February 26, 2010
By BrittanyNicole SILVER, Milton, Florida
BrittanyNicole SILVER, Milton, Florida
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'Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him.'

Annabeth ran down the street as fast as she could; sweat pouring down the sides of her angular face. The light, breathable fabric of her shirt was helping her stay cool; her jeans however, were restricting her speed. “Ah, damn”. She thought to herself “I should have changed!” You see, Annabeth is not your normal American citizen. Besides her above average beauty, she also has above average talents. Like her power to read your mind, and the oddly popular invisibility. Annabeth was a statuesque 5’8” with shoulder length brunette curls, deep hazel eyes, and had a slim but muscular body obtained by hours of rigorous martial arts training. She went by the ridiculously embarrassing but unshakable name AwesomeAnna. Not very dignified.

At the moment, Annabeth was responding to a call she got on her pager, well, it was actually just coordinates, which were a pain in the butt to figure out in a hurry. She quickly pulled out her map, stopping at a street corner. Hampton Deli Shop, on the corner of Mayberry Lane and Fourth Street. “The deli? If this is a robbery I’m going to be a little angry, I was in the middle of something!” she thinks to herself, as she continues racing onward, pushing the image of her new boyfriend Ethan out of her head.

She slows to a fast walk as she approaches the corner. CRASH! Annabeth jumps back, pressing herself up against the nearest wall, so as to avoid being seen. Annabeth quickly pulls out the small black eye mask she’s obligated to wear, to protect her identity. “I don’t see how this will protect me, it just covers a small portion of my face, but nobody has made the connection between the journalist Annabeth Davidson and the AwesomeAnna she writes about yet, so I suppose it works.” BOOM! Annabeth is drawn out of her worried reverie and thinks of her task at hand.

Creeping around the corner to peer in through the window, she slides her hand down to her calf-length boots to pull out the familiar German Army issued KM2000 always hidden there. Pulling out her trusty weapon; keeping it lowered by her side she concentrates on being so stealthy and so quiet, it’s like she’s invisible. The familiar tingle of invisibility settles over her, as she slowly slides the door open. Annabeth waits a few seconds before gracefully gliding in.

“God this cihck needs to just stop her goddamn whimpering already!”

“Ohmygod! Ohmygod! I’m going to die!”
Annabeth winces at the unexpected onslaught of unfamiliar voices in her mind, one very afraid, one horribly familiar. “No, it can’t be, I had him locked up! In high security this time!” Annabeth shouts to herself as she continues to walk into the room, unseen and unheard. Walking up behind the scene of the occurring crime, she takes it all in. The victim: a disheveled elderly Hispanic woman gagged and shoved up against an uncomfortable looking gray concrete wall, eyes wide with terror. Her hand was rested on picture concealing what was likely a safe, the other hand pressed against her heart. The culprit, as Annabeth had unfortunately guessed, was her one and only nemesis ShallowSeth. “Appropriately given name” remarked to herself. All Seth was concerned with was money and appearances. He was by far the most handsome villain she had ever seen. He had his usual Ruger Super Redhawk double action magnum revolver held at the poor shaking woman’s temple. He demanded in a threateningly silky voice “WHERE’S THE MONEY YOU OLD BITTER WOMAN?!”
The poor woman cried and shook her head. Seth pushed the weapon into the side of her wrinkled forehead harder, forcing a soft scream through the woman’s gag. “This shop must be all she has” Annabeth thinks to herself, as she decides it’s time to step in. Slowly removing her cloak of invisibility, the Hispanic woman’s eyes grow wide. “Is she here to hurt me too?” The elderly woman thinks to herself. Annabeth quickly shakes her head and raises her finger to her lips, to indicate that the woman should stay quiet, at least for the moment.
“Hm, she’s gone still. Have I really terrified her to death this soon? And I thought I was going to have some fun with this one….” Seth thinks to himself disappointedly, taking note of the behavior of his victim. He realizes what happened all too late as Annabeth lunges forward and high kicks the gun right out of his unprepared hands. The Hispanic woman quickly drops to the floor and crawls slowly towards the door, toward safety, and towards the nearest phone so she can call that amazingly accurate reporter Annanbeth Davidson.
“So, ShallowSeth, we unfortunately meet again. I thought I was finally rid of you, silly me. Tell me, how DID you manage freedom this time? Sleep with another lonely prison guard?” Annabeth taunts him.
Seth slowly turns around and Annabeth prepares herself for what she knew was a look of pure unadulterated rage. Seth doesn’t like losing his victims. He looks straight into her eyes, and stares, trying to control her. Seth is a master hypnotist, turned very bad after he realized he the full extent of the power he had. His eyes, a deep sapphire blue, had left a trail of heartbroken women throughout the country. Annabeth was immune. “Thank god that doesn’t work on me.” Annabeth silently thanked any and all gods out there, for that small piece of luck.
“AwesomeAnna, look at you, in the flesh and more beautiful than ever. Here to defeat me, yet again?” Seth asks with a sneer on his lips, hatred in his voice.
Before Annabeth can reply he lunges at her, aiming for her arm, aiming to rid her of the unfair advantage held snug in her right hand. But Annabeth knew he was coming, mind reader that she was, and sidestepped before he even moved. She stuck out her right foot, tripped him, climbed atop his back, and sat there. Seth struggled uselessly below her; Annabeth was a regular exerciser whereas Seth never thought strength would be useful along with his powers. “God, this kid needs to just give up or improve already, this is hardly a fight!” Annabeth sighs to herself.
“Oh good, here come the police” Annabeth says aloud as the voice of the nearing cop enters her head.
“I wonder if we’ll actually get to see her face this time?” an officer thinks to himself as he rounds the corner. When he walks into the deli all he sees is ShallowSeth handcuffed to two different poles with a note safety-pinned to his shirt.
“Damn, she’s always gone when I get here.”
Unpinning the note, he opens it and reads “Hey guys, caught him again… maybe use MALE guards this time? You KNOW he’s got power over women! Come on guys, less work for the both of us if you could just listen! XOXO, AWESOMEANNA” He finishes reading the note right as ace reporter Annabeth Davidson walks through the door.
“So, what’s the story here?” Annabeth asks.
“AwesomeAnna again…” the police chief mutters softly, not really wanting to admit he’s always outdone by a seemingly nonexistent superhero.
“My god, that woman is amazing” Annabeth says aloud, laughing silently to herself.
The End.

The author's comments:
i wrote this as a piece for my evening school class , i just really liked it .

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