2012 The Fight for Survival

March 15, 2010
By Damein BRONZE, Milo, Maine
Damein BRONZE, Milo, Maine
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I felt like we were the only people alive now, every house we saw was completely demolished, why? Why is every god damn house destroyed? Why is every one dead? I'll tell you why because 2012 happened, all that bulls**t that the end of the earth was December 21, 2012 you know the Myans predicted it over a 1000 years ago, yeah that bulls**t, well turns out. . . it was true, and this, this is my story, my story on how it all went down, how I survived hell on earth.

The house we were looking at was the only one left standing in this part of town. We entered and got the food we needed grabbed some supplies, and found some beds to sleep on for the night. Tomorrow we have to find a plane and get to Russia .But before I can go on and tell you how we got to Russia and manged to be saved I must tell why I am telling you this story from a giant ship

20 years ago
Back then I had hair hard to be leave I know but you see I worked at a place called Science Fiction Laboratories, I was an engineer there. What we did, we made the impossible possible. Ever hear of suits that could make you invisible, or planes that could travel around the world in 10 minutes, hmm? Didn't think so, but we had them here. I was one of the people who created the microscopic cameras and and screens that were woven into the fabrics of the suits. Working there was my favorite thing to do. Of course I had been living there since I was 20 thats when I graduated from M.I.T., they never let us leave. I had been living there for 15 years.I had found love though, her name was Stephanie she was so beautiful and god did I love her. I worked with a Russian guy named Alek, he had been my best friend since college we were both chosen to work at the laboratories. I could spend the rest of my life in those laboratories, but as you know thats not what happened. The first of it started on December 21, 2011 one year before the earth was predicted to come to the end. Me and Alek were working on a new project. We were trying to create a material that was super light and yet completely bulletproof that we could use to work with the micro cameras that could make a soldier invisible. We were just getting done when the ground started to shake. I can still remember what Alex said, he swore in Russian, it always made me laugh when he did, tho I never new what he was saying. The warning siren went off then we ran to the exit. It was cloudy out and was very dark a voice screamed. I turned, it was Katyuska, Alek's girlfriend calling for him she took him by the hand and she took him off, I was so confused. I stood there for 5 minutes wondering what just happened, then a helicopter took off, it was a Russian by the looks of it I didn't understand how it landed there, helicopters never land here, I heard a voice, It was Stephanie's voice. She looked more confused then I did. “What the hell was that Spencer?” Was the first words that came to her mouth, but all I could tell her was

“I don't know.”

“Why” she always asked why, thats why she was so smart, but all I could tell her was, “I don't know we just do. I will be right back I need to get something,” I went to get the suits that me and Alek had just finished. On the way back to her, I really didn't know why we had to leave I just knew. It was just a felling you know?

“here put this on”

“what are they?”

“There the new I.S.S. suits that me Alek were working on”.

“Thinking of Alek where is he?”

“I don't know we ran out side right after the ground stopped shaking and Katyuska took him and they left in a helicopter.”


“I don't know were they went, but we don't have time for that we need to leave.”

“Wait, wait wait you just said they left in a helicopter how is that possible”

“I don't know Stephanie! Alright! lets go get in that truck.”

“Ok um Spencer how we gonna get past the guards?”

“No idea, lets just drive as fast as we can and see what happens”

Looking back now getting past the guards was the easy part. We had found Alek and Katyuska walking on the streets about a 100 miles past the laboratories. Their helicopter had been caught in high turbulence and had basicly fallen out of the ski. “How the?” that would take a lot of turbulence to take down a helicopter. “Alek you are telling the truth right?”.

“Yes my friend I am and I know its very odd in deed.”

“You guys should put these suits on?”

“are these the I.S.S suits?

“yeah they are.”

“How the hell did you get these out.”

“We drove as fast as we could.”

“and Spencer why did you leave?” “It just felt like it was a good idea.” “ha ha very good my friend very good indeed” “Alek what does that mean?”

We proceeded to drive down the road when the hell really started. The ground started shaking and the road began to crack. We stopped and got out it seemed like the whole world had to be shaking. It was so strong all the buildings were being shaken to pieces it seemed like the whole world was falling apart it stopped then that's when Alek told me what was happening to the world why they had to leave back to Russia.

You see every 1,000,000 million years all the planets line up and the sun creates enormous energy and it heats up the core of the earth. Something called “Earth Crust displacement happens” basicly the Earth's crust begins to move and fall apart crazy I know. Another problem he told me was there will be the meteors that will fall to the earth. You want to know how the dinosaurs died well look no further . The events that killed them will try and kill us. I just hope that we can survive this, I hope that mankind can pull through this and show that we truly are the dominant species We needed to get out of here we needed to get to Russia, we Had to survive.

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This is a small piece of a much bigger story

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