The Battle of the Hunters

November 15, 2009
By Brandon Rosenbluth BRONZE, Bedford Hills, New York
Brandon Rosenbluth BRONZE, Bedford Hills, New York
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One day, an 8th grade boy named Cole was walking through the Rippowam Cisqua hallways. He was by far the biggest, strongest, and smartest kid in the school. He went to class one day and they were writing about what they are best at. Cole said that he was the best hunter in the world. He stated that he was even better then the Greek god of hunting Cronium. He has never missed a shot at an animal before. Every weekend, Cole goes on hunting trips with his dad in Vermont. He uses modern day bow and arrow but Cronium uses an old fashioned wooden arrow that is not special at all.
Every Monday, Cole would come in and brag about what he caught that weekend. One week he told the kids that he caught a one-ton buffalo and everyone was amazed. Cronium heard about this, and started to get a little jealous that someone is actually almost as good as him at hunting and especially because it is a kid. Cronium traveled to the Rippowam Cisqua School in Bedford New York and asked around for a kid named Cole. When this was going on, Cole was in the middle of health class when all of the sudden Cronium blasted open the doors to the gym and looked straight at Cole. He said, “You are not better then me at hunting. I will be back in four days to have a challenge of who is the best hunter that has ever lived and if I win you are killed but if you win I give you my throne as the king of hunters.” For the next four days, Cole practiced his hunting as hard as he could because he needed to win this challenge or else he would be killed. All his friends were frightened because the last person Cronium challenged to a hunting contest got burned to death.

The day has come that Cronium and Cole will set off into the woods of the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River New York. The whole school was there cheering him on and his family was crying because they did not want to lose their only son.

The rules were that the two contestants would go into the woods for four hours and who ever comes back with the most catch, wins. Cronium and Cole went running into the woods with their bow and arrows looking for animals. Cronium put a spell on the trees to talk so they could tell him where the animals are but they were very annoying so they didn’t help him that much.

Four hours later… A big horn goes off alerting Cronium and Cole that the contest is over. Out they came with a truck full of animals. Inside of Coles truck was four bears, seven deer, and nine horses. Everyone was so surprised of how many animals Cole caught. When Cronium opened up his truck, he had four bears, seven deer, and ten horses. Everyone started crying because they knew that this was the end of this young fourteen year olds life. Cronium walked up to Cole and said, “I am sorry that you lost”. Cole said, “Before you kill me, can I say goodbye to my family and friends?” Cronium allowed this and saw everyone crying and looked at the poor fourteen your old and changed his mind. Cronium said “You know what? I am going to let you live under one condition. If you stop hunting ad much and never be as good as I am at hunting.” Cole was so happy to hear this and thanked Cronium so much to