VG High Chapter 4

March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Chapter 4: The Rules of the School. (Déjà vu.)

Jeff managed to get to the auditorium just as the first few students got there. He just walked right in like nothing was wrong. The auditorium was amazing. It was as big as a Gym, with bleachers that come out of the wall. Jeff then realized it was a gym and auditorium combined. He then took a seat at the top of a row of bleachers. He waited for the thing to start. Then he saw Midna and Luigi, coming in the entrance. Jeff waved to them, so he could get their attention. They saw him and the came up the row of bleachers and sat by him. Mario came stumbling up the row just a few seconds later.

“Jeff what happened,” Mario asked.

“Michael Jackson, you know the teacher in the music room,” Jeff said, “He saw me dancing in the lobby this morning and he offered me to help with the dance tomorrow night.”

“Oh great,” said Luigi, “I’ll be there with Daisy. Who are you going with Jeff?”

Jeff didn’t know what to say. He was planning to ask Midna the next day, but that would be the day of the dance and everyone would be running around for dates.

“I’ll ask her at the end of school today,” Jeff thought to himself.

He didn’t have time to answer Luigi’s question because everyone started getting quiet. The principle waked out to the middle of the auditorium. Jeff realized who it was. It was…Pong. Pong is one of those classic games.

“Alright for all you freshmen,” he said, “I’ll be explaining all the rules.”

The rules were as they follow:

1. There are no tardies, but if one of the hall monitors catch you. You will receive a detention.
2. There is no homework, but you must study the skills you may need to pass your classes.
3.If you wish to join any extra credit classes, please contact the teacher of the class.
4.(MOST IMPORTANT) Don’t leave the school grounds.
5. At this school you will all be staying in dorms. There is a boy and girls dorm. This may sound like a college thing, but it will prepare you for your college days here.
The dorms are located in the market. This is just next to the school. You can go there only on the weekends or after school let’s out. There is all kind of stuff there for you.

The Pong finished the rules and stepped down. Jeff was amazed by the rules.

“School dismissed,” said the pong.

That meant school was over for the day. This also meant Jeff could try his locker combination. He walked down to SMB hall and looked for his locker. His locker number was: 23. Searching down the rows of lockers for a bit. Then he came to his locker number. He tried out his combination. Work the first time he put it in. He decided to head for the boys dorms. Then he noticed Midna just a few rows down. Jeff knew it was now or never.

“Hey Midna,” Jeff said.

Midna turned around and faced Jeff.

“Yes,” She asked.

“I was wonder if maybe you and me could,” Jeff tried to say, “Go to the dance tomorrow night?”

Jeff braced himself for an answer. He didn’t have to wait long.

“I love to, but,” Midna said, “I can’t dance.”

“What are you saying,” Jeff said, “Anyone can dance. I think we need someone to teach you. I know just the guy.”

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