VG High

January 16, 2010
By , Franklin, IN
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the video game characters named in this book. They belong to their rightful owners. Plus I don’t own any of the songs referenced in this book either. They belong to their rightful artists and company owners.

Chapter I: A real person lost in a video game school.

It was a crisp cool misty Thursday morning. There was dew setting onto the grass. There was a breeze flowing through the air. Warning, about the coming of fall. The temperature was still warm enough for Jeff to wear just a red T-shirt and Blue jeans. Jeff was waiting for his bus. The date was August 12, 2010. It was the start of the new school year. Jeff was starting his first year of high school. He was going to a high school that wasn’t anywhere near town. His mom had said it would be good for him to go to this school.

“I hear that 99.99% of the kids who go there go straight to College.” She had said.

“What about the other 00.01%?” Jeff had asked.

Jeff had his doubts about this school. It was a school he never ever heard about. Only thing heard about it was rumors and rumors. It was the last choice Jeff’s family had left and it was the cheapest his family could afford. His dad found a really small ad for it in the newspaper. Jeff waited patiently on the drive. Soon he saw the bus coming down the block. It was just a normal school bus, but one thing puzzled Jeff. No one else was at his bus stop. The bus pulled up and the doors opened. Jeff got his backpack and boarded the bus. He took a seat in the back. He usually did this every time he changed schools. Figure someone might be nervous too and sit in the back. Would give him someone to talk to. The bus took off and Jeff sat quietly in the back. The bus driver looked in the mirror over his head and looked at Jeff.

“First year at VG high,” he asked.

“Yeah,” replied Jeff.

“Don’t worry,” the driver said, “I remember my first time, but I didn’t go to VG. I too sat in the back of the bus on the first day.”

Jeff decided to continue into a conversation until more students got on. He noticed that they were leaving town. They passed the last houses and now they were in open farmland.

“Uh sir,” Jeff started to ask, “How are you suppose to pick up students now? You just left town.”

The bus driver put on a baseball cap and shifted gears on the bus. The bus lung forward into another gear, Jeff was flattened onto the seat.

“Boy the second stop is just coming up,” said the driver.

Jeff looked out the window and saw nothing, but open fields. Then all of a sudden………..FLASH! A bright light surrounded the bus. Jeff shielded his eyes. The light was way too bright that one could go blind looking at it too long. Then the light died down, and Jeff looked out the window again. They were no longer on any road. They were on a dirt road that went on to who knows where.

“YEEEEEHA!” The driver shouted.

This was nowhere in Jeff’s right mind of fun. The bus finally stopped. Jeff looked outside and saw they stopped……….right in front of a castle. The driver opened the bus doors. Jeff soon thought he was dreaming, because he saw two guys walk up the stairs of the bus and take seats in the middle of the bus. Both had blue overalls on, but each had a different colored shirt on. One had red on and the other had green on. Each had a cap on their heads.

“No it couldn’t be,” said Jeff.

But it was. It was the famous…SUPER MARIO BROS! Jeff ducked behind the seat in front of him. He took several glances to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. There sitting a few seats in front of him was Mario and Luigi. Luigi must of saw him because he got up and walked to the back. He sat down in the seat in front of Jeff.

“Hello,” said Luigi.

Jeff could find anything to say. Luigi, Mario brother, was sitting in front of him and talking to him.

“First time,” asked Luigi, “You’re the first person not of our kind to go to this school. It’s me and my brother’s first year.”

“This is happening so fast,” Jeff said.

“Looks weird at first, but you start to enjoy it,” said Luigi.

Jeff then saw little guys come onto the bus. They had mushrooms on their heads. Jeff then realized the little guys were Toads. Jeff was surprised and amazed at the same time at what was going on around him.

“HANG ON,” shouted the driver, “YEEEEEEHA!”

There was another FLASH of light. When the light fade, Jeff felt that the bus was going down a grassy hill with rocks on it. Then to Jeff’s surprise they WERE going down a grassy hill with rocks on it.

“So what’s your name,” asked Luigi.

“My name is Jeff,” Jeff replied.

“Nice name,” said Luigi, “I’m Luigi.”

Jeff looked out the window again and saw that the downhill run was coming to an end. He then saw to what looked like a castle.

“Who is on the next stop,” Jeff asked Luigi.

“Oh nuts,” Luigi said, “Best you hope he doesn’t sit in the back.”

“Who?” asked Jeff.

“The guy on this stop,” said Luigi, “He hates people who aren’t our kind. He believes that your kind will find out about us and put us in chains or something.”

“Who ever this guy is,” said Jeff, “He sure has some mental problems.”

The doors on the bus opened to let whomever on. Luigi face then had a look of worry.

“Best you don’t say that to his face,” he said.

“Why,” Jeff asked.

“Cause here he comes,” responded Luigi.

Jeff looked at the aisle and saw what Luigi was looking at. There coming down the aisle was a guy with pointy ears. The guy was wearing a green dress. On his back was a backpack, a sword, and a shield. Jeff knew who this was; it was…Link the Hero of Time. Behind him was a girl in a long dress, with her hair hanging down. Jeff realized that it was Princess Zelda. They both took a seat two seat from the back. Then Jeff saw another girl get on the bus. She was a short girl with a stone hat on her head. It covered one eye and her forehead. She was dark gray in certain places and pale. Jeff realized it was…Midna, the twilight princess. Jeff also realized she was in Imp form for some reason. She walked to the back of the bus and sat down in the seat to the left of Jeff. Jeff then remembered the stone on her head was called a fused shadow. Its supposable some ancient dark magic of some kind, but Jeff was looking past that. Jeff had heard the saying that when you see the right girl for you. It hits you like lightning. Jeff stared at Midna for a minute. A crush formed inside Jeff.

“Tomorrow,” thought Jeff, “I’ll ask her out.”

Jeff then shut his mind up. Midna is a mysterious princess from the Twilight. Jeff figured she could read his mind or something.

“Hey Midna,” greeted Luigi.

“Hi Luigi,” Midna replied, “Who’s your friend right here?”

Jeff saw she was looking at him. He smiled and waved hello.

“I’m Jeff,” Jeff greeted.

“He’s the first person who isn’t our kind to go to VG,” whispered Luigi, “But don’t tell Link that.”

“Don’t worry about Link,” Midna said to Jeff, “No matter what happens this year your okay in my book.”

Jeff smiled again. He had just got two new friends in one day. If the day continued to be this nice, Jeff would be an okay person to all the students. They made more stop in other places too. They made a stop and picked up… Sonic T. Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Enchain, and other sonic people. Then the next stop made, the bus picked up Ness and Lucas. Then after a few stops then went back to Jeff’s world. They pulled up to a big building. It was huge with many pathways leading to other huge buildings. Jeff then realized it was the school. The doors to the bus opened. Everyone started filing out of the bus. Jeff got his backpack and got up. He walked down the aisle right behind Luigi. Midna was the last one off the bus. The three of them stood there admiring the school grounds. Jeff thought that this year would be really interesting.

“Guys,” Jeff said, “I’m digging this.”

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moonpetal said...
Jul. 14, 2010 at 12:17 pm
That was really cool. I like how you wrote it. It would be funny if Hogwarts from Harry Potter's series was the school. XD I really like that. If you continued it, it would be cool to see what the classes where and who was groppied with who. Definatley continue it that was awesome.
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