May 12, 2010
By passionate_heart BRONZE, Quincy, Illinois
passionate_heart BRONZE, Quincy, Illinois
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Running. My heart beats fast. Too fast. I'm losing sight and perspective. How much farther? How much longer? Why can't I think straight? Why couldn't I have been born normal? Or at least close to normal. How did all these people find out anyways? I guess I can ask as many questions as I'd like; I'm alone, no one will answer. Stop. When did the sun come out? Wait. That's not the sun. Headlights. Headlights? Headlights! That's them! It's Annaliese! She found me. She found the path.

Scene 1
Five years ago.
"Annaliese, we need to get away from here. Find ourselves in a big city." "Julianne, you have the biggest ideas I've ever heard. How in the world would we, two 13 year old girls, get there?" "Simple. We run. Get the crap outta here. Run till the roads end. Or until we hit water. The sea. What do you say?" "Fat chance." "You are so negative." "Hey, I say what I think. Deal with it." "I know that. You ARE my best friend. I think we can make it." "Yeah, or fail miserably. You realize how slim the chances are. Don't you?" "Yeah, And who cares if we fail? NO ONE would be able to call us chicken; to say we never tried." *sigh*"Okay. I'm probably gonna regret saying this but...I'm in." "Good." "Okay ,master mind, what's the plan?" "Well, Mom left these (Holds up passports) on the counter..." "Those are your mom and your 18 year old sister's." "I know." "But how will..." "You are perfect height to be my mom. and if I dye my hair like I've been wanting to I'll look just like Jess." "I don't know bout this...." "Stop being so wish washy, let's go!" "How we gonna get to the airport?" "Mom bought me two motor scooters." "Why two?" " 'Cause you're ALWAYS at our house." "Hmmmm, I guess it's true." "Yeah, no joke. C'mon!" "Okay. Let's get the scooters and go to my house so I can get my stuff." "Don't pack your entire closet, okay. The baskets on these scooters can only hold so much." "I have a duffel and a bungee cord. I can strap it on the back." "Grab your laptop. It'll make you look more sophisticated." "Don't know how I'm supposed to take that, but will do 'Boss'."

Scene 2
"Julianne? What are you doing with your clothes and laptop?" "Umm, I'm going to Annaliese's for the weekend." (Julianne's mother has suspicious look of her face) "Okay,...I guess. Mind yourself. Don't be a pest. I know Jessica is going to be studying for finals." "Don't worry,Mom. We'll be so quiet, they wouldn't even know we're there." "Have fun." "Oh, we will"


"Hey, Anne. What 'cha up to?" "Goin' to Julie's." "Okay. You taking the scooters?" Well I gave her one and I'm keeping the other one." "Sounds good. See ya' later." "Tell Mom I said bye, would ya' Jess?" "Yeah. Sure. Whateve." "Bye."


"You ready?" "You know it!" "Look...(Pulls out a wad of bills)" "HOLY CHIZZ! WHERE DID YOU GET THE JULIE?!?" "I've been savin' up to buy a motor scooter. Now I have one. We need money to hold us over." "I love you." "Ummm, okay..." "NOT LIKE THAT!!! Like a twin." "Haha. Love you too,Anne."

The author's comments:
Well, it's not done yet but this is the start of it.It's a screenwrite like for a play or movie

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on May. 21 2010 at 5:40 pm
lol yeah but it was more of quick thing

on May. 20 2010 at 6:13 pm
potentialgurl BRONZE, Quincy, Illinois
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I need to teach ya how to write a proper screenwrite! Lol but really good...again! Love ya!!!!

on May. 18 2010 at 7:48 pm

This is my first post so I hope everyone loves it. If you don't, please let me know. But please, be nice.




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