Clumsy Prisoner

December 9, 2009
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John Smith was an extraordinarily clumsy man that had a criminal record. John has done many horrific things in his past, such as picking on an innocent group of 3rd graders and threatening them. Because of his harmful and unnatural decisions, John was placed in a dark, dreary prison in southern Minnesota. John does not have many people that he enjoys hanging out with there and often grows bored and lonely.

On one cold, rainy, lonely evening John decided to cook a nice meal for some of the prisoners at the jail so they would be his friend. When nobody was looking, John slyly snuck out of his prison cell and headed towards the kitchen. John wanted to bake a massive cake for everybody to enjoy. John gathered all the ingredients he needed to make his cake. While John was searching for some knives that he would be able to use, he accidentally knocked in an opiate that was left in the kitchen from a doctor that visited earlier. He felt something bump against his side, but decided to forget about it and carry on like nothing had happened at all. John was growing tired from all of his work so he decided to take a break and relax for a little while. About an hour later he mixed together all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. He kneaded the dough so he would be able to design the cake. After about an hour of kneading the dough, he tossed it in the oven. A few hours later, the cake was finished.

John added the final touches to his masterpiece and could not wait to present his cake to all of his fellow prisoners. He could not wait to see their faces when they saw the cake he had baked. At lunch time, John presented his cake and everybody was so excited, until they ate it. After a few minutes of swallowing many pieces of what looked to be an extraordinary cake, they soon felt tired and sleepy. John soon remembered that he had bumped into something in the kitchen and figured it must have been an opiate from a visiting doctor. John was very frightened of what might happen to him for causing this, so he attempted to flee from the prison. He barged out of the building and hopped the fence without thinking. John did not get very far before the police were notified and charged after him. John was later caught and had an extra two years added to his prison sentence for knocking out every prisoner and trying to escape the prison. All he wanted to do was bake a cake and make some friends, but instead got sentenced to 2 more years in prison. After many weeks of arguing his sentence, he did not succeed and had to settle for what he had received.

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