A good Sttory

October 1, 2009
By , Wesminister, MD
Once upon a time there was people in a creative writing class who had to read stories on a website. Most of them were okay but not all of them were okay. So anyway about the people. They were all happy until BOOM there was a explosion in the door and princess leia was standing there with a bag of mystic mushrooms. She force fed the teacher a whole bunch of mystic mushrooms and so the teacher was like “Woah, trippy dude” and stumbled out of the class. The kids all celebrated and read some more stories that were mostly okay but not all of them were not okay. Then princess leia was beamed up in to the starship enterprise by the battlestar galactica crew. The kids watched as she went up because it was better then reading okay stories online. So then the teacher came back and had a bazooka in case leia decided to come back. Then there was a whole bunch of smoke and there was standing there a big dragon thing like in dragonheart. So then Beowulf busted threw the ceiling and fell on some poor little kid typing. That poor little kid was the only one doing any work but thankfully he survived cause beowulfs sword went next to his head instead into his head. So then Beowulf stood up and said “hey guys ill save you man” and then lex luther came and shot Beowulf with a kryptonite gun but it didn’t work. “oh man I thought you were superman” said lex “don’t worry it happens all the time” said Beowulf so him lex and the dragon went off to a party for female police officers and crashed it with their bad karaoke and such madness. Then the kids had to read okay stories again until the kid who was doing work tore off his shirt and had a superman outfit underneath. “haha fooled him again” he said and jumped through beowulfs hole in the ceiling but he didn’t make it because the teacher gave him detention for disrupting the class

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