January 28, 2010
By JakeDH34 BRONZE, Fultonville, New York
JakeDH34 BRONZE, Fultonville, New York
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It was August and my friends Nick, Duane, Will, and another person we picked up on the way, Colin, and myself were going hunting. We were going hunting in the Afghanistan Mountains….
As I looked down the scope of my bolt-action Remington, I could see an odd shape-range. My hunting team and I went to check it out. On the way, there was a river that we had to cross. Everyone had crossed the river safely except for Colin. He had tripped and fell earlier and had an open wound. He then tripped and fell again on a rock that was under the water. The piranhas were there almost instantly, they dragged him downstream and pulled him under the water and tore him to bits. When we got to the odd shape, we found out that it was an old shed that had been abandoned. As I went to the side of the old shed, I looked in one of the windows and saw three men with turbans on their heads. As I started to sneak around to where the rest of my hunting team was, the three men came out of the shed and headed over towards the woods. By now I was lying down by the side of the shed so they couldn’t see me. They went underground from an old basement entrance. I went in to investigate what they were doing in the shed and I found plans for a nuclear weapon that is supposed to be used against America, which is my home country. The work was written in Arabic. So when I went to tell my hunting team what I have discovered, the three men came out of the basement. I hit the deck and crawled into the weeds. I was lucky that they didn’t see me.
My hunting team and I ran back to where we were before we went to check out the shed. We were out of breath when we got there. We set up camp there that night and we began to make tree stands for hunting. That next day, we had a huge decision to make. We could either take this matter into our own hands or we could go and talk to the U.S. government about it. We then decided to take this matter into our own hands. We had three people in the tree stands and one person on the ground packing up the campground, which was Nick. Everybody else was in the tree stands loading and preparing their rifles. To make a shot from one thousand yards away, there were a lot of factors. There was no wind that day and it was fairly sunny and warm. I told my brother Duane, and my friend Will to aim 3 mil dots over the target. A mil dot is the dot on the cross hairs of the scope. I counted to three and then I squeezed a round off as did the other two shooters that were in the tree stands. They fell and they were dead before they hit the ground.
As I started to take the scope away from my eye, four more terrorists emerged from the basement. We shot them to. We grabbed our gear and started to dart towards the way we came, but then I heard the roar of helicopters in the distance. They were approaching fast. By now I could see them in the sky. They were like boulders. They flew over our heads and hovered about fifty feet in front of us. They let off about one-hundred terrorists. The largest group went ahead while there was a two-man patrol unit behind the large group. We let the patrol go about four feet in front of us. We jumped out of the bushes and knocked them out cold, and then we took them to the river and threw them down-stream towards the piranhas. My brother and I were now holding an AK-47 just in the rare case of the other terrorists would return and find their bodies.

We ran as fast as we could and went to one of the local military bases and we told them what we saw and where it was. They wanted us to lead them to where this was happening. We said okay and then we showed them where it was. The military confirmed that they were terrorists and they called an airstrike so that there wouldn’t be any casualties.
My brother, my friends, and I returned home to America and life was normal from then on out. We were never going hunting in Afghanistan again.

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