The Kidnapping

December 16, 2009
By CDMS1 BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
CDMS1 BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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“Ahhhhh! Get off me! Help!” he yells. However after that all you hear is the tires squeak and the car pull away in a hurry.

The next morning at school all the kids were asking where Jack was. A little bit later Jack’s mom, Sally, called the school and asked if he was there. Nobody knew where he was. Later that day his dad, Bruce Boldin found his book bag about a half of a mile away from their house. Bruce was a marine for ten years and they finally told him that he could go home.
The next day Bruce receives a phone call. People on the other line said. “I have your child.” You can hear Jack yelling in the background. “You have 48 hours to obtain him or he is done. Main and Johnson. No cops or he is gone. And you better bring $50,000,000 or you’re not getting him back. Next the man hangs up the phone. Bruce goes crazy. He grabs his guns from his secret storage. He grabbed one little gun and one big and silver sniper rifle. He runs to his car and hops in. As he is pulling away, his phone rings. “We will be at Main and Johnson at one o’clock A.M. tomorrow and to receive him back you better have the $50,000,000.”

“How,” Bruce yelled into the phone.

“The Main Street Bank is closed. Go through the ceiling. The vault number is 59793.”

Finally the man hung up. So Bruce goes in. He arrives to the bank and he needs to be in and out fast. Bruce drops through the ceiling and he lands on the ground but as he lands he hears “STOP” Bruce turns and fires at the same time. Meanwhile he runs toward the safe. As he is running he hears “Come back here.” He quickly turns around and starts walking toward the big security guard in a big black suit. As he is walking toward him he pulls out he gun and shoots him square in the face before the guard could even reach into his pocket. The guard falls to the ground and Bruce turns and walks toward the vault. He arrives to the safe safely and opens it. He goes into there and puts $50,000,000 in the bag but he goes to walk out and type in the code to close the safe and he typed the wrong thing. It closes quickly and alarms go off. He runs as fast as he can to the roof. He climbs down the back of the building and he runs away safely. He takes the money back to his house and goes to sleep for the night. The next night he goes to get Jack. Bruce and the van arrive at the same time.

“Give me Jack and I will give you the money!” Bruce yelled.

“No you have to give me the money first.”

“OK!” Bruce said.

He gives him the money and right as he gives the money to him the guy runs with the money to his car and leaves quickly. Bruce follows them in his car and when they are on the highway he tries to wreck them so he can get Jack. He doesn’t want to hurt Jack so he follows them the whole way to the ware house and they thought he was gone but he wasn’t.

Bruce is on the roof of the warehouse and he drops down through a window and there is a guy looking down the steps. He sticks a knife in his heart and kills the first guy. First, he looks down to the first floor and there are four guards and one head guy. Second, he saw Jack in a cage and the head guy had a key to the key. He sneaks down the stairs and hides behind a box. As the one guard walks by he stabs him and now it is down to three. He shoots the one and he dives and shoots the other. Next he hides behind a box. Following that the one guard walks over and he shoots him. Finally the boss ran into the room. Bruce shoots the last guard and is going for the leader. He says, “Come out, I know you’re in there.” He kicks the door open but as he does it the man shot him in the leg and Bruce hides behind the wall. He limps back behind the box and the guy yells, “He’s done.” As he walks out, Bruce shoots him in both knees and the stomach. As the man lies on the ground Bruce shoots him in his head. After he finally takes the key from the leader and opens the cage. He says, “Come on Jack.” Jack follows him out when they hear a shot. The other leader walks into the room with a gun pointed at Jack. The guard beside him had a gun pointed at Bruce. All of a sudden two shots go off and the leader and the guard fall. Sally stood behind them and yelled as she ran toward them. “Let’s go home.” As they walk out of the door and turn they see three guys standing there with a gun pointed at each one of them. One said, “Give me Jack.”
“No.” Bruce yelled.
“Give me him or I will kill you all,” he said as he cocked his gun.
Then the car squeaks away quickly. Bruce and Sally jump into the other car and was following them. Bruce makes a right and sees them turn onto the highway. The other car pulls a u-turn and goes fast the other way. But right as he does it, Bruce does a quick turn and is right behind them. He shoots the back two tires out and the car can’t go very fast. Later he pulls up beside him and smashes his car against the other car and they both were spinning out of control. The guy grabs Jack out of the car and tries to run when Jack scrambles away out of his hands and runs from him. He grabs him and hops in a parked car and tries to drive away with Jack. Bruce, right behind the guy, jumps onto the roof of the car and holds on tight. The man doesn’t know Bruce is there so he drives slowly back to the warehouse.
As he pulls into the warehouse Bruce jumps off the roof on top of the guy. The guy throws him off and runs over to Jack and holds a gun to his head.
“If you get near him I will shoot,” the man said.
Finally Bruce takes a step towards him and he cocks the gun.
Bruce took 5 steps back.
Then he said, “Where is the money?”
“Inside,” Bruce said quickly.
The man points the gun at Bruce and says, “Let’s go see it,” Bruce knows that there are guns inside. He turns and goes quickly into the back room. He comes out with the gun in one hand and the money in the other. He walks into the building holding Jack at gunpoint. He say’s, “drop it or I will kill him.” So Bruce drops the gun and walks toward him.
He yells, “Stop, put the money in the car.”
“I will only if you let Jack go.” He said.
“OK!” the guy yells.
Bruce puts the money in the car and as he does he lets him go. Right after he lets him go he shoots him three times, two times in the back and one in the head. Jack. Jack falls to the ground and right as he falls and dies Bruce picks up the gun and shoots the guy.
He picks up Jack and just holds him there for a little bit. He cries and takes him home.
In a week they had a funeral for Jack.
“It was all my fault!” said Bruce. “All mine”

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