November 24, 2009
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The Three Amigos
There once was a group of friends called The Three Amigos. They lived in the village of Tinseltown located near the ocean of slipperywhenwet. There names were Jeffery, Jeorge, and Johnny. They loved exploring there far away village. While exploring one day they happened to stubble upon a bottle floating in the ocean. They couldn’t open the bottle because it was sealed by a tight cork. They thought about the best way to open this bottle. They came to the decision that they would take the bottle to the local tavern. Those old guys can always open a bottle no matter how tightly sealed it is.
So they walked down the trail from the ocean to the center of town to the Thirsty Donkey. When they walked in the whole pub became as quiet as the night is dark. You could even hear the mice in the walls. The boys searched for the best candidate. They found a man the size of a whale that looked to be as drunk as an Irish man on St. Patrick’s Day. They approached the man with some caution. He was drunk and all. They asked the man if he could help them out.
Jeffery explained to the pub attendee, “Mr. Sir we have a bit of a problem. You see, we found this bottle floating in the ocean and we can’t open it. Could you help us out?”
“Why should I; what’s in it for me?” The old man said with a scowl on his sweaty drunk face.
“Well, what do you want?” Jeorge replied.
“I would like a bucket of peanuts and a pitcher of beer,” he said with a laughing tone.
“But mister, we can’t get you beer. We aren’t old enough.” Johnny Whined.
“No peanuts and beer, no help from me!” the big ogre yelled.
“Don’t worry mister we’ll get you your beer and peanuts.” Jeffery said.
The boys walk away to discus there deal between themselves. Johnny and Jeorge seem to be skeptical, but Jeffery has an idea. He plans to have the boys create a distraction while he runs into the back and grabs the pitcher of beer and the bucket of peanuts.

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