Henry & the Pod-race 

March 15, 2010
By Andrew Meyer BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Andrew Meyer BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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Henry is a dashing young man. At the age of 13, he is the smartest boy on the planet. Henry owns a company, that his grandfather owned followed by his father, and finally the company is his. This company builds pod-racers and time machines.

You would think Henry would be snotty, rich, selfish, and mean. Though full of riches he isn't mean or snotty nor was he selfish. He was generous, kind, and loving.

There's always a big race at this of year that people from around the world take place in. there are two of the best pod-racers and time machines in the world. These belong to Henry's grandfather and his father. He's going to make the best in the world.

Henry is a tall, mildly stocky boy who is turning 14 in a week . One day Henry had his best workers start building a personal time machine and pod-race.

“Put the fuel pods here and here, put the exhaust behind the fuel cell,” Henry commanded “John throw the thrusters over here to Drew.”

“Drew we have four exhaust pipes right?” Henry asked

Drew replied “Yeah boss. Why do you ask?”

Henry replied “Because I want want to put a small hole in it to heat up the gas, I'll get better mileage that way.”
One week later

“The race is about to begin.” the announcer bellowed.

The engines roared, the staging lights lit red … yellow … green, and there off. Henry pulls off the line the quickest and shoots down the track. Everybody was amazed with the speed of Henry's pod-racer. Even his father was amazed.

Where the race is held, it is a barren waste land. There' re a bunch of hills, mountains, rock arches, and jumps. The perfect place to have a pod-race.

Everybody was amazed when Henry crossed the finish line, but what they didn't know was that Henry had just beat the track record by a full minute. When the announcer said that Henry had just beaten the track record his father ran out onto the course to give him the biggest hug in the world.
His father expressed his feelings and said “I've finally set you up for success.”

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