need is a family and friends and my life and not to be pampered but to be a regular girl. All I need is to get a job and then I would get my own house and take salem with me away from this horrid place. Although I forgave my when I was three I still wanted to move out when I was five and three quarters. Then when we both turned six we were frightened by when the police came they knocked like they were going to bust the door on our palace so I opened the door and said hello officer. Then he replied who owns this house? And then I whispered our dad made it for us. Well can I talk to your dad Madame. Umm well he is inside the other house near kuntuckity lake I will show you the way let me grab my coat. Ok miss what about your sister doesn’t she need a coat because you both need to come you won’t be coming here for a long time ok. Why what is wrong with it amber screamed. Nothing but there were some killings that were over here and I need to talk to your father, ladies. Ok we are ready lets head out if we leave now we will be there before sundown that’s ok right. Yes ladies that will be fine and you should know that it took more than two minnuts to walk home. Then out of nowhere he said may I look around the house to see how your dad made it? Umm sure umm well hear this is my room but I gave it to amber and now I live in the old house but I also live in the next room over. Well then let me see it he announced. Then I showed him the little cellar and then he said why do you live in this tiny little room? Oh this is just where I keep my stuff and sometimes sleep in here mostly I sleep with amber though. Ok lets go. Then we got out the door walked all the way to kuntukity lake and walked up to the house and we walked through the door and dad thought we got in trouble but after the policieman sent us to our used to be rooms he and our dad talked but as I snuck down stairs I herd that the police mann was taking us away till the killings were done thyen I also heard that we can’t come back till my room had more space and that we were going to go to a foster home and some one will adopt us. Thn I ran upstairs into my room and told amber that we were going to be leaving for a little while and that we will be with our lost aunt or uncle. Then we went to sleep and I dremt of our new family and we never went back yo our dad and then I woke up and my bags were packed and my dad was doing ambers bag and I had to go down stairs and make every one breakfast. Then at nine o clock the police officer came and we took our bags and we went to the police station were to parents wanted to take us till our dad had gotten the house all fixed up. Then the two people took us to there house where we were living for the next three months or maybe more. Then amber said are you my aunt and uncle? Then I said to the parents and said can I talk to you in the kitchen please. Yah sure. Ok well she thinks your our aunt and uncle because she would freak out if she knew we were being token care of by two complete strangers. Oh well sure we can say that. Ok. Moments later, we walked out of the kitchen and they said of course we are why do you ask? Well because my sister sometimes doesn’t tell the truth sometimes so I had to ask. She whispered in delight. After a week passed everything was going well when all of a sudden amber ran away one foggy night and while she ran toward the moon I had already beaten her to a lake near the woods where we used to play with pawley now we play with her at the house after the one acsadent where pawley almost drowned and so did amber. I promised to never leave her side and now she ran away and I am all alone near the lake and I needed to find her before the two parents woke up that morning wondering where there kids were. Then when the sun rose amber was no where to be found so I raced back to the house in seconds and there amber laid wide awake like she has been kidnapped. When the parents came down the stairs they were already dressed and looked like they have been up for hours. Then I said morning I was looking for amber and I could not find her any where in the house so I looked everywhere out side but still could not find her and did not want to worry you guys and get amber in trouble. Well she already is in trouble she already got twenty five wacks on the butt. Now it is your turn your punishment for going out at dark, fifteen wacks not telling us sister was missing, fifty wacks so your total is sixty-five wacks. What! I screamed. You only gave her twenty five and I get sixty five that is cruel you people are cruel! Five more wacks! Fine go a head but for your information I will call the police and we will go back with our father in two seconds. No you won’t young lady you are not an adult yet get it! Oh yes I do amber come on lets go! I whispered in her ear. Ok lets go amber demanded walking out the we said bye to them. Ok lets talk amber, where were you last night I was worried about you. I whipered. Ok I was at our house our palace because I missed the old house. She sobbed. Then I said well now we are going back to the palace. I said in a hush tone. No body can know though can you keep that secret? Yah of course I can I will never tell a single soul! She said in a dramatic tone. Then we ran all the way to the old palace well it was a new palace back then but when we got there all the toys In ambers room was totally flushed out and no furniture or beds. Now we do not have anywhere to go so now I guess we go to Richards and Jesse’s house. No! We cannot go there remember what dad and mom said about them. I said swiftly. Well who cares dad is gone and mom is dead we do not have anywhere else to go so let’s just go there. She said boldly. No! I will not go against dad’s and mom’s word it would be disobedient . I replied madly. Well at least I a m not a brat like you. She commented meanly. Fine if you think you can live here then who is stopping you good bye! I swiftly replied. Leaving the door I ran straight in a cried out, I will miss you and be safe. Then I left in despite of all that had happened. Then when I got to kuntukity lake my dad’s stuff was there but where was our dad. After I searched the patio and then called the cops from the landline. Then the policeman said aren’t you exposed to be at the Waverley’s house? Yes but there is no time are dad is