black fireworks

March 8, 2010
By animefighter0 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
animefighter0 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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In the distant future it was now 2200 the world has changed chemicals broke loose, new earths found the United Nations had bigger control and controlling the world like a giant country. But one day there was a mistake in a laboratory two chemicals fused and at first seemed harmless, but then the scientists realized that the chemicals had been growing at a rapid pace over night and the guards were swallowed up by it instantly…or so they though. You see with the knowledge of the guards the chemical somehow learned it had to be a new species! When the scientists realized this they rejoiced, but then they were stuck with the question of how to manage it. Over time the army had become involved and then the United Nations! But still there were no solution.
Over time the mass of unknown had taken the entire lab then the chemicals mixed with the purple monstrosity causing a stir within it. the united states had no choice they didn’t listen to a word the scientists said when they arrived in there dark green vans and loud menacing helicopters they opened fire thousands of bullet shells rained making a sort of ringing sound the mess just got larger in mass and soon took over the army why You ask?, because this incident had happened in the middle of a thunder storm and the water carried the chemicals and utterly consumed the army the solders tried to escape, but the chemical that was on the ground has stuck there feet and auto vehicles to the ground…everyone was consumed in a matter of hours.
With the government not hearing anything from the army they did not know what to expect they sent out five helicopters in the hope of finding out what had become of there friends. As they hovered over the landscape it was plagued with purple gunk that had become three times the size of what it had been and the winds were not helping. It was sending tiny bites of it across miles away and infecting other places creating more chaos. The helicopter came back but with a…unexpected visitor as they came back a solder was holding two bright light sticks to signify that they are nearing the runway and as the night air whispered across the military base his eyes widened as he saw a small fragment of purple residue on the side of the helicopter he dropped the light sticks and ran the gooey slim witch made the sticks glow spread across the paved road.
Panicked the helicopter pilot quickly landed the aircraft and ran to find out what had happened he pointed at the purple thing spreading across the helicopter as more people gathered one solder ran up and caught it in a jar because of the gigantic glob it was so dangerous that they could not study it but with this small piece they could.
When they brought it to the lab a few miles away about an hour the sunlight shined as when they realized the strand was there it been in the middle of the night since the base is open 24/7. As the scientists looked at it they studied it putting it in a electrical shield witch it could not break through but they found noting out of the ordinary but its ability to expand and absorb the scientists proposed the idea of holding all of it in a jail modified with level five containment, but the army had another idea they though they could blow it up.
They notified the united nations and surprisingly most agreed…but then there was a problem of notifying the people…to get them to bring in all purple goop without them getting suspicious, but as mankind found it they brought it to the local authorities anyway the government of the countries had nothing to worry about as they gathered the pieces together and found an appropriate space for it they prepared the planes and loaded them with mild bombs and set them off miles away from the destination. Point the planes neared the destination they readied the bombs and when they were directly over the goop they dropped the bombs it sounded like a plane diving into the ground with the engine running but when it landed it was a explosion of fire and smoke the planes cheered but as they were leaving the area they saw black demonic being running from the explosion…at least 500 witch started what was to be named as the closest thing to Armageddon the world had ever known.

