Ebony Night

December 17, 2009
My world is full of demons that lust for power and blood, werewolves, vampires, fairies, dragons, and the like litter the ground of my city, Ebony, their flesh ripped from the inside out or their hearts burned.
I turned away from the window to face Luke, lounging on the living room couch, complaining about the way the Council run things. I was more considered about how the corpses would get proper burials without anyone knowing their names, but that’s Mr. Political for you.
“Hm… how long has it been since the Thousand Year War end?” I said cutting off his lecture.
“You know. Why ask me?”
“Well, Luke. I ask because I know you know the exact dates. All I can say is about a year.”
“There you go.”
“Thanks for being a lot of help,” I sigh sarcastically while rolling my eyes.
“Any day, babe,” Luke drawled carelessly.
Making deep sounds in frustration, I thought of how much of a bad-boy he sounded when he said that. No wonder so many girls fall for him.
Jerking my mind back, I saw Luke staring at me, too.
“Whatcha lookin’ at, bad boy?” I teased.
“The most beautiful girl on the planet,” Luke said, with a smirk.
His jet black hair (he didn’t dye it; it’s natural) was spiked and he had on a clean shirt for once, so I asked him, “What’s the occasion?”
“Hm? Oh nothing. Can a guy not wear something nice?”
I smirked, “You call that nice?”
Luke got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen, rummaging for something to eat.
“Man, Emm. You’ve got nothing here.”
“Fine. Let’s go to the Central for a treat.”
Luke said nothing, only led the way out the door. Neither of us could drive, (my 16th birthday would be soon, though) so we decided to walk. Luke breezed purposefully and straight, past all the rows of houses, past the Council Hall, and we were just about a block from the Central (where all the shops are) when my eye caught a glimpse of some movement. A muffled cry reached my ears and Luke stopped, hearing it also. I turned my head around and cried out; Luke took a step to cover my mouth as not to attract the demon’s attention. When I looked at Luke, I couldn’t read his face.
But it was too late. The movement had been a demon, feeding on the blood of a faerie child. You see, a demon, to grow to a full warrior, it must drink the blood of a Child of Ebony. It contains the energy from that source and the blood activates a hormone in the demon to cause it to warp. But enough of demonology, back to the tale.
The demon turned his warping head and screamed. It was both high pitched and guttural at the same time. Three tongues flickered in and out, it’s nostrils flaring, catching the scent of 2 Children of Ebony. Cursing, Luke whipped out his blade, Demerod (Demon-killer), from his boot and held it in front of him, ready to attack.
Doing the same, I flipped forward one of my 2 blades, Sirith. Muttering ancient spells to enhance my dagger, I sent it flying before the demon made any move. Quicker than lightning speed, it dodged and charged, the blade made a slight scratch on the demon’s arm only.

I went flying, all the breath knocked out as it head-butted my stomach. I skittered across the cobbled stones and felt my back bones bruise. Gingerly, I stood and brushed the small, stinging bits of pebble away from my scrapes and cuts. Whispering fiercely to my other dagger, Serath (Sirith’s twin), I ran lightfooted in my tan slouchy suede boots(no heel) and turned behind the demon, a full warrior now. Black, gooey blood poured from its pores and cuts as Luke continued to jab, step back. Jab again, then step back quick as anything. His face looked as if he were having fun: a delighted surge, adrenaline.
Breathing heavily, I hurled my blade with all my might and it hit the back of the demon’s neck, the blade glinting and the blood erupting. It fell with a great spasm and once it fell, Luke hurled his dagger through the heart. Shuffling, I grabbed Sirith and Serath from the dead body that was beginning to disenagrate and blow away as ash.
“Was that necessary?” I asked, a sick look I’m sure was on my face.
“Yes. To completely rid the demon so it fully dies, you must pierce the heart until it pumps all the blood out. We’re doing it favor,” Luke adds the last sentence with a hint of amusement in his voice. He continued, “and I still want that treat.” I handed him the money I had with me and said, “Ugh. Go get it. I lost my appetite.”
“Tsk. That’s too bad. You know you can’t get too queasy every time we kill something. Toughen up, you know?”
“Yeah,” I sulked.
“Well, see yah. I come back around after I got my fill.”
Before I walked away, Luke grabbed a hold of my wrist, gently. “Hey, maybe you want a tracking rune? I could then know where you are when you’re in trouble.”
“I dunno. It just feels right. Besides, I should be there to kill the monster for our poor little baby.”
“Hahaha… You’re a funny one,” I said, with fake smile with annoyance.
I pulled up my sleeve and said, “Go ahead.”
Luke gingerly took Demerod and used the tip after blessing it so it wouldn’t infect me. Marking a triangle, then a wobbly line down the middle, and finally an ‘x’ with the intersection crossing with the line as well, Luke made sure to make it as accurate as possible. I felt no pain. It wasn’t an emo thing. Just what we do to keep each other safe.
“Now let me do you,” I said.
He pulled up his sleeve and I blessed Sirith, ready to make the necessary marks. Only, just then, all hell decided to break loose.
3 monsters lumbered out of the ground, splitting the cobble stones and the road in general. Dirt flew into the air, into my hair and eyes, and sprayed into everything. Monsters’ gurgling and roars filled my ears and Luke’s. One particularly troll-ish Demon swung his arms around, knowing Luke and me over. The claws caught Luke’s shirt, pulling him back up. I saw his neck lash backwards at the suddem change of direction. Struggling to get up, I watched as Luke tore away his shirt so only his white t-shirt was left. Falling to the ground from 9 feet, Luke crashed to the ground. I screamed for Luke, but he lay still. Teras streamed down my scraped face and the dirt stung my cuts from the previous demon. Resisting the urge to throw up or to faint, I forced my way to Luke, the pain searing up and down my legs. I reached Luke, placing my hand over the gash in his chest from where the demon’s talons had lashed at him when being levitated.
The blood pulsed around my hand, eventually slowing but finally, the darkness gripped me and I fainted. The last coherent thought: “They were looking for us. I know they were…”
Finally, I woke up, but a rocking motion made my face go green and I held my mouth. Sharp and bitter bile came up and I spat it out. Looking around me, I saw I was in a compartment with 2 other girls. They huddled together, fear ebbing away from their eyes. Instantly, I recognized one to be a faerie, no older than 4 years old in human years and the other a werewolf.
The werewolf sat up straighter and acknowledged me, “We thought they were going to come down to eat us.”
“Who’s us?” I demanded, just when the door burst open.
The werewolf girl and faerie child huddled, fear flashing across their faces.
Ice hardened my eyes as I glared up, but immdediately, my eyes melted to their normal green as I recognized the silhouette. It was Luke.
His face had pure fear until he saw me. His face turned to a black wall again.
“Oh. I was worried. Something blocked my connection.”
“Oh,” Luke said for the second time, “my blood got into your mark. It works just as well.” A weak cough.
I stood up quickly, dizziness rushed over my brain, but I staggered forward, my hands felt his chest, hard with muscle. “What? Is it the cut? Do you want me to mark a healing spell?” “No.” His voice sounded sharp, like ice shards. Flinching back, I clasped my hands together behind my back. “No,” he said in a voice, softer this time, “I only came to check. I’m going now.” “Stay, please, Luke.” “No, the demons will be back to check on us. I can’t be gone.” He hesitated. “Tonight I have something to tell you. I’ll sneak over once everyone’s asleep.” He held my hand for a moment before letting go, his fingers lingering.

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