-war book- "WHAT IT FEELS LIKE" -book 1-

November 17, 2009
It happened so fast everything was going great we were storming the beach me and my friend but then “bam!” I felt something wet on my right cheek I prayed to god that what I think just happened didn’t happen… It went so slow I turned my head and saw the bullets rip his chest apart. I was melancholy; I felt like I could have done something, I could have saved him! I couldn’t fight; I crawled to the nearest boulder, looked up… and cried. Bullets were flying overhead and I could see my sergeant trying hard to keep us in line he looked at me and scowled, he gave a giant yell but I couldn’t hear him that’s when I noticed that my left ear turned deaf for a while. Seeing that I wouldn’t cooperate he went on with the siege and I was left back, crying looking at the bloody carcass before me with the dog tag that said in big bold letters… “Mathew”

The siege was over and we were rounding up the dead I was okay for now but I didn’t talk, eat, or even walk that much for 2 days and as a talkative person as I am everyone became worried, some corporals were trying to comfort me but the sergeant didn’t care… he never cares what happens to us because he doesn’t have any friends… he lost them all when he was just a recruit so he doesn’t know the meaning of love. We were the first out so we had the most casualties about 16 dead and 21 wounded… and I looked at the pile being covered in dirt and whispered to myself that it was my entire fault. He wouldn’t have died if I actually knew how to fire a gun; I never fired a shot my whole 7 months as a private first class and the 4 months of being a regular average “I want some action” recruit.

I got about 2 more years of serving my country and as I look at how long that is I wondered how many more people I’m going to let down or even let die because of my stupid carelessness. We packed up and headed out behind the armored division we were going to attack a hostile town soon that supposedly has a retired general that we can… talk with. But it’s going to be tough.

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bintin said...
Dec. 14, 2009 at 7:10 am
stung said...
Dec. 14, 2009 at 7:08 am
great story dude!
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