Snow Vampire

March 3, 2010
By wickedclown BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
wickedclown BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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On an snowy sunny day I was stuck in bed sick. No one was home except me. All of a sudden a rock shattered threw my window. I looked out of my window but saw no one. I got my shoes and jacket on. When I went outside I was blinded by all the sparkling snow. After my eyes readjusted I looked around but only saw snow, or what I thought was snow.

But then I saw something move.
“Who’s there?” I yelled. A women stood with her beautiful pale blond hair flowing with the breeze. She kept her eyes closed but smiled at me. In a instant I was on the concrete with her holding me down, I could not believe how strong she was. Her skin sparkled like the snow but more pronounced. She opened her eyes to a brilliant ruby red.

“I’ll give you the choice I never had.” She said to me.
“What is it?” I asked even though I knew what it was.
“I am a vampire, I can change you or kill you.” I could here the thirst and the sadness in her voice. I could tell she had been alone for a while.
“Change me.”
“Ok, this is going to hurt a lot.” She smiled then unexpectedly fangs appeared then in my neck. Then my fire began to speared. She took me in her arms and began to run faster then any car or plane.

We made it to too an old house. A lot of vampire fables say the pain would only last for three days at most this pain lasted a week. After my heart stopped and my fire was gone I jumped up. Mashal was waiting with a warm glass of o positive blood for me. I hadn’t realized the past five minutes a new fire had began this one in my throat. I chugged it and my thirst was gone. To my surprise I was not horribly thirsty.
“Why am I not blood crazed?”
“It is because u are ageing still.”
“Why am I still ageing?”
“Because I bit you before your sixteenth birthday.”
“I want to see my family.”
“You can live with them until your eighteen. That’s when you will stop ageing and you will get your blood lust.”

I walked outside but I did not shine like her. I ran home as fast as my new vampire speed could go. I ran inside and saw a note that said bailee was hurt and in the hospital. That is when I realized I had fangs because they shot out. I ran to grab one of bailees toys for her cent. I ran to Sweedish Medical Center. I easily found her room.

Mashal was there telling my parents about the new me.
“She is dieing.” She told me.
“Save her then!” I hissed threw my fangs.
“I can not unless you wish her to stay a infant forever. Only a blood relative that is still ageing can.” I understood I changed her while Mashal changed my parents, Josh, Krysta, and Crystal. I ran to my girlfriends house and changed her. Now there we where the only Colorado vampire family and we added one more for Mashal. And that is how we will stay for all eternity.

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I Just Love Vampires HAHAHAHA

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on Jun. 1 2011 at 4:58 pm
Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
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This was really rushed, a whole page worth of activity happened in one little paragraph.  One thing to say.  DETAILS.  Use a billion more details.  They make the story better.  They keep interest.

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