the white wolf2

December 14, 2009
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I was falling still. The cold dark kept away by a warmth and light. Suddenly the light became brighter all of a sudden, I was falling toward the ground and then there was darkness. It wasn’t cold darkness but like a blind darkness. Then when I tried to remember who I was my mind went blank. I didn’t know who or what I was. My sense of smell and hearing grew so great I had to put my hands over my ears to block out the sound of howling. Then I realized they went hand but paws. After a minute I became ravenously hungry. I smelled warm milk and I went towards it. I drank from the source of the smell and within second I was full and fast asleep. A week later I finally opened my eyes. The world around me was dark. I headed o a light and looked outside, my mother close behind. The world outside was beautiful. There was an empty grass surface that was surrounded by large trees and a mountain. The world around me was so new! I wanted to go and explore this world but my mom picked me and a few of my sisters up and lead everyone back inside. We had dinner and we all went to sleep. A month passed and I was already eating hard foods. I explored a lot and became close to another male wolf. He had light brown fur and a little gray here and there. You could say we were friends. We went exploring together and we grew up together. When we were old enough to join the hunt my friend was the one who made the big kills more often. I made some but I wasn’t as strong as him. After we ate our full (not much left since we weren’t that high in ranking) and headed to the forest. The next day the Alfa leads the pack towards the mountain. We met strange creatures there, they walked on two legs. They were not prey but I didn’t like them much. We visited often and sometimes with the pups to get them used to the two walkers. The two walkers liked the cubs most it seemed. One day on our visit there were new two walkers, one of them seemed to be the youngest of them all. The two legs smelled female. Something about the she legs seemed familiar. We went up to her and sat under her showing affection to her. She patted my head then my friend. The others seemed to take no interest to her. After awhile we went back to the den. I crepe out at night while everyone was sleeping and headed to the she legs. Unknowingly my friend was following me. I turned my head a little and saw him. He was either following me or wanted to see the she legs too. So we set off to find her. When we finally did she was at a high hole in the wooden den she was in. she was looking at the mountain. There was nothing I could see out of the ordinary, but she legs kept staring unlit I gave a little grunt to show her we were here. She seemed really happy about this. I really liked being with her. So for the past couple of night, when we were not hunting, I would go to find her by myself or with my friend. She really enjoyed our company, but there was a hint of sadness in her face and I couldn’t help but wonder why. The next few nights we weren’t able to visit her because of pup sitting, hunting or some other task at hand. So I didn’t see her for many days. On the day we were free to go and visit, we couldn’t find her anywhere. We searched everywhere. Then I heard some rustling by the mountain base and went to investigate. She was climbing up the low part of the mountain with little snow into a small cave. It looked strongly familiar. She was in the cave now and we were already climbing towards her. Before we entered the cave there was a loud shriek! The she legs was falling out of the cave. Then it hit me! I was once human, and this was the cave with the cougar that killed me! The she legs was now running down the mountain side, the cougar right behind her! I ran as fat as I could, my friend close behind, to get to her before the cougar. When I reached him I started snapping at his front paws to get his attention. I hade a bone to pick with him! We fought!! It was like a wild blur of fur teeth and claws. In the end I came out on top and the cougar fled. I was really beat up and bleeding badly. It looked like I was going to go through that dark tunnel again, but this time without light to guide my way or warmth that won’t go away. My friend caught up to me finally. Seeing me laying there in the snow, he ran. He was probably going to try to get help, but it would be too late for me. Then I heard rustling in the bushes just up ahead. Could it be the white wolf spirit? No, it was the she legs. She was ok! She looked at me with sad eyes. I didn’t want her to see me this way. Dieing. She crawled slowly towards me. I growled a little so she would just let me continue my fate. I died once before, what was dieing again but a forever sleep. A slumber undisturbed. She ignored my growls and held my head on her lap. I was so happy with her. Then I closed my eyes for the last time.

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