Honeymoon with a Twist part 2

January 18, 2010

The next day, Blake and I spent the entire day pool side. I saw the man from the elevator about six times; all six times he was staring and spying on Blake and me. I saw a couple camera flashes from where he was, and possibly thought he was just a friendly photographer…with a gun. I didn’t tell Blake because I didn’t want it to be a big deal and I didn’t want Blake getting into a fight. Blake’s a big guy, standing at six foot three inches and works for the FBI. He’s not an agent, rather a psychologist, but he knows how to throw a punch and beat people up.

The next day we went to town. We were driving in a rented old beat down BMW. We had stopped at a few road shops when I noticed that the same black jeep had been following us for the past hour and a half.

“Turn left,” I said suddenly.

“What?” Blake said.

“Now, turn left.” He obeyed and I looked back, the jeep still followed.

“What’s going on? I thought you wanted to go to the pearl shop,” Blake questioned.

“I do, well I did, but this car has been following up since we left Atlantis.”

“You think it’s the elevator guy?” Blake asked.

“Yeah, I do,” I admitted.

Blake then sped up. We began racing through the busy streets as the jeep continued to chase us.

I stuck my head out the window to try to catch a glimpse of who was driving, but it wasn’t a good idea. I bullet whizzed passed my head.

“What the hell was that?” Blake screamed.

“A bullet, probably looking at something bigger than a .22 caliber.” I knew my bullets; I removed enough of them out of dead bodies that I could pick out the brand, type of gun that it came from and how far the bullet came from.

“C***,” Blake said while slamming his fist into the steering wheel. “Hold on,” he said, and then accelerated a lot more. We had lost the car, but we knew he would find us.

We hopped out of the car after parking it in an alley way and began to run. We ran into a line of street shops and I could hear people running behind me. We sped up, dodging people and stands with things being for sale.

Somehow I lost Blake; I didn’t know which direction he ran off in so I chose a direction, I picked left. Obviously I was wrong because three men ran up behind me and tackled me. I screamed. “Let go of me!” I screamed. One of the guys, a Mexican, duct taped my mouth shut so none of the bystanders could hear me scream. They ran me out to their car and threw me in the back seat. There were four of them total; the driver was the elevator guy. I began kicking; trying to kick someone in the head but the man sitting next to me shoved me up against the door, causing me to bleed on the entire left side of my body. My arms and legs were scraped up and my left hip had began gushing blood through the skirt I was wearing.

They began to drive. I looked in the rearview mirror to see Blake chasing after the car. I began to cry while the guys in the car spit and cussed at me. I remembered that in my purse- which was behind my back- had a gun in it. I had been accepted into the FBI program to work at the Jeffersonian in the forensic unit. I went on outings to pick the victims up and I received a gun with the job.

I quietly grabbed my purse and grabbed my hand gun out of it. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. I grabbed threw the door open and threw myself out, hitting the concrete, hard. I heard Blake’s voice and sirens in the distance. I heard one of the guys that kidnapped me cussing. I looked up and saw all the guys running away. I felt hot, I felt fire and I looked toward my feet, the car that I had jumped out of was on fire. I must have shot something that caught fire, but then I remember there were tanks of gas in the back of the car. The car was intended to be a bomb. The plan was probably to blow me up inside the car.

“Summer, Summer!” Blake shouted from down the street. He was in a full sprint toward me; the car was going to explode any minute. “Move Summer! Move!” He screamed.

I crawled toward him. The entire left side of my body was bleeding from the jump. I pushed myself to my feet and ran just as the car burst into flames. Blake ran up to me and hugged me, covering him in blood. “Oh baby, I thought I lost you. Oh baby,” he cried.

An ambulance pulled up five minutes later, as well as four police officers. As I sat on the stretcher and got bandaged up, a police officer told me what had happened. The men who had kidnapped me are infamous serial killers that they had been trying to catch for months. The main guy, the elevator guy- Eric, hangs out at Atlantis until he finds cute newlyweds couples, then kidnaps the wife and brutally beats her until she dies. I was fortunate enough to not make it to that part. The officer told me if it wasn’t for my gun, I would be dead right now.

Blake and I spent the rest of our honeymoon at Atlantis, always looking around for strange or out of place looking people. We enjoyed it but always felt like someone was watching us, we were just paranoid. We made it back to Washington D.C. in one piece, although I had stitches and giant bandages on my legs and arms.

Shortly after returning home, Blake signed up for the FBI training program, so he could always be ready for such a situation.
Three years after our honeymoon he had passed the training program, received his badge and gun. Since he has passed the exam, he has caught ten major serial killers, shooting one.
Our honeymoon was definitely strange, dangerous and exhilarating but that’s always one to remember. Summer Tali kidnapped and escaped from serial killers on a rampage, I’d call that a honeymoon with at twist.

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