New York City Ninja Chapter one

May 3, 2010
By Thomas Hajduk SILVER, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Thomas Hajduk SILVER, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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I am different from the rest, I a faster and stronger than all of them. I can take down a hungry tiger using only a pencil and a grain of rice. I moved to New York City from China when I was only 12 years old. I have never met my dad nor do I have any siblings. I live with my grand mother and my mother in a little apartment building east of the Twin Towers. My name is Aniken Hoxie now, at age sixteen I am in jail. I Bet you’re wondering what in the world is a sixteen year old doing it jail? Drugs? Fighting? Under the age drinking? Right?
Well your wrong, I was sort-of framed, well wasn’t on purpose. See I was coming home from a track meet and I was going to stop at a local Chinese antic store and say “hi” because my grandmother was a friend with the lady that owned the shop. As I turned the corner I hear a loud smash, I then noticed the giant hole in the window that leads into the shop. I quickly ran in side to find most of the stuff stolen and max (the dog) on the ground wining. The robber had already left the crime seen. I check him (the dog) for any wounds I scanned his body only to find that he had broken leg suddenly, I heard sirens. “Cops!” I yelled before I could think. I thought I am so dead I quickly ran out but it was to late the cop had their gun drawn and pointing at me. Now locked up in a jail somewhere in the city lines of New York I plan to escape this nightmare. After spending two days in this concrete house of horror I can finally get out…but no the legal way. You see there is this very stupid cop that passed near my cell at 5 am and 5 pm every day. I have learned from the inmate that he eat donuts like M & M, and cant feel a thing. (Like tugging on his key chain that holds the key to my cell)
4:58pm I set my trap: placed donut in front of the cell.
4:59pm cop come to cell
4:59:30 cop bends over to pickup donut
As fast as lighting I swipe the key from his belt. I wait for him to leave the cell area the click I open the cell door I dash though the halls, with out making a sound. I sprint silently though the levels like a car but as quietly as a butterfly I slow down to find an officer standing right in the middle of the door to the main office. I swore under my breath, if there was only another way… then I notice a flagpole hanging vertically next to a window. I waited for the cop to turn his head the swish I jump like a kangaroo to the pole and swing swiftly up on the window still. I thought the window had wires in it… I knew the only thing that would break it would be an icechop I focus all of my energy to ice and water urgh I grunted, then in the speed of light I smash the window, instantly the alarm comes on whoop whoop go the alarm system I see cops run toward the cell I knew I had seconds to spare I jump from the window three feet down and started to run. I ran across the entire prison rooftops only to find a barbed wire fence 16 feet tall. So of a B***H I yell. This was twice as hard as it thought it would be “umm… XERA!! I yell, I sprint on the less than an inch thick metal top running faster and faster, I hear shouting and S.W.A.T truck come. Less than 50 meters from the end of the prison I hear a swish and then a gun shot! Dam it, a sniper!! I stop at the edge of the fencing I face the sniping tower and yell “Foyi”, I waiting to see the flash of the mussel, click clack boom I turned and jumped.
5:32;FBI Headquarters “umm… sir we have and escape fugitive that broke from NYCJ just 15 minutes ago.” “What that the 5th most secured jail in the country!”
We know sir, sending camera recording of escape”
Whoa. Send this to the president we’ve got our selves a new FBI’s top wanted rank #3.
Yes sir… connection disconnected…
“Look like we’ve got a super hero on the lose,” chuckled the Homeland Security Chief.
I felt a sharp pin in my sholder I pray that wasn’t the bullet… then I…

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TeJota said...
on May. 12 2010 at 9:59 pm
TeJota, Cave Creek, Arizona
0 articles 0 photos 3 comments
Wow! are you serious this story is terrible. Atleast you have the grammar of a kid straight out of China.


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