the one thing i thopught i would never do.

December 7, 2009
By alexis furneaux BRONZE, Munsville, New York
alexis furneaux BRONZE, Munsville, New York
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i would have thought that my day was like any other. but i was wrong i was dead wrong. my name is amy and until now i thought i wasnt going to amount to any thing.i am a normal kid in school. but i was the kid who got picked on. until one day when i thought i was going to break. i finally said well why is you who feels they have to be mean to me why am i the target? do you have any real friends? i thought about it after and i know that i am so much better than them. i have friends and i feel bad for them and they will never get any were with how they are. but me i will get some were and it is all becase i stood up for myself.

The author's comments:
this is because a girl that i know is always getting picked on and she doesnt want to sany any thing and make it worse.

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