The Killer Sand Dunes (Part 2)

February 12, 2010
By JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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I woke up hastily with deep breaths. I was breathing very hard that my chest moved in a rhythmitic movement that went in and out rapidly. Translucent drops of sweat ran down my face. As one reached my mouth I licked it and it tasted salty and was very warms and tingly in my mouth. I rose from my bed and sat up trying to get some good oxygen in my system.

I took my hand and lifted it to my forehead. I wiped the heavy drops of sweat and brushed it off on the silky sheets of my bed. I turned my head (which hurt from all the soreness during my nightmare) and looked at my alarm clock the shone in a bright green fluorescent light saying 3:15 a.m. With aches in my body I reluctantly turned both my legs to side of my bed and lifted the silky covers from my body and slipped out of bed.

It was very dark in my room. The only light you could see came from my alarm clock and the only other sound (besides my grunting of pain…) were the vibrating sounds coming from the air conditioner that apparently wasn’t enough to keep me cooled and not be drenched in sweat. I walked towards it with my slouching back and bare feet rubbing against the roughness of the cool carpet below. As I reached the front of the cooling air conditioner a rush of coolness swept through my body. It felt like a layer cold wrapped around my body in a clear sliver like a blanket wrapped around you. It felt tingly inside my body causing the little hairs on my body to prickle up. In a matter of minutes the once very visible drops of sweat were gone and had a new layer of re-freshed skin.

A sighed a sigh of relief and smiled a weak smile. Then I walked with a quicker pace than before to my bathroom. I really did need a hot relaxing shower by now. What I had seen was much more disturbing than previous times…this was serious. With frustration I took both my hands to my forehead and smushed both sides together creating wrinkles that probably would have looked like mountains to ants and grunted. Then I looked in the mirror.

My long wavy black hair was very (I mean very!) tangled. Different strands were all going in different directions. Some would go up, or down or just in a plain knot. My locks would intertwine with each other and make a big bundle of hair that of course would hurt if I tried to brush it. The only thing I did was raise my hand, spread my fingers apart and try and run them through my hair. Again utter failure.

And of course my white t-shirt was completely wrinkled. (And eww…but there were some slobber marks on it too!). My short shorts were too wrinkled. And instead of having marvelous skin that I have had for the past month (hallelujah!) I have had parts were greasy, dry and underneath my eyes were dark black and blue marks. Just great! I thought to myself sarcastically.

But at least my eyes remained the same. The same beautiful (everybody says) crystal blue eyes shone and glimmered that made me smile a silent smile. This blue was un-like any other. It was beautiful. Absolutely amazing. It sparkled…always in a perfect way. In its blue glory were light textures of silver that blended in with it. And just inside it was a little black circle that looked like it had no end to it if you stared and stared.

After finally finishing my constant chit-chat with my self I decided to finally take that shower that I really needed. I slipped off my p.j.’s (that right now really needed a good wash with some good smelling Downy) and revealed my black lacy undies. Before opening the curtain, I stared around my bathroom.

This bathroom I would say is pretty big. It had double sinks with silver fixtures (I hate gold fixtures…ugh eww) with black marble surrounding them. Above it was my mirror (that I absolutely loved!). This mirror was in the shape of a diamond that had silver roses with their stems intertwined with each other around the borders. Next to the sink was the toilet that was white and pretty much just like any other toilet. Then came the best part of being in the bathroom. The tub! The tub was huge. It was black with white fixtures this time. I love going in there and taking relaxing bubble baths. For quicker showers I would take one in the walk in shower with the same tiled floor as the rest of the bathroom. These tiles were imported from Brazil and were each hand crafted with a black rose on each one (very expensive but worth it…$!). And last but not least were the walls. On the walls were beautiful oil pastel pictures made by great grandmother who was an artist (and a very good one I might add!). This was all I had left of her…it shows to me exactly how she was her personality I mean because I never met her.

Instead of taking that soothing bubble bath…that I really wanted I took a quick shower instead because I realized that I had to meet Katie at 5:00 a.m. to go to the gym (ahem…she’s my best friend since well pre-school). I stepped in the shower and turned the faucet suddenly shocked with a burst of hundreds water drops not ever knowing when that thing bursts out with water. With a quick recovery I used my Dove body sensation soap creating foam all around my body that gently got washed away with the streams of water coming down from above. I let my hair flow down behind me and have the Garnier shampoo get washed off just the same as the body wash.

Once I was done I actually felt better but then remembered why I was feeling depressed in the first place. It was because of that creepy nightmare I had. But this wasn’t like any regular nightmare. My nightmares were totally different. I know it sounds kind of weird but my nightmares are actually visions. I don’t know but I guess it runs in the family because my great grandmother had visions too but hers were actually good. Unlike mine. Mine were visions of terrible occurrences that have happened so technically it equals death. This is why I feel so close to her every time I see her pictures. I feel like a freak but yes I have to tell someone. The only person I tell is well Katie.

Great now I might need to solve all of this c***. C***. I quickly slipped on a sports bra and some athletic undies. Over my head I put on a tank-top and a hoodie. But before I put on my sweat pants I turned my hips and looked at my butt (hee, hee, hee!) Lately I do that because I’ve been working out and toning my bottom. Then I slipped on my sweat pants.

I picked up my pajamas and put them in the hamper. I rushed to the side of my bed and saw the alarm clock. Damn it was 4: 15 a.m. C***. I took my gym bag and grabbed my keys (with my Darth Vader key chain) and ran out the door.

I clicked on the button and the car made a beep-beep sound. This was an Audi that was sexy and sleek. I loved my car. (Yes, laugh at my utter dorkiness!) Inside it smelled of strawberry…mmm! The seats were a tan/ crème color leather that covered perfectly the seats.

I sat in the drivers seat and breathed hard. I just simply placed the keys inside the key slot and shifted the car into reverse with a loud roar. I clicked open the garage door and raced to the 24 hour-gym.

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