The Fish Men Attack!!

December 28, 2009
By Daf345 BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Daf345 BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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The end…at least that’s what it seemed like for Scott. Scott winced as the floor creaked unexpectedly. He heard a shuffling of feet from the floor above him. Scott was in a basement, hiding from the menace that had attacked yesterday. He remembered it vividly, the dark figures suddenly rising out of the shining water. Where did they come from? Their eyes glowed deep and red.

Scott’s thoughts were scattered as he heard the door leading to the basement open. He was terrified. He heard the squishy sound of the fish man’s wet, mangled feet. It made a screeching noise as it jumped down all of the stairs in one motion. Scott quickly scrambled out of his hiding place and headed towards the window. He struggled with the lock but his sweaty hands wouldn’t open it! He heard the squelching from behind as the fish man inched towards him. Suddenly, Scott had an idea! He grabbed the nearest lamp and flicked it on to reveal the fish man’s horrible, slimy face. It screeched in pain, trying to shield its eyes. By the time it had crushed the lamp, turning out the light, Scott was out the window to safety.

As Scott toppled out the window he landed with a splash in knee deep water. As he looked around he realized the suburban street he knew and loved had been transformed into an unfamiliar, misty lagoon. He saw the scales of something rise out of the water further down the street. He had to get to the community center, and fast.
The village emergency plan called for meeting at the center, and Scott couldn’t think of a better plan, so he started to wade down the street. Before long he realized that he couldn’t travel efficiently and when he felt something brush up against his leg he knew he couldn’t travel safely. Just then he noticed he was near his neighbor’s house, and he remembered that they kept a kayak in their garage. He had to get it!

As he struggled with the garage door, he heard a shout from the upstairs window. He thought it might be a fish man, so he dove into a nearby bush creating ripples in the cold water.

“Scotty! It’s me, Graham!”

Scott looked up to see his neighbor, Graham, sticking his head out of the upstairs window. Suddenly, Scott saw a pair of red eyes appear behind Graham.

“Finally,” Graham yelled. “Now, I’ll be safe!”

Before Scott could shout a warning, the color started to drain from Graham’s face.

All he could utter was, “What-?” before he collapsed.

Scott ran toward the front door to get in and help Graham. He kicked at the door but it wouldn’t open. He banged on it furiously, until suddenly it gave way! Graham was standing there looking pleased with himself.

“Whoa, whoa,” he chortled. “Calm down, I’m fine!”

“But how?” Scott gasped, his breathing ragged from trying to get the door open.

“I don’t know,” replied Graham.

Scott looked uncertainly at Graham.

“What’s with you, let’s get to the community center,” dictated Graham, taking a step towards Scott.

Scott stepped back. He realized that Graham’s foot had made a squelching noise. He looked down at Graham’s feet to see that they looked like slimy green flippers. Scott looked up, appalled. Graham’s eyes flashed red. Scott turned around and started toward the door, but he ran head on into a fish man! In the hallway, Scott had no where else to go! Scott backed up, then ran at the fish man, preparing to jump over him. The fish man leapt into the air to block his way, so Scott slid under him instead. The floor boards cracked and he fell into the basement. Scott prepared to hit hard concrete, but he landed with a splash in water. Graham and the fish man looked startled, but after a few seconds they jumped in after him.

Scott tried to climb back up, but he felt a cold hand grasp his ankle. He looked back and it was Graham. He tried to wiggle his leg free, but Graham whispered, “Quiet, let’s get out of here!” They climbed up to the top floor and out the door.

“I tricked the fish man by putting on these fake flippers, “Graham explained while pointing at his feet.

“But what about your eyes?” asked Scott.

Graham stopped walking. “What about them?” exhorted Graham grimly.

Scott tried to run, but Graham grabbed his foot sending him slamming to the ground. Graham’s eyes shined a deep red. Everything went black as Scott was knocked unconscious. The last thing he heard were shouts and gunshots.

Scott’s bones creaked as he tried to sit up. Pain overwhelmed him before he could get all the way up. He fell back down, his head whirling. He was in a dark room on what seemed to be like a testing table, strapped down. Suddenly, a light flicked on in his face, blinding him momentarily.

