An Unexpected Dive

May 18, 2010
It was a bright sunny summer morning; I was feeling great and was ready to have fun. The school year had just ended about week ago and swim team had started. Even though I was excited about swimming it was very tiring and I was happy to have Sunday for relaxing. After breakfast I received a call from Jordan, a close friend from elementary school. He asked me if I wanted to head up to his house to play.

“Sure, sounds fun,” I said, and quickly raced up to his house.

Upon arrival, Jordan’s dog Shadow started whining franticly from inside the house, like he needed to go to the bathroom. This is usual though, as he is very easily excited at anyone’s presence, and it was a cue for Jordan to let me in.

Once inside I asked, “What do you want to do? It’s one o’ clock now and I have to be back at three to get to my little brother’s birthday party.”

“That’s good because I have to leave for my uncle’s house at three.” “Let’s go outside and play with those bamboo sticks,” he replied.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking!” I exclaimed.

We quickly raced outside and had lots of fun throwing and dodging flying bamboo sticks, but as usual the time flew by and I was disappointed when my mom showed up to take me home. Before I left Jordan handed me a present for Thomas.

“Can you tell Thomas I am sorry that I can’t give it to him in person and happy birthday,” Jordan asked?

“Sure,” I said while departing.

Even though it was only a few blocks to my house, it seemed like a long car ride home because I was I wanted to know what Jordan had gotten Thomas. Maybe it’s a game for his game boy, or maybe it’s a mini remote control car I thought. What ever the gift was it couldn’t be very in such a small box.

By the time I got home, I had about twenty different ideas about what the gift could be. I had to push that out of my head though because I needed to make sure that Thomas didn’t see it until the party.

After I raced inside and packed my swim bag full of clothes and concealed the present something dawned on me. I was going to a three hour party with a bunch of kids two to three years younger that me; that sounded really boring.

I knew there wasn’t much time before my mom, Thomas, and I were supposed to leave so I raced upstairs and quickly asked,” Mom, can I bring a friend to the pool so I’m not bored for three hours?”

“Sure, but call someone fast, we are leaving in ten minutes,” she said.

I raced downstairs and called Zachary, a friend I have know from elementary school and a member of my soccer team.

“Hello?” said Zachary.

“Hey, it’s Joseph, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me at my brother’s party?” I asked.

“Sure, but when and where is it?” he asked.

“It’s right now and it’s at the pool, we’ll pick you up on the way there. Get clothes and a towel ready,” I said excitedly.

“Okay, bye,” said Zachary as he hung up the phone.

I then went back upstairs and told my mom that Zachary would be joining us and that we need to pick him up. It was time to leave and my mom, Thomas, and I hopped into the car and drove to Zachary’s house, got him and headed for the pool. When we arrived I was very excited. The weather was great and I was ready to have loads of fun with Zachary.

Zachary and I had changed into our swim suits and started walking over to the area laid out for Thomas’s party but we noticed something very peculiar about the pool. It seemed to be 1,000 ft. deep. I was staring at the pool and wasn’t paying attention to where I was stepping and before I knew it, KA SPLOOSH, I was in the pool. Being a good swimmer I knew I would have no trouble getting back out of the pool but while I was in the water I realized that one the pool was incredulously deep; and two, I had just dropped Thomas’s present to its watery grave. Luckily Jordan is a freak when it comes to anything that may involve tape. He had completely covered the present with tape almost to the point of laminating it. I knew this would keep whatever was inside the box safe.

As I was climbing out of the pool thinking about how I was going to get the present another strange thing happened. Poseidon, the God of the Sea came forth from the pool and spoke to us.

“If you two wish to get that present back listen closely. The only way to get the present back is to find the Magical Golden Scuba Gear, but let’s call it the M.G.S.G for short. The M.G.S.G is located underneath the parking spot where your car is. Retrieve it and use it to get the present in this pool. Now be gone with you!” he yelled as he disappeared back into the pool.

“That was weird,” we said in unison.

“I wonder if that was real or if we were just hallucinating?” asked Zachary.

“No, that was real. When he jumped back into the pool I felt water splash on me. I think we should go move the car and look for the M.G.S.G.” I said.

Zachary and I ran back up to the parking lot; on our way Zachary spotted something shiny. It turned out to be a pair of golden shovels. We grabbed these for the digging we would have to do to get the M.G.S.G. Once we arrived in the parking lot we ere surprised to see that the car had been moved. We assumed that this was the workings of Poseidon, so we started digging where the car had been. Although we were digging through blacktop and rock the shovels cut through it like a hot knife through butter. PANG! My shovel hit something

“Hey I found something; it’s the M.G.S.G. wow there shiny.” I said.

“Good now we can get the present for Thomas out of the pool.” said Zachary.

We raced back to the pool each carrying a M.G.S.G. When we got to the pools edge and looked down into the blackness, we started thinking about what we might need to bring underwater with us. I thought we should take rope and weapons. Zachary thought we could probably find rope at the pool but not any weapons. He was probably right but it wouldn’t hurt to give a quick look. As I was scanning the pool, I saw two harpoon guns. I thought it was ludicrous that there would be two harpoon guns lying next to a diving board at a public pool, but Zachary and I grabbed the harpoon guns and dove into the water. Zachary’s first impression when he went in the water was that it was actually as deep as it looked and he was a little scared. He quickly got over it and we started swimming down towards what we thought was a deep abyss.

