World War six

January 22, 2010
By potatoes BRONZE, Auburn, Indiana
potatoes BRONZE, Auburn, Indiana
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Bam! General Michael Rabe could hear the bullets whizzing past his head. “Foster, cover my six”, he bellowed at Corporal John Foster over the scream of the machine guns. All he could hear was the stomp of his feet and the pounding heart that was the target of his enemies, as he dashed for cover. Scrambling to get to the trench before he was shot, he glances up at the German flag and pumps out six shots of his .12 cinicle, hitting the flag dead center, he laughs out of disrespect. Rabe signals for the A-328 to enter the battle,( it’s a futuristic tank) with it’s twenty-one A.E. machine guns and it’s 30 in. diameter tank barrel that fires a twenty-nine and half inch proton bombs, it’s monstrosity of a new design. After he had sent it over to the 401st division, he looked around and thought nothing of the matted grass he thought to be dead. He didn’t know it but his squad was being ambushed by a new technology called c-61, (the only reason he knows about it is because he was on a reconnaissance mission previously) they enable the user to completely camouflage themselves with their surroundings.

Suddenly Lt. Graves drops dead beside him. He realizes that nobody could have shot with that accuracy from as far away as it would have taken to make the snipers bang silent. Flipping down his personally made goggles, an invisible platoon appears before his eyes. Taking aim he cuts them down one-by-one with his deployable m1001. Then runs up and takes one of the c-61’s for research. He dashes into a tunnel and pops out the other side. As soon as he comes out the other side he knew he had made a mistake. He saw what every soldier dreads, hundreds of the enemies troops coming over a hill. Before he saw them their indisputable noise of hot diesel engines of massive war machines gave them away. They weren’t shooting at him, he wondered if they were going to take him prisoner or execute him here.

About 20 of them run up from behind him and push him forward to their general. He sees red and yellow flashing lights in his eyes as a German soldier hits him in the back of his head with the butt of a gun. The last thing he sees is a cloud shaped like a bullet.

Ung! “Where am I” he mumbled. General Rabe looked around and found the nothingness of a gray cell. There are no windows and a trap door at the top to indicate that he is underground. He gropes down at his boot, no knife. They might’ve taken his weapons, but they didn’t know he had an element lost to the ages. If he wasn’t in this cell, he could draw energy from living things. The little energy he had wouldn’t be worth it to try and bust out. The last thing he notices before he blacks out is the hatch opening.

He wakes up and finds he’s been left the basic bread and cheese. Wolfing them down hungrily he then sits and waits.

The hatch creaks as it opens and when he saw the grim face of a soldier hanging over the hatch. “Aswordia”, Rabe shouts. A bolt of lightning strikes him in the back of the neck and the burnt corpse falls into the cell. He feels a rush of energy coursing through his veins as he absorbs the energy from the body. The body evaporates into dust.

When he wakes up the next morning he finds stale bread and cheese. He had finished ingesting his food. He mumbles “doplti”, and a holographic image of him self appears. He then slips on the c-61 he stole. Then he senses the ground above him. When he feels that all of the guards are going the opposite direction than he is, he unlocks himself, hauls himself up and above his cell. After he had bolted the cell behind him with an effortless spell, he begins the mad sprint through the maze of hallways. Once he was safely outside of the perimeter of the compound, he mumbles an incantation in the ancient language that bends the rays of light around his body (therefore making him invisible). He figures there is probably a better time to shoot a signal flare, so he saves the only one he has. He leaves a trail of fluorescent material so that his comrades can find him (if they are looking).After hours of constant vigilance he nods off into a light cat like sleep.

When he wakes up he is devastated that he had slept until midday. But in spite of his disappointment he gets up and checks the florescent trail. When he gets to the beginning of the trail, he instantly knows something is wrong, because there is a footprint of a war boot in it, and not his. He hears a bullet whiz past his head and burry itself into the trunk of a near by tree. Figuring out he’s been found he hears the sirens at the camp going off. In a few short seconds he had pinpointed the snipers location. He knows he has to find cover and fast.

There, under the brush! It’s a foot, and where there is a foot there’s a soldier. Where there is a soldier there’s a gun. He runs over to it. Rummaging through the bush he finds an old mp40. Picking it up, he wastes the entire magazine on the sniper, and then he watches as the soldier tumbles out of the tower. Dashing back to the cave he glances over his shoulder just in case there are any more enemies he should be wary of.

When he wakes up the next day, he decides to use his signal flare, because he can’t afford to fight any more German soldiers waiting for him in the shadows. As he takes out the signal flare, he pops off the top and does an once-over of his half open pack. He saw the red and white glare of a match head poking out of a hole in the side of the pack. “Bingo” he whispers to himself. Taking the match, he lights it and puts the burning end to the fast burning fuse. As the fuse is burning he points it up at the sky and waits for that distinctive, pop and crackling that should be his burning savior. As he heads back to the cave he ponders if there are any friendly huey helicopters around to see his desperate plea for salvation.

Like a beat of a human heart, always on rhythm, the faithful huies rotors awoke him to have him find that the infernal Germans had stolen a couple of the good old war machines just to lure him out into the open. “You disgust me, you stupid Germans”, he mumbles at their futile attempt to recapture him.

The author's comments:
General Rabe is a person that comes from a life where he has to fend for himself. He's cautious but bold. What inspired me to write this piece is my dad and his friends were in the military, and so I decided to write about a futuristic war.

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amynorton said...
on Jun. 1 2010 at 12:40 pm
WOW!  This is some action-packed amazing writing!


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