May 25, 2010
By Lady_Rogue BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Lady_Rogue BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Once upon a time there was a girl who dreamed of being a warrior. But her parents were stuck in the past and thought she should spend her days sewing, knitting, washing, ect… But she was a rebel and wanted to get out of her cozy little cottage and see the world. She wanted to venture to France, Ireland, Egypt, even islands that no one has heard of. One day she got in a big fight with her parents about whether she could go outside or not. She said “if going outside my house, then I am running away,” Her parents said that she could not leave the house so she decided to run away. She got to see a whole new part of her town that she never had before, but it was time for her to go even farther than her town itself. She traveled for days and was running low on food and water. She ran into a man named Thomas. He let her stay in his house for a few days until she was ready and prepared to get back up on her feet and travel as far as she wanted. Thomas was all alone at his house so she asked him if he wanted to travel with her. They traveled for days and then met up with an old friend of his named Larry. Larry was a crazy person he was always talking and he couldn’t ever stay in one place he always had to be moving. Before they met up with Larry, Thomas warned the girl so when she met him she wasn’t so frightened. When they got to the park were they had planned on meeting up with Larry. Larry was jumping around and singing “ SOS” by the Jonas brothers. The girl thought this was a little weird because she had never heard of the Jonas brothers before. She learned a lot of new things that she had never even seen. They kept traveling and Larry taught her all the Jonas Brothers songs. While they were traveling there was a karaoke night so they decided to go. Larry and the girl were amazing and decided to go on tour. Thomas was upset, so they turned down the offer. They all decided to go to her dream place in Ireland. Once they got there, there was an irish parade going on with dancers and everything. She decided to never go home to her stuck in the past parents. So she traveled the world [because she’s immortal] forever meting new people and all of the jointed her group and became immortal. So Iyana lived happily ever after.

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