~chapter 1~

I walked through the doors after my late briefing nothing new out unite is many here to keep those things at bay. They must have broken the blockade we were sent to build last time. I sighed we haven’t been sent on a mission in a while not my fault the guys forgot to remind me right? I walked over to jerry he was standing by a post near the elevator which was going to send me to the forth floor, were I knew everyone was. “sorry” he looked at my name tag “…Joe the elevators out some fatso though he could fit in with five other guys in there” he laughed “try taking the hall” I turned my head at first I was puzzled I wasn’t here for so long that I almost forgot where everything was . “Thanks” I turned and walked down the hall the lights were lit blue everything was pretty blue but were I was before with jerry was a lot bigger then the small hallway I was big muscle bound but my cloths were big on me almost ruffled I wore big baggy gray pants and a red shirt I walked down the red lit hall and the lights never stopped shining I have no idea why they had so many but it was becoming annoying, even though we didn’t do this ever day some guy was standing by something but I couldn’t tell what it was as I walked closer I got a better view it was a small shooting range it had out primary rifle bound by a bar leading down to the bottom “what’s this?” I said turning to the shooting range I knew it was a shooting range but I don’t really know why I asked, it just came out I guess “it’s a shooting range I was sent to keep guard one chainsaw and they could cut the bar then the Gun will pop right off” he threw me the key to start the range “why don’t cha give it a shot” I smile sticking the key into the gun it started to light up and I took it to arms two handed of course. Holographic simulations of the dreaded beasts I aimed my rifle and shoot there were three openings it shoot three lasers out rapid mode or single fire which shoot all three at once on single fire it was shaped like a triangle and formed with two handles coming down, one at the front to pull down to reload in single fire and to hold down in rapid fire the one at the back was for firing he shot at single fire against them aiming down almost everyone before I shoot the second wave came in and unlike the wild uncontrollable ones in the first wave this one was a more organized reason they were holding large stone shields surprisingly it had no effect the man smiled I could see it out of the corner of my eye “what?” I asked he replied “they work better with close combat” he threw a knife at my feet I picked it up and jumped over running over and knifing them with the swift blade which cut the air I coughed as the ones I defeated puffed up as purple cloud of smoke and then a third wave appeared complete with the wild rabid yet easy less bulky demons and the bulky organized knightly and they rushed at me both the knightly and the rabid the stone which cover there face, hands , feet and chest scared me a little but I pulled out my small handgun and shot through it I didn’t know what I was doing I seemed to have lost track but soon it was over and I jumped out before the smoke could choke me “harder ten I though” he smiled “ya” I walked off into the room were the guys were.

~chapter 2~

I walked in and the door automatically slid to the left as I approached they were waiting for me. “you late” a big muscle bound man said turning his head to the side his eyes were piercing he must have been out assigned leader for the mission I walked in picking up my armor I didn’t bother for a helmet no one really wore one it was a optional thing I slipped on the laser proof vest and pants it was metallic butt it had mechanics in it to let us move around but just for the pants. The vest and pants clicked together when the ends met and I took up the laser rifle and we headed out to a platform which had a helicopter in camouflage army green we stepped in and the general was the last to come inside with a scowl on his face he had probably learned about our reputation. I don’t blame him the way people talk about us he probably thinks this is his last day, man and I though generals were supposed to be brave.
The bullet proof metal doors slid forward closing and the helicopter rose we were off in a matter of minutes a few unknown jets rose suspiciously they were black and purple and they didn’t seem friendly as I looked back and around they were preparing to attack the general screamed “jump you got your damn back packs take them and shoot down those damn devils!” all five of us, not counting the general of course jumped and then that’s when the dog fight really began. I separated from the rest as I fired rapidly trying to get as much shots as I could actually hitting them but then it made a wide turn and it ended up firing at me I turned and dodged shooting through the fire. It then did something extremely odd it generated a blue shield of electricity and my bullets could not penetrate it was going straight for me it dodged but the electrical shield got me in the shoulder. It must have been something of a virus because it rendered my armor useless and then I began to feel gravity winning i instinctively grabbed onto the wing of the enemy plane and took out my blade and dug it into the head it exploded and I was sent hurdling downward but as soon as I thought it was over the jets began to work and I soured upward. I saw my friends fighting and I aimed for the head and threw my blade hitting it electricity surged outward and it exploded he looked at me with a smile sending up a thumbs up I took up my machine gun and fired down so many of them exploded I could hardly believe it. That I was this good the guys caught on pretty quickly and soon it was over the heat and plane dust filled the air we went back inside to rest to get a good sleep before the next day’s mission who knew this is how far the war had gotten?

~chapter 3~
I awoke in the rumbling of the helicopter everyone had woken up before me they probably wanted me to have a good sleep as I looked out rubbing my eyes the area was ravaged. The whole area had a heated temperature I walked out my gun in hand. We quickly went through each house most were filed with the black demons that infested them almost every time we had to quickly fire shooting them down on rapid fire, it was horrible the scent of fire made my nose burn I should have brought the helmet. As I jogged along the area with the group we reached a unsteady mountain there was a mass of the mess making more and more of them but slowly the general order us to take down the rest and them throw the blue bombs we had it was the antidote to it we jumped down and I fired barely knowing what I was aiming at but I shot and the area filled with black smoke I took advantage as I saw the demon run in fear and confusion and took them down with my knife I let my rocket boots carry me making me fast. And then the smoke cleared and all that was rest was glop and it seemed to know what was happening it grew into a giant monstrosity a human like thing arms legs head and body butt with no exact form and swiped down at one of us and we all shot but it seemed unaffected I then remembered the bombs and connected it to my gun this would be its ammo the rest did the same we couldn’t risk throwing it and then missing we fired and it flew into the sky coming down as a heavy blast taking down another one there armor dismantled. I shot at it as it flew back into the sky and it dodged most of the laser beams we took the chance we had and revived our team mates firing and as I shot I instructed we formed a circle we continued to fire and it was forced to the center of it in the sky we changed into a continuous beam and it screamed in horror and disappeared the general was impressed after that we went through the town for survivors there were none but I considered this first mission a victory.