We had been swimming for a long time and I was starting to get nervous. Was the M.G.S.G going to run out of oxygen or did it have an unlimited supply? I started to check my M.G.S.G for a gauge or something of that sort but before I could get a good look Zachary tapped my shoulder. In front of us was a giant cave. It was eight feet tall and looked treacherous. We were at the bottom of the abyss and started looking for the present but we saw nothing, except the pitch black cave in front of us. The only logical answer was that the present had been swept into the cave or something had taken it inside.

“I really don’t want to go in there, but that must be where the present is.” I said my voice shaking.

“Why don’t we just forget the present and go back?” suggested Zachary.

“No we have come too far to go back now, whether we like it or not we are going into that cave to find the present.”

We summoned our courage and swam inside. We were surprised to see that once in the cave everything was light and colorful; not the pitch black that we saw from outside. We felt relived and started searching for the present.

“See there is nothing to be worried about,” I said calmly.

“WHO DARES ENTER MY CAVE?!” yelled a voice from afar.

“I think you spoke too soon, run I mean swim!” yelled Zachary.

We swam as fast as we could away from the voice but it sounded like it was following us. Right before I left the cave I tried to descry what was following us but I only saw the contour of what it was. I exited the cave and got up against the wall next to Zachary. A second later a giant eel burst from the cave, swimming around very agitated.

“WHY WERE YOU IN MY CAVE!” it yelled.

“We were just trying to find a present that we lost in this perversely sized pool,” we said while trembling in fear awe. We had never seen a talking eel before.


“Why not?” I asked in confusion.

“BECAUSE, I AM GOING TO EAT YOU!” it screamed.

At hearing, this Zachary fired his harpoon gun in fear and it struck the eel right at the end of its tail. The power from the harpoon gun was so strong that the recoil pushed Zachary back into the wall. The eel was now stuck in the wall his tail seemed to be nailed to the side of the abyss.

“ACK!” it howled.

“Quick lets get the present and get out of here.” I yelled

We swam back into the cave all the way to the back and saw the present and something else, a treasure chest!

“We’ve got the treasure chest now lets go Joseph.” said Zachary.

“No, wait lets bring this treasure chest back up with us. I said longingly. The eel is trapped on the wall we have time.”

“No, we need to go now. The eel could break off the wall at any moment; you saw how big it was.

“Okay, I’ll meet you outside the cave.” I said.

Zachary left the cave and I started hurriedly tying the rope around the treasure chest. Stuff is lighter underwater and I thought that I might be able to swim while carrying the treasure chest to the surface. Once I finished tying the rope around the treasure chest I started to swim towards the entrance of the cave. When I got outside I saw Zachary waiting for me, his arms crossed. He motioned for me to start swimming and gave me a look that said: you really shouldn’t have brought that.

Then the eel yelled at me “HEY WHERE DO YOU THINK YOURE GOING WITH MY TREASURE CHEST?” it asked furiously.

I ignored it and started swimming but not before looking back one last time back at the furious, giant eel that wanted to eat me for its lunch.

I caught up with Zachary and asked him if he would help me carry the chest but he ignored me, he obviously was annoyed that I hadn’t listened to him.

When we were half way don’t swimming we heard a very strange noise. It sounded like a large scream. Then we heard “I WILL GET YOU!”

We were sure that it was the eel. We started swimming really fast because we didn’t want to end up in the eel’s tummy. Zachary started getting farther and farther ahead and I thought realized that he was right in saying that I shouldn’t have brought along the chest. It was weighing me down immensely and I was sure that the eel was catching up to me every second that I was lugging the chest along.

Luckily for me Zachary and I reached the surface and the eel was still behind us Zachary climbed out with the present and then took off his M.G.S.G. I climbed out and then heaved the treasure chest out of the water, and then I took off my M.G.S.G.

“Whew, that was a close one.” I said relived.

“Yeah, who knew the eel would rip of his tail just to get the treasure chest back. Speaking of which, what’s in it?” Zachary asked excitedly.

“Lets find out.” I said while opening it.

Inside was a giant hoard of candy! So much candy that it would last two years. Then suddenly the eel that had been following us burst out of the water. It stole half of our candy and then tried to eat Zachary. It was a good thing I still had my harpoon gun because I shot it and it hit the eel straight between the eyes.

“AHHHHHHHHHH.” It screamed at the top of its eel lungs, as it plunged back into the enormous pool.

“That was creepy, that eel almost got you.” I said.

“Let’s just go give Thomas his present before anything else weird happens.” suggested Zachary.

“Okay, what a day.” I said

Once Zachary gave Thomas his present we went back and took our M.G.S.G and threw them back in the pit that we dug for them. We then buried them and moved the car back so nobody would be suspicious of what had happened on this fateful day.

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