January 4, 2010
Chapter 1- Chinese Ambassador

My left hand graced the sleek black exterior of the Chinese ambassador’s limousine, while I laid my right hand on the chromed handle, swinging the door open to the spacious interior. A foot emerged slowly, landing on the famous red carpet, shining from the flashing lights. The rest of the Chinese ambassador finally decided to come out of the limousine, his right shoulder stuck out, followed by the rest of his body. He stood up like one of those rich folks; his head down and a cigar in his hand with a wicked grin placed onto his face. I glared at his rosy red cheeks, curved Chinese crystal blue eyes, black hair that gleamed shiny from the Kiwi Fragrance shampoo conditioners that he applied on, light blue sunglasses, a nice black suit with a white vest and pounds of deodorant that smirched his shirt, tingling my nostrils with a fresh smell of strawberry-kiwi. He smiled to the bundle loads of photographers, and quickly burrowed himself through all the security guards and walked onto the red carpet; while flashing lights from the photographers filled his eyes. Fans screamed with excitement and protestors screamed in anger, both, protestors and fans tried to rip the velvet rope, but luckily the security guards came in on time and took a glare at the fans with there charcoal-gray sunglasses, viciously, notifying the fans to stay back.
I took a final look at the Chinese ambassador, and I saw him inhale a bundle load of oxygen and then he glared up at the tower, seeming from his facial expression that he was musing what to do in the meeting and then he slowly walked into the Empire State Building, while throwing his smoldering cigarette on the hard white pavement.
Anyway, you can call me Franger Flaun and you’ll understand that my job isn’t that easy soon but my main objective today is to protect the Chinese ambassador. If you think this is a mission from some fat sheriff that lives in Manhattan, New York or some cheap detective then you’ve got to read my C.S.I/ F.B.I information.
For your information I’ve not only been hired from the U.S. Army, but I was hired by the F.B.I too, and you can just say I’m really good in tactics and combat, well anyway my total objective from the F.B.I and the president is to protect the entire Global resolution meeting, I can already tell that you never heard of this society.
I just remained sprinting in the green grass while the sun shimmered above me. I took out my G-36 from my military backpack and clinched out a clip and reloaded my gun and slowly caressed its metallic black surface.
I had to manipulate my handling on this gun double time because with all these civilians around; I could fire at anybody that’s innocent.
While I stayed outside, I stared around and studied the phenomenon of the vast number of protestors at the building with “No more bombing” signs in there hands. After studying the phenomenon of the vast number of people, I started listening to the calm, meekly sound of nature.
I felt the hot New York sun get more intense in climate, in which it started to beat onto me; shredding my skin with sunburns. So I finally decided to enter the building, and stared at the tall beautiful structure of the building. The Empire State Building had thousands of glass windows shimmering in the sun, as I continued to saunter closer to the building and get a better view of the Empire State Building. I then progressed towards the Red carpet and took out my badge to show all the F.B.I agents that guarded the entrance, and then I proceeded into the building. I finally entered the Empire State Building, where a nice, cool, relief of an air-conditioner soared onto my skin; healing my sunburns from the humid climate outside.
I slowly entered the building and glared at the ivory-white tile, painted sky-blue walls, wooden desks that piled all over the place, and a vast number of newscasters that swarmed the room with questions to ask to the guards. I finally proceeded to the elevator, which it was open so I entered the elevator and then clicked the 26th floor button, where the meeting was held, and then I clicked the red close button on the elevator.

I just swayed my G-36 on the elevator back and forth, and then entered the 26th floor, where the Global nuclear meeting was arguing about a topic.
A fresh scent of perfume and deodorant filled my nose as I entered the room and a nice view of the sky from the wide, shimmering windows. I looked around the area and there was grassy-green carpet and hundreds of wooden tables connected in circles. How indifferent I was, not to listen to a speech about some drug factories and gangs that are defiling our environment, so the president and some ambassadors brought together a bundle load of nuclear bombing engineers and created this “new high-tech time bomb.”
The good thing about this “Time Bomb” is that it will explode up to 2,000 yards of land, and the terrible news about it was if we don’t place the bomb in its proper location then we’ve failed the mission. This is so unfair because even if we were stealthy enough to come out alive from the 2,000 yard explosion, we’ll get shot to death by the guards of the drug factories, and the drug factories usually contain thousands of hazardous toxic bombs and weapons.
Ignoring the topic, I remained contemplated at the horizon and the sky. The sky kept changing colors from yellow, to pink, to blue, and then to mauve. I remained contemplated at the sky until something caught my attention, a Scarlet Plane was flying towards our direction at an estimated speed of 125 miles per hour and I then immediately noticed that this plane wasn’t turning or slowing down, it just remained straight at the speed of 125 miles per hour towards our floor.
I irked the F.B.I agent on our floor to just take a glance out of the window.
After provoking the F.B.I agent, he finally came to the window and glared at the mauve sky, and his facial expression slowly changed as he looked at the soaring Scarlet plane.
He quickly took out his radio and then slowly said while glaring at the plane “Fire at the plane right above you with a…… M-249 repeat, repeat M-249 and warn the spectators to stand back repeat… okay?” Before I could ask when the shoot out was going to happen; I heard a shrill from one of the F.B.I agents to “Move back” and then the F.B.I agent took out his M-249 and loaded it.
He took aim and then the nice meekly sounds of nature was interrupted by the M-249s thundering bullets.
Before I could bring composure back to my mind, the bullets that struck the plane from the F.B.I agent’s M-249 flung off the plane and landed back to the ground giving a “Ting” sound when it thumped the ground.
The M-249 didn’t do any minor or major damage to the plane not even damaging it actually, there was something weird about this plane; with its wings on the side and the front propeller spinning and the plane painted Scarlet, with the number 87 at the side. I’m not even sure if this plane is a civil war plane or a modern plane, but no plane could ever do this.
An idea flooded to the top of my mind and I slowly began to understand what type of plane this was, I took a big gulp and muttered to the F.B.I agent “This is…… well, probably a bomber plane obtained with nuclear bombs to take everyone and the Empire State building down.”

Chapter 2-Save the Chinese Ambassador!

Now the F.B.I agent had a somber look on his face with his eyebrows down, eyes that were red and lit up as a forest fire, his hands cinched onto his pistol and he started to make a fugacious growling noise.
I could already tell that the F.B.I agent already planned a strategy from his somber facial expression and the way he trotted around the room measuring every angle of the window.

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Imaginedangerous This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 15, 2010 at 9:02 am
It's very interesting. You may want to use a dictionary, though- you use some words in ways that they're not meant to be used. For example, 'irk' means 'to annoy' and 'meekly' is an adverb, not an adjective. Don't always use a big word if a small one will work. I liked the story, though.
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