There were whispers near his face as hot breath swished over his cheek. Hot breath meant human breath and not the cold breath of the fish men, Scott realized. He felt relieved, but still confused.

“You’re lucky,” a loud deep voice mused.

“Yeah,” mumbled another. “We saved you from those fish men just in time!”

Scott saw that the two men were in uniforms. In the upper right corner they read, FMR.

“We are the fish man resistance.” announced the first man as if reading Scott’s mind.

“I am the leader, Daniel,” he stated.

Daniel turned off the lights and waited for Scott’s eyes to adjust.

“We’re going on a raid!” ordered Daniel, throwing him an FMR jacket.

They walked outside into the night. Daniel opened up the door of a large van and everybody piled in.

“Be ready,” Daniel exclaimed. “It’ll be a rough ride!”

The tires screeched loudly as they sped onto a dirt road. Dirt and dust flew everywhere, making it hard to see out of the windows. There was a giant drop off as the road went downward. Scott looked down to the bottom of the hill to see a dark figure standing there.

“Watch out!” cried Scott.

The van flew down and smashed into the person with a sickening crack. Scott winced.

“Don’t worry, it was a fish man,” explained Daniel.

Then, without warning, at least twenty fish men jumped onto the van making it spin out of control. As the van skidded around, Scott looked with horror to see hundreds of red eyes coming towards them. The van smashed into a tree sending bits of metal flying. A loud scrape sounded out as twisted metal was cracked off of the van flying through the air. Fish men screeched as the van slid into them, breaking their bones. The tires broke off of the wheels as the van rolled down a dirt hill. Scott hung on for dear life as the van flipped and flipped crashing through branches, sending bits of wood everywhere. When the van finally came to a stop, Daniel and the other FMR smashed out of the remains of the van, guns blazing. Bullets flew everywhere striking trees, fish men, and everything in between. Out of nowhere a hand grabbed him from behind. Scott cried out, but it turned out to be Daniel, who handed him a gun.

“Make yourself useful,” he said.

Wood splintered around them as a tree that had taken too much abuse toppled over, crushing fish men and men alike. The bullets rang around Scott’s head as loud as canons. The was mayhem and battle cries, as the FMR shot rapidly and the fish men crazily tore apart anything they could get their hands on. Scott had never used a gun before and he didn’t particularly want to. He decided it would be best to leave the FMR to their fire fight and go find his own way. As he ran through the forest, the sounds of blazing guns and screeching fish men died out behind him. It was dark and he had no clue where he was going. He could hear the hoots of owls and the howling of what he hoped weren’t wolves. The darkness engulfed him as he walked for too many hours to count. He was about to collapse when he saw a building in front of him. The community center! He had to get there as fast as he could! He sprinted down a hill, hopped over a fallen tree and grasped the door handle. It was daytime by now and he knew fish men couldn’t come out in the daylight, so he was safe!

He opened the door. All of the lights were off. He tried the light switch, but it wouldn’t do anything. Scott looked around uneasily. He then became aware of the thousands of red eyes staring back at him. He quickly ran out the door and shut it, hearing leering screeches follow him from the inside. He reached a sudden and horrifying revelation, that he and the FMR might be the only people left! Scott had to think of a way to help.

It suddenly hit him. All of the fish men were in one place making them an easy, vulnerable target. Scott climbed up to the top of the community center, armed with only the gun that Daniel had given him. He knew there was a large ceiling window and if he could take it out, they would be fish sticks! Five shots to the glass did the trick and one battle of many was won!

“Cut,” yelled the director.

“Nice work!” he commented as the actors climbed out of the spotlight to set up for the next take.

Evan walked into the studio, a couple yards away. He was finally in a movie after being in California so long without work. He was only an extra, but he was intrigued all the same. He even had a line!

“I believe humans and fish can co-exist peacefully!” was all he said, but it was very exciting!

As Evan was looking over his script for, “Attack of the Fish Men” he noticed something strange. The bottom of his script said

“Based on a true story.”

The author's comments:
We were assigned to write a science fiction story for English class. Our teacher told us it might be fun to submit our stories here, so I thought I would give it a try!

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