Before a War

February 15, 2010
By Speedy88 BRONZE, Ridgefeild, Washington
Speedy88 BRONZE, Ridgefeild, Washington
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Chapter 1

The wheat swayed as a slight breeze came by. It shimmered brown and gold as it moved, in the afternoon sun. The sky shown a light blue, with gold lining the edge molding into one color. The grass upon the ground was lush and green, still wet from the morning dew. A few crickets and grasshoppers jumped occasionally at the slightest movement presented. Not a sound was made. All was quiet. To the north of the wheat fields, laid Crelton, the village of the Ani- Shifters. They were a peaceful kind, who respected the nature around them. To the east, laid a grove of apple trees, its fruit was colored a sweet red and yellow. To the west, was a hill, where, if a youngling would stand at their tiptoes, could see the coastline of the Wind sea. And to the south, was a forest, full of unknown creatures. No one ventured in there, unless they were crazy, or wished to look death in the face. Everywhere in the Wind Territory, was lush and full of wonderful life. No one cared for wars outside of their territory. They only thought of what the day is to bring, and ignored what was to happen.
Small birds of gold and blue stomachs with long feathers upon their heads flew off in different directions, as a slight rustling came into hearing distance. Their feathers lightly fell to the ground, and their beautiful colors blended into the sky.
Caseedee’s head poked through the wheat, and she glanced around, with swift eyes. One of the bird’s feathers lay on her nose, and she sneezed loudly. More birds from in front of her flew to the sky. She grinned as she watched them. She glanced to the north, and ducked down into the brush. Her left ear twitched, as a sound came to her ears. Foot steps. Her grin widened. Her tail swayed back and forth, as her claws came out of their hiding spots. Then, she pounced. Laughter danced in the air, as Caseedee tackled down her brother, Jared, and bit at his ear. He shoved her off with his cat feet, and she twirled in the air, and landed on her back. She quickly got to her feet as Jared pounced at her. She dodged easily, and Jared came tumbling to the ground. Caseedee pulled out a stock of wheat by the root, and pelted her brother hard enough for him to cry Uncle. She helped him up and as he got to his feet, tripped her on the ground, and pinned her down. She giggled, and then pushed Jared off getting up herself. They began walking through the trails of the wheat fields, pushing each other, and copying bird sounds. They started up towards the apple groves. It was surrounded by a tall wall of marble, with pictures of stories from the Old times painted in green on them. The groves belonged to farmer Gal- Narvis, a crabby old man, who hated everyone in Crelton. That’s why he lived alone outside of the village.
When they reached the groves, Jared pointed to four apples that looked the juiciest in the trees, and Caseedee nodded. She took a breath, and thrusted out her short arms. A breeze came by, and cut down the precise apples Jared had pointed out. He pointed to the ground, and Caseedee went to all fours, waiting for her brother to step on her back. Jared jumped on, and Caseedee hissed, signaling that his jump almost made her collapse. Jared ignored her, and pushed himself up on top of the wall. He swung his legs over, and jumped down as light as a cat. The apples weren’t very far away, but he had to be silent, or else Gal- Narvis’s wolverines would come running. He hid behind a large apple tree, and darted towards another one. He was almost there. He stepped, and stopped in fear. A twig snapped behind him. He slowly looked around, and there, behind him, was Gal- Narvis. He wore a sturdy straight mouth, and his wrinkly eyes were narrowed. Jared stood there, staring in fear, until Caseedee’s head popped up over the wall. Se urged him to run. His eyes tore away from her to the farmer. He darted away, zipping from one tree to another.
“Come back here, you thief! Come back here!” Gal- Narvis yelled through a scratchy voice. Jared kept running, but then, he remembered the apples. As he reached the wall, he turned around, and darted back. Gal Narvis didn’t expect that, and was caught off guard as Jared ran between his long legs. Jared scooped them up in his small cloak, and booked it away. Gal- Narvis shouted, and Jared could hear the growls and snarls of wolverines. He sped up. Caseedee grabbed one of his arms, and pulled him up. He walked up the wall, looking back at the wolverines, and Gal- Narvis’s red face. He urged Caseedee to pull harder, and she did, but Gal- Narvis reached Jared before he swung his legs over the wall. The old man’s hands snagged Jared’s cloak, and he unhooked it. With that, Gal- Narvis fell back, and Jared jumped over the wall. He was breathing heavily from his running and fear. Caseedee smiled at him, and took an apple.
“That was too close for comfort.” Jared breathed as he and his sister walked towards the wheat fields again. Caseedee nodded in agreement, as she sank her teeth into to the lushes’ fruit.

The author's comments:
Um, this is, like, my tenth tme writing this part. It's apart of my novel I'm writing, so uh, ya. God Bles you all!

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