The Dead and the Gone2

December 17, 2009
June 5 (I really need food)
I needed some new clothes so I went into Hot Topic (it was actually more goth than punk) and came out with dark, dark jeans that were really nice. Of course, I had to steal this. When I find my parents, I hope I they forgive me and I can go someplace nice when I die. Anyway. Dead people have left me alone for a while now. But not for long, I know this.


An unearthly scream. A skeletal woman advances towards me, I try to stab my pocket knife into her ribs, but it only goes between them and she continues looking menacing, her jaws parting to let out another unhuman groan, her body shuddering with a gristly eye rolling about in her eye socket. I stepped back in horror (as would any sane person would do, no matter how stron, brave, tough they think they are. They would puke at this sight), and stepped right into the arms of a ghost. It laughed and a dead, cold air whipped past my ear, freezing it for a moment. Panicking, I gripped my bat tightly (I had both knife and bat in hand) and swung hard. It ducked and took a swipe at me. I barely managed to block it with my bat, leaving 3 chipped dents in my brand new bat. Angry, I swung HARD at the mean little ghost man, and he fell writhing in the memory of being hit by a 3 pound bat. Ghosts can't really get hurt, it's all about the memory. Suddenly, a searing pain entered my arm. I looked down. Lots of blood on my lower arm.
The ghost must have nicked it but when falling, uneven cuts were made. I was too mad to even notice!

I yelled in a commanding voice, "Away, you demons!" in something other than English. With that, a great CRACK! sounded and a crack in the ground opened up, sucking the 2 greusome pair back. Then, I blacked out from too much blood loss and fatigue.

I woke up and saw that my arm had been bandaged by Michaelangelo some how, and at the moment he was trying to pick up my fallen bat. I gave a weak laugh, and he straightened up, noticing I was awake. A sudden scared look entered his eye, I knew he'd been planning to talk to me, but I'd been asleep, "The DL ties are loosening, Calypso. You KNOW, this happends because you search for your parents!" I thought about snapping back, but then remembering my dream, whisperedweakly, "I know." For a split second, Michaelangelo looked surprised; he had been expecting me to snap. Then pulled a kinder face and said, "It's ok, CC. You don't know how long I'VE searched." It was my turn to be surprised. He never talk about his business, so I never asked. Maybe, his parents had abandoned him, so with no food resources, he died. Or maybe his PARENTS tried to kill him? Silently, except for the fierce growl in my stomach, I allowed Michaelangelo to disappear so I could go scavenge for food.


June 6
Back from scavenger-ing. I got some yogurt and veggies. Oh, I have to tell you the story abowt the gum. So I found sum coins on the grownd. So I desided to buy sumthing for wuns*. So I walked to the gros-ery and got sum gum, but this beefy, red-faced man shouted, "Hey, whatcha doin back there, kid? Are you gonna steal somethin? You just try, you mangy little---" Befor he cood finish, I dropped all my coins down on the counter, looked into his ugly, beedy eyes, and said, "I'm trying to stay alive, got a problem with that, mister?" He put his fat hands in front of his body and said all offended, "Hey, hey. We're all friends here, right?" Then I walked off, real mad-like. It was hilarius! *(once)


June 7
I think it's about 1 in the morning (AM)
I can't help thinking, do my parents remember me? Do they still love me? Did they forgive me? I have to find them. I gotta know these ansers. Ok, here is sumthing I will never say, cos it's hard enuff writing about it: It's been really hard without them. I miss them so much my heart aches as much as my legs, and my head feels like it's got a migrain. You know I hate ack-know-leging weakness. I need some hard punk music rite now. It's raining. So drab and graya. It would make me feel soooo much better. You see? I gotta find Mom and Dad or I'll never forgive myself. Never. By the way: My cut has a scab on it. It kinda looks like Batman's thing!~


I woke up with the sun in my eyes; I groaned, covered my eyes with the crook of my arm, and tried to go back to sleep. Then, the cold pains of the aching muscle made me sit up, stand up slooooowly and jog around the territory to ease up the pain slowly. Working that muscle is best for easing that pain faster. (A street rat doctor told me this. It's been working everytime, so I believe it.) Michaelangelo solidified into human view and glided beside me, looking at me with concerned, dead eyes. "You should get some medical attention," he said, his brows furrowed.

"I'm FINE!I don't want to hear it. Where would I get the money?! Just... just tell me what the ghosts are saying.Facts. i want word for word," I snapped, impatient at his constant telling me to get medical attention. Immediately afterwards, though, I felt horrible for the what I said, so I was about to say Sorry, but only got to the 'O',"So--" Michaelangelo jstted his chin out and interrupted, " The most dangerous ghosts are planning on a mass attack on the DL ties. Th e nicer ones are peacefully trying to unravel their plans, but," he paused 2 seconds, his voice becoming soft and kind, the voice he uses when he needs me to understand, his reasoning voice for the stubborn, "you keep getting in their plans, Calypso. You keep searching."

"What am I supposed to do, then? Give up?"

Michaelangelo started, "Nuh--" from "No."

"Because Calypso Williams NEVER gives up. Giving up menas defeat. Defeat means weakness, weakness means no survival WHATSOEVERinthisharsh,cruelworld,gotme?" I got angrier, the angrier got, the faster I talked, my words blending in, I couldn't say it FAST ENOUGH. I wanted Michaelangelo gone, now. Snapping my fingers, Michaelangelo faded away to nothingness, the last thing to fade was his angry face.

I sat down, put my back against a cold, brick building, and cried.


June 7...Night
I don't know wat's gotten into me. I keep crying. I had a fight with Michaelangelo. I'm a terrible person. I feel a Manhattan wind coming along, better bundle up tight.


"Oooohhhh... uhhh..." I moan and sit up as much as I can without creating too much tight pain in my legs. To Eternal Fire with these legs! Michaelangelo glistened into view as I began massaging my legs. Up. Down my thigh. Down my shin. My palms rests on my shin as my thumb presses one side of my calf, my 4 others press the other side with the fingertips. "Oooh..." I sighed, and swallowing my dumb pride, I mumbled, "Sorry, Michaelangelo. Really."

"S' okay," replied Michaelangelo.

"No! It's not ok," I insisted, "You're my only friend and I have to keep that. It's all I've got."

"Really, Calypso, It's ok. I got over it."

"Good," i nodded, satisfied.

"Let's go out for a quick walk, see if that helps your legs."

"Sure, doctor, just wait for me to eat a little first!" I tease

I grabbed a handfull of celery, took it to the park foundtain, washed them, and chewed on them as we jogged. It felt good to have loyal friends, feeling the wind against my face without hurting my leg, and a diary to confide in. What more could I---

"WOAH!" I tripped. Michaelangelo tried to catch me, but I fell through. On the floor where I tripped was a bone. A tibia, to be exact, but now I'd done something to my ankle. Twisted it? Popped it out? I didn't know. I'd also landed on my arm funny. It was all bent and crooked, sick to look at. Only the searing pain. Biting my lip to keep from screaming, I tried to get up. Blood came from my mouth now. A random jogger saw me. He picked me up, called the ER, and waited with me. I only wanted to look at Michaelangelo, not this raindom stranger! "Michaelangelo," I breathed out through my pain. He answered saying, "Don't worry! I'll be with you!" Then he told me the obvious, his dead lips brushing my ear as he quietly whispered, "Someone wants you gone, Calypso," as they rushed me into the dumb, loud ambulance. My heart took a panicked jump, then a cold, icy hand clasped to mine, and I felt calmer, at least knowing something familiar was with me.

I stopped fighting against the black dots eating at my peripheral vision. Everything slowly faded to blackness.

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