The Bounty

May 25, 2010
By Drew Robke BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
Drew Robke BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Denver was a bustle in the year 1883 and was a city that on its way to becoming one of the biggest cities in the west. But the land was filled with lawlessness and one man who worked for the law and the lawless was Jack Robertson. Jack was part of the Pikes Peak gold craze. The rush is long gone now and soon people were getting desperate for money. Jack thought like a criminal for one reason, to hunt them. Jack was a bounty hunter some say he was the best in the west. Jack was after one of the biggest bank robbers the west had ever seen.

Jack went to the sheriff’s office to check the bounty board. There was a large bounty on Josse Browns head. Josse was a notorious bank robber that targeted banks in the Kansas territory he was last seen at a place called lookout rock a good 100 miles outside Denver. Jack took the bounty from its splintered post and decided to stop by the general store before he left town. The general store had all the needs to survive in the west ropes, feed, meats, ammunition, leathers, and tools. Jack grabbed a sack of oats for his horse and some dried beef for the journey. He would have a restless night before his journey to find the outlaw Josse.

The sun rose over the plains from the east and Jack knew it was time to head out and capture or kill the outlaw Josse. He packed all of his goods in his leather satchel and mounted his horse he was to head west towards the mountains near the smaller hills called the hogbacks. It was a hot summer day and beads of sweat ran down Jack’s head, he packed water but had to conserve it for times when he was parched. He decided to take a break after a good 3 hours. The jerky was salty and chewy and filled Jack’s stomach it was good but he also had to preserve it just like the water. Jack got back on his horse and traveled until the sun was setting over the mountains, he was only a few miles away from the camp where Josse was hiding out in. The night was cold and quiet except for the coyotes that wondered the perimeters of the light that came from the Jack’s well lit fire. That night after a long thought Jack decided that Josse could not be taken alive and his record showed it. He was ruthless killing many Sherriff’s and innocents. He wouldn’t leave without a fight.

It was morning and it was time to kill the outlaw Josse. He decided to take the last few miles by foot therefore being less visible and taking Josse by surprise. Jack brought his water canteen and his .45 Repeater rifle. The hogbacks grew over the land as Jack approached the camp. Surprisingly Josse only had two other men with him at the camp. Jack decided he would have to attack them each separately he would also have to do it quietly. One of Josses pawns wondered outside the camp to relieve himself, Jack knew this was a perfect opportunity that cannot be missed. He pulled out his bowie knife and snuck up behind the naïve man and slit his throat blood sprayed from the wound and the man gurgled and fell to the ground. He would have to take out the other man quickly before he realized his comrade’s fate. He hid in the bushes surrounding the camp and decided to rush the man sitting outside the tent that housed Josse he ran and thrust his knife into the mans abdomen and then in his back killing him quietly. Jack grabbed the repeater from his own back and pointed the muzzle through the tents opening; he was soon surprised when Josse grabbed the muzzle of the gun and yanked the rifle right from Jacks hand. It was an old fashion knife fight that would decide the bounty. Josse swung his blade at jack nearly hitting him in the chest Jack soon countered and slashed josse across the cheek, blood trickled from the wound making Josse furious. Josse soon reached for a revolver that was sitting on a nightstand next to a dusty cot. It was time for Jack to finish the fight. Jack grabbed the revolver while it was in Josses hand and twisted breaking the man’s wrist with ease he then swung his bowie knife around and stabbed Josse in the chest killing the outlaw instantly. The deed was done and now Jack could reap in reward. The bounty for the dead was slightly lower then it is for a live man. Jack had to carry josses body for a few miles and then put the slumping body around the saddle of his horse. It was going to be a long walk back to Denver.

The author's comments:
I have always enjoyed a western setting with a lot of action.

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