The Resoluted Sea Dog

October 29, 2009
By robinsonc BRONZE, Claridge, Pennsylvania
robinsonc BRONZE, Claridge, Pennsylvania
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Arg! I'm Goldtooth Longbeard. I am a sea dog in the middle of a pirate battle. I fight for the USA and we're against the Spanish Armada. The U.S. has already lost one-fourth of our men in only two days. That's when they pulled me up. To resolute that I was ready, I volunteered to risk my life.

I dove down into the pit of water. As I swam over to the Spanish ship, I looked what way the Spaniards were looking. I floated over to the other side of the ship to get behind everyone. I climbed aboard as no one gandered at me. Everybody thought I was one of them because I made myself blend in. I rigged the ship by making sure the U.S. ship never got hit. I knew the Spanish language so I told them to let me take over as they take a break and think of ideas on how to destroy the American boat.

They all sat down gathering plans as I came up with a plan of my own. With a couple of guys observing me as they steered the boat, I had to make the act look real. I then used the catapults. The catapults threw gigantic boulders at the other ship. Of course, I missed the ship on purpose, but I made it close enough so the drivers thought I was really trying. As I let the U.S. fire back, I shunned the missed fires. I fired away making sure every shot missed.

The drivers looked the other way for a minute or two so other ships couldn't sneak up behind theirs. In that instance I looked for every weapon I could find to throw overboard. I climbed up into the crows nest to look through the telescope to look down upon the floorboards for any guns or swords I missed the first time. I saw a knife that I picked up and got ready to throw it in the ocean. I then tripped over the telescope.

I fell over the edge of the crows nest. The rope that held up the sail harnessed me in mid-air as it whipped around me to grab my body unexpectedly. My hand slipped from the rope and my arm got wrapped in a swirl. I started to go numb and the rope cut-off my circulation. I lost feeling so I grabbed the knife with my other hand and cut the rope off of my arm. I feel about ten feet to the wooden, cricked deck. I smacked onto the floor and of all worst luck to yet happen, then it awaited me. I looked all around and saw all the soldiers running at me. I wondered why and then I looked down. There it was, my USA, American flagged pin.

I got up as quick as lightning and boarded to the edge of the boat. I jumped off the plank and dove into the deep, deadly, shark infested abyss of the ocean. Every Spanish solider scurried to find their guns to get revenge on me. Luckily I thought ahead by throwing the weapons overboard. I swam back over to the U.S. ship and got aboard. We over powered the Armada and won the battle. I felt great, but then thought deeper and felt even better than anyone else. I felt the best because I realized we won the war because of me tricking the whole ship of Spaniards. All of our men celebrated and then we headed for home sweet home.

"Land Hoi!" said the look out in the crow nest. We landed and no one noticed the land. No one around? We realized that we should introduce the land to everybody. I took a hike down a stream I found. I saw that a lot of plants were growing there. I yelled for the other soldiers to rush over. That's when we decided the land has well-plant growing, fertile soil. We introduced the land to the country as a colony named Goldsville. It was Goldsville named after me, Goldtooth Longbeard. That was when I felt like I could live forever with immortality.

The author's comments:
This was a piece I had wrote for my Literature class. We had to write a story about a journey at sea as a pirate using seven vocabulary words. I actually liked my story I cam up with. In that same class, we had a chance for extra credit. The extra credit was to write a short story or poem on this website and I thought I should type my pirate, literature paper.

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