nowhere to be found anywhere. Then in seconds the police man was there and I said oh thank you for coming although I was six I could still talk politely. Ok where is your sister Madame. In the palace why? Because your dad was a umm bad.... His words were stumbled off as I heard a scream from the palace. Now I know why you wanted us to stay with the Waverley’s house. Then I jolted toward the palace inspite that I knew amber would not be there I grabbed a baseball bat in case the cop tried anything when we were walking but as we got there amber was nowhere to be found all we had found was her old teddy bear she played with when she was three. Now everything was clear our dad kidnapped amber and I was next up to be taken away. As we looked deeper in to the palace it got darker and I griped the baseball bat and kept it close to my heart has it thump one time per minute. As the darkness grew my eyes grew bigger. Then in seconds lights flashed on and amber’s old catty toy which was just a cat she just was playing with is now back here the police officer picked it up and said there is blood on it I will need it to take to the lab and see whose blood it is. Ok I think she will not mind that I said in a scared voice. Then the door swung open and there laid my mother all wrapped in red cotton which was blood then the police officer called for back up to meet him in the woods near kuntuckity lake. In seconds, the other officers were there and they followed us back in to the one room where we had found my mom dead. Although, there was still no sign of my dear sister amber. As they put my mom on gurney then they put her in an ambulance and took her down to the morgue. Then the search party explored a little deeper into the palace. When they came back all they had was stuffed animals and dolls and threw them into the back of the car and drove away so they can put her stuff that had blood on it and take it to the lab. Then out of nowhere they were back and we were deeper into the palace. Then when we opened up a closet door we found a girl but it was not amber. Then we put her in the gurney and put her I the ambulance and drove her to the morgue. Then the darkness grew as we got deeper into the palace we found one more girl who looked like a girl from school who died by a lake and her body was never found so they dragged her to the ambulance and off they went to the morgue. Then after they searched the whole palace they found a gun and two knifes with blood on them. Then they took them and took all the evidence away to the lab to test and I will be searching everywhere with Alan the police officer. Well young lady, you should know that your sister if she does not turn up soon we will need to get the swat team on the case but of course we cannot do that till day four of her being missing. Ok that will be fine. I whimpered trying to be strong. Umm there is something though may we ask you some questions please. He said toughly. Then I replied umm sure why not. Ok well here is the first question. Did you ever hate your sister at all? No I would never hate only despise her only like the sister kind though. I said sacredly. Ok thank you he whispered. Then as his words tumbled off as he got a call from my dad telling him to talk to me and he has orders. As I took the phone from his hands and said hello. Here is how you do it you go to the park and get the bear under the swing and I will call the police cell take them with you. He whispered. Ok I replied. Then we ran to the park and I took the bear and then the phone rang and said great job now cut it open and you will find a rittle, I’m late I’m late for an important date. Then the phone hung up and the line was dead. Then I opened up the teddy bear and it had the rittle that my dad had just say but there was a catch where was he and what time should he have been there. Then I read over the rittle and it said I am late wich rimes with eight and date witch rimes with eight so it must be eight o clock pm. Then I looked over the next to words and then said important that only means the I-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t which stands for I’m port ant food bar so then I wrote down the two answers then the phone rang and he said tell me the answers I will tell you them if they are right. Ok I whispered umm eight o clock and the I-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t food bar. Both are correct but only one will help you find me check both so you don’t miss out will be there all day so don’t be late for the date. Then the phone line was disconnected and I said ok let’s check out the food bar he will be there I know my dad he loves the food bar. When we got to the food bar there was another rittle that said try again maybe it is eight or maybe its bait. Wait then I thought for a good thirty minutes and then said bait! At the lake near the bait shop try again, maybe it is at eight! Then before I could say the two words let’s go a voice said it before me and it sounded just like amber and when I turned my head amber was not there only her voice on a recorder. Then out of nowhere a special agent Murphy a cop came out and whispered hello why are you here what is your situation? Well my dad kid napped my sister and they have bean leaving rittles and we can not find out what they mean. We were hoping that you could tell us what this rittle means? Oh of course I can tell me the rittle,. Try again maybe it is eight or maybe it I bait and I thought that is was the one when suddenly the phone rang and the police officer ran over to answer the phone when I grabbed it and said hello then the mans voice said meet me at 8 at the bait shop then hung up the phone. Soon it was seven thirty and we were near the bait shop. Hopwfully he is there. He should also bring amber or I will statrt to cry I thought to myself. We were ther and I could see amber but there was no dad. Even though I ran to amber hugging her and squeezing her then out of nowhere she says run go hurry don’t stay save your self and that’s when I relized there was a bomb on amber’s chest and then I screamed everyone get out but then my dad came from the bathroom and yelled stay where you are! Then everyone screamed and he said shutup or I will make it blow.

Hope Ya like oh ill write more k so post

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