RUST chapter 3

May 12, 2010
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why they call him "doc"
The smell was unbearable, but then again exageration is the bliss of the unknown. The markets orange, red , and green canopy's hung like banners of mediocrity, poverty, and over all melancholic harmoney. The merchants sell thier old haggard goods to the unwashed masses that populate aringrade's market district, food, water, clothes , toys, even weapons (in secret of course) are available here for the right price. Extortion runs high here, shake downs and raids by enforcer corp soldiers are almost like clockwork around here......theyre getting to smart. The wind whistled quietly as i walked on by the shouts of the merchants, the hanging pices of meat, the prostitutes, and the little pickpockets who litter the sandy markey row. I felt a slight jiggle in my pants pocket and with that feeling a shadow appeared in the corner of my eye, i whipped around and grab the child by his hood. He was shaking like a leaf, even with the colors i bore he still feared me. A single tear broke out of his eye and he whinned " please mister don't get the enforcers ! ill work to pay it oof, you can do what ever you want to me just please let me go ! please don't call them please ! The fear was marked across his face...i could tell he ment....anything...i could do to him would be better then the enforcer corps....the boy had learned well. I sat him on the street and pulled off my hood, his brown eyes widened at my face and i told him " is not our place to steal apon this world, it is our duty to give of ourselves for the good of our brother, our sister, any who share our breath of life...all one must do is ask and one shall be gifted unto him what he wants and the love of his brother." The child was as smart as i had percieved, he looked up at me with his bold eyes and asked with great conviction "Please sir, i havn't eaten in 2 days and i need some money for food." I smiled and handed him 3 silver pieces. He smiled back and said to me "thank you mister." and with that ran off. As I kept walking I said outloud to myself "...So now im a philosopher......I am such a b*****d ! " I laughed for the first time in 3 days and with that thought my mood perked up. I found the door....cold and grey with that ever present red cross stretched accross it. I touched the key pad and it slid with a creak as to announce my pressence. I stepped in with a slight twitch in my leg......i saw the cold metal stairs leading down into his "shop" and i soon found myself inching my way down arms now twitched with both fear and anticipation, at the bottom of the stairs the cage like walls streched like the vines of another world casting shadows of doubt, fear and, entrapment. My feet pounded on the cold metal floor drowned out only by the constant buzzing of the green flourecent whole body twitched eyes could barely make out the door ahead of me, my feet could barley cling to the floor, and my hands could barely hang on to the metal mesh that surrounded me. My head pounded as I finnaly reached the heart thumped widley as my violently shaking hand reached the keypad.....i touched the button and with a sound like the screaming of angels I could see him....his back cast a shadow towards me....blood pooled around him as his hands were fast at work on the poor boy in front of him on the cold slab ....he paused and looked at the up at the other end of the room and without turning said......"Ahhh robert.....isn't it odd for an angel to see the devil with fear in his heart ?" " I never said you were a devil....." I said quietly " I never said I was akin to angels iether" then he said as his hands returned to thier grizzley task " well you seemed well enough to call me everything but a devil during your proccedure, oh the things you said to me, i should have slit your throat but bieng the kind hearted man i am chose not to, and i know you are no angel boy. I just liked to contrast your feelings toward me with my own of you." and with that my whole body went limp, my face flung to the floor with one name gouged into my mind like a tatooe....."Doc holiday"......

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