The Amazing Salamanders Pt. 2

September 30, 2009
By Anonymous

Have any more great ideas Tom. “Sorry fresh out.” “Very funny now lets focus.” “Well do you want to try the lacrosse net again?” “Sure we can give it a whack.” But little did the salamanders know the owls had fierce wings that could block a shot taken by David Beckham. Or a puck shot by Darien Hatcher. So as the Salamanders kept whipping sticks and balls at the owls they only reflected back and hit them. After a while one of the owls finally attacked Tom but Peter dived out and knocked Tom out of the way. Meanwhile Ron was really kicking a soccer ball like David Beckham at the owls. But it was not good enough to get the owls down on their feet begging for mercy. They had to do more then that so they used there razor and cut down a tree it feel right on top of two owls. “Two down three to go.” exclaimed Peter. Well we can try to knock them down and put them around the tree with vines clutching them to the tree. But once again that was not good enough they ripped right threw it like it was a piece of string. “I’m running out of ideas.” complained Tom. “We are doomed every thing we do is never good enough. Oh well we will have to start working harder. Look I have one last plan. Just distract the owls I will set up an invention that will blow everyone away and I mean blow every one away.” explained Tom. “Are you ready Ron?” “You know it.” “Ok look Ron you take two of them and I will take this one over here.” ordered Peter. The fight was vigorous and tiring Peter was barely strong enough to take on one owl. But Ron once competed in AUFC (Animal Ultimate Fighting Championship) all around the world. Ron had knocked out one of the owls in a three punches then kick to the face knockout. Finally Peter shot out vines of his arm and set up a trap that no matter where the owl moved he was trapped. Before Peter could get over to help Ron, with the most intense owl of all, Tom was ready.

“Out of the way guys it is all set up. Be prepared to be blown away.” screamed Tom over his machine. “3, 2, 1 turn it on.” they all screamed. In no time it blew them away (a high powered fan like invention that blew wind speeds of up to 75 miles an hour). Once they got back up they saw that the Owl had been flying trying to take some revenge on them. Just as the owl landed Ron pulled out his titanium metal bat and swung at the owl and he knocked him into next year. “Well done Ron and Tom.” said peter. “It was a great day of fighting crime boys but let’s go back and get some shut eye in the tree house and let’s wait for orders from the captain.

“Sorry guys I’m done.” said Peter. What do you mean? I mean that I am no longer apart of the Amazing Salamanders. I QUIT!

Stay tuned to find out what Peter does next!

The author's comments:
This is what you have all been waiting for. It is now time to find out what happens to Ron, Peter, and Tom

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