Life Runners

March 5, 2010
They were 19 and on the run. She looked down the hall to the voice that called to her, "Miki, It's clear!" Jason's deep voice echoed as it bounced off the acrylic walls of the long corridor, making Miki unsure of what he said. She raised her and shoulders in a shrug and mouthed the word "What?" and Jason motioned her along. She ran toward him, the tile a little sticky and rubbing against her shoes, making it a lot harder to run than she wanted. As they turned the corner she crouched, Jason followed her lead. They were in some kind of office, part of a whole building. After going through the halls the office was pretty much open, with a big, wide window, just taunting them as they crouched past the vacant area. Everything echoed, their footsteps included, making it harder for them to sneak around.

There were men all around, looking for them, and they eyed everything in sight. The once sticky floor became damp as water gushed from a room in the hall. They continued, but their shoes squeeked. They fell on their knees and crawled to the next hall, then Miki stood and looked around the corner. "Let me do it." Jason gracefully slid infront of Miki, who leaned against a wall 2 inches from him.

She rested her head back on the cold wall and sighed. Jason looked back at her in concern. They'd been running for at least a day, maybe two, and they were both hungry, tired and a little overwhelmed, and soon they slipped out of the world just like the water beneath them.

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thepreechyteenager said...
Sept. 13, 2010 at 6:33 am

I do like most of this, but like you thought it did, the ending was a little off.  I wasn't really sure what happened.  Death?  Unconciousness?  Did they slip into the realm of Hades and now must try to get out?  Not really sure.  But anyway, liked most of this :)  Really cool atmosphere, as mysterios and anxious.  4 stars :)

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