~chapter 4~
A week after the mission I woke up and the rest of the crew were talking about something as I walked into the cafeteria the army offers. It must had been serious because they seemed serious by the look on there faces. “What are you guys talking about?” I asked as I sat down with a curios face. “You didn’t hear?” riley answered raising an eye brow “there’s gonna be a meeting they think they could finally end this war…finally” I smiled at the words “how they gonna do that?” I said curiously my hand at my chin Joe answered “we don’t know much about it , all I know is that all the units took out the smaller masses which only leaves the bigger one to handle” I ate some of my breakfast “they said it would be somewhere today” he continued I swallowed my scrambled eggs “probably around lunch time” I said with my fork in the air after breakfast I went back to my room to get a nap “if there’s going to be a meeting I should get some rest.

I woke up to the alarms sounding it meant that the meeting was about to begin. I hopped out the bunk bed and ran putting on the armor all but except the helmet and ran down the hall. I slowed to a walk when I entered the final hall which led to the conference room for my platoon. I walked inside and there were not many people there since it was so random people were probably caught of guard maybe that is why it took so long. I almost felt out of place our squad of men, me and four others belonged to a even larger platoon which were only called to order by meetings such as these or something fit for our style, they look at me very oddly as I sat down and I guess that’s what happens when you have to worst reputation in the business. I waited dosing of must be because of my interrupted slumber. As I sat there time passed quickly and the platoon entered in groups my squad sitting near me. But again to my surprise I was dozing of again, the generals booming voice woke me up again rather abruptly but calm not a yell I guess that he’s just naturally loud “ok now guys we have a serious situation it is still growing but from your work we have been able to force it back to its original state we are to bring the entire army in this field of work to go and bring it down. Now we are ordered to go inside and place a bomb in the center there you will have an hour to leave before the electronic field activates and destroys the thing forever…and everything inside” I looked down at the table in silence thinking of how it would go…if anyone I knew would be gone I shook it off as I walked out the meeting room

~chapter 5~
I ran down the hall with the entire platoon around me filling into the many aircrafts and I got into one with a few other I don’t know who and it flew up and off and it was at top speed through the hole flight and then we were there riding down the ropes into the gooey mess I readied my gun a million ran and jumped on us we shoot at them and it was total chaos we kept pushing on through the storm and they retreated into the darkness of the hell we had entered we began running to the destination but weirdly enough I started to realize after we got past the gooey mess it was no more like a different dimension but I though nothing of it I just though of the many who had fallen to it and turned into these demons we jumped the rock the new world that the monster had created out of the knowledge it had eaten and it cam up with this a dark sky grey sank towers of uneasy platforms and buildings we then got to a mountain and jumped setting the jetpacks to high and speeding of to the center which the radars on our wrists indicated and then we were there and as we set the bombs it screaming a demonic yell and then the dimension we were in turned into the monster we had faced on our teams last mission the monstrosity as I called it and then we were on regular earth and we set the bombs on the gun as the new ammo and then fired it dodges and dodged sending down many its minions sending them to distract us but we shoot them as they fell and the demon ran down taking down us one by one and it was fast taking down s tens and twenties in mere seconds and then it came down to kill me but I fired my blaster in its face point blank and it flew back in the scream we fired we fired the entire army and then it screamed even more and surged before exploding into black fireworks we had won .

After that the man was well known as the hero of apocalypse and he was famous the things he did and afterwards he led his platoon into wars and battles all won when he led them and was named general he was well respected for the rest of his life

The author's comments:
i was bored made it for my cirriculem fair actually

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