Forrbidden Blood Part 2

April 16, 2010
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Not one noise stirred in the house as I crept through the shadows of the night. A burglar was looting the home of Jessica and her parents. This was eleven years ago, when Jessica was only nineteen, the same age as me. "Ha ha haaa." The thief let out a hardy chuckle at his findings. "You shouldn't steal." I interrupted his quest. The burglar faced me. I couldn't see his face but I stared at his wicked soul. He pulled out his shiny gold plated revolver. He most likely stole that. "Look lady," I wasted no time on the attack. My hand covered his mouth as my fangs dug into his neck. [crack] I snap his neck to complete the job. The noise of footsteps enter my ears. It was not those of an adults'. I turned around to find a young girl glaring at me. She stood in the moonlight. Blood slowly dripped off of my chin. Her faced showed every emotion except fear. "You aren't afraid of me?" I stepped away from the body. "No." Jessica said. I wiped the blood off. "You're the girl that lives on that hill." She said in a questioning way. "Yeah." I replied. "So it's true. A vampire lives among us." I glared at her with evilness in my eyes. "You look young, like my age.... are you going to kill me now? I can expose you to the people." She threatened. "I walk in sunlight. No vampire can do that can they? Plus, I don't kill innocents." I told. A light clicked on upstairs. Jessica and I buzzed our attention to the light. She turned back and I had disappeared into the night.

Policemen and forensic trucks surrounded Jessica's two-story suburban home. Her parents discovered the body shortly after my departure. The night was cold like a dead man's touch. I stood behind a nearby oak tree that stood at least 10 feet tall, watching the people run around like wild animals. Neighbors were advised to return to their homes. Only a situation like this would make someone get up at two in the morning. I saw Jessica standing beside her parents. There is something about her that I can't figure out. Maybe she isn't human but then if she wasn't I would know. I began to walk off to my caramel two-story house on top of the house. My days of feeding in Salemn were over. This was beginning to get to close for comfort. A conversion to animal blood might cool down the heat. I never slept only dreamed with my eyes open. At night, I sit on my roof , watching over my town of Salemn.

"You didn't see anyone?" An officer asked Jessica. "No." Jessica lied to the officer with a straight face. "Well okay. Wrap it up!" The officer barked his orders like an excited puppy under his fluffy mustache. The trucks and police cars were soon victims to the night. The family of three entered their home. "Sweetie," Jessica's mother placed her hand on her daughter's shoulder. "you should get some rest." Unaffected by the situation, she strolled up to her room. Jessica had heard of the supernatural creatures that roamed the night but it wasn't until she saw it, did she believe. She was curious about what it would be like. To live forever in evil's arms. To look at the world through the devil's looking glass. Jessica was determined to discover the supernatural and become a part of it. The brave teenager put on a blue hoodie and black jeans. She silently snuck out the window into her future, never to see return to the life she once knew.

The moon stared at me, frowning like I did something to disappoint it. Wouldn't be the first time I disappointed someone. My difference from the others of my nature made me special. I don't think like they do. My senses and abilities were stronger than all of theirs put together. I, within myself, was beyond extraordinary. The only creature that was able to walk in daylight, despite my vampire half. A scream interrupted my thoughts. The presence of another vampire alerted me. Actually, more than one. I quickly leaped off my roof and sped toward the small, isolated town.

Jessica stood helplessly pinned to the old brick wall of the alley behind Eddie's Bar. "Help!" She yelled. Nobody stirred in the night. Jessica wanted to be one of us, not our dinner. "Screaming won't help. Hmm. Seems you've already been bitten." The leader of the pack of three was rough looking and had the voice of someone who has been to prison. His two followers looked like junkies. Jittery and suspicious of everything around them. They licked their chops unpatiently , anxious for their leader to take a bite. "Let me finish the job." The lead vampire bent her neck to the side. Jessica breathed uncontrollably. Sweat rained down her forehead to her exposed neck. The vampire's fangs bit into her neck. To Jessica, it felt like sharp needles being forced into her throat. She groans in pain as he began to drain the remainder of her blood."Stop!" I hopped from the roof into the shadows. The vampire turned away from his meal and began to puke a strange black liquid. "It's the Daywalker." One of them said as I stepped into the light of a streetlight. "Let's get out of here." They assisted their leader and disappeared. I helped Jessica off of the ground. The abnormal liquid slipped off of my fingers like a thick black goo. "Hey. Look at me." She was unresponsive to me. Her body was entirely limp. That vampire really got his fill. I quickly got her back to my house. Jessica remained motionless as I gently laid her on the couch and continued to my fridge. I didn't eat, but my fridge was stuffed with all types of food. I kept it for visitors or anyone that tries to accuse me of being anything other than human. Behind that was blood packs of every single blood type that I "borrowed" from Salemn General. They helped fight my thirst. I would soon have to rid my house of them and replace them with an animal's blood. The scent of a human's blood could tell you a lot about the person such as their diet and stress level. It also tells you what type of blood runs through their veins. Jessica is... AB negative. Highly highly rare with humans. I got a cord and a butterfly needle to insert the blood into her system. Her veins exposed themselves as I squeezed her arm. The needle broke easily against her skin. I let the needle fall to the wooden floor of my livingroom. There was only one other way to make sure the blood enters her blood stream. I bit a hole in the blood pack and began inserting the blood into her mouth. It slid down her throat like words. The black liquid dripped down her arm like a broken waterfall. I took a cloth and cleansed her wound. No human has black blood. I am the only thing alive I know that has blood like this. It isn't possible that she's like me. No one is. The leather lazy-boy in the corner was unusually comfortable as I turned my television to Family Guy on TBS. This human was different from her species just as I am. Maybe we do have something in common.

A couple hours later, she began to wake up. Jessica rose up, confused. "Where am I?" She quizzed while holding the left side of her head."In my house." I clicked off the television and turned to her. Jessica felt her neck. "Did you bite me?" She asked. "I didn't. You forget, I already had dinner. On the other hand those things that bit you didn't. Why would even be out so late? You could have been killed." I helped her stand up. She was still a little wobbly. "I appreciate you saving me. I just wanted for you to turn me. So that I could be..." "I refuse to turn you." I interrupted. "Why!?" Jessica squeaked. "You're just a kid. This isn't tag or tic-tac-toe, this is a curse. Not a game. You cannot handle it." I replied. "You don't know s*** about me. All I want is freedom." "Is that what you think this is? Freedom?" I asked. "No. It's nothing of the sort." I explained. "In your opinion it is but I think it will be." Jessica claimed. "You are still young. You don't understand." "So are you. Look at you, you’re a child " She started for the door. I held it shut. "I am not a child. I saved you because I didn’t want this for anyone who didn’t have it coming." Jessica gazed into my dilated eyes. "[sigh] Fine but once you realize how dangerous the world really is, you won't be able to go back home. Your parents can't protect you." I let her out of the door...

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Violinist said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 7:43 am
i know its a little disappointing but i tried to make it up with the flashback
Katherine93 said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 6:14 am

again this is really good!

i was a little dissapointed at first that it didn't carry on the story where it was left off, but after about 10 seconds all those feelings where left behind. this is amazing, and really descriptive

i like the way that the two parts alternate between the past and the present, explaining how the characters met and helping the reader to understand the intensity of their friendship

i think the way that you switch from talking about the 'black ... (more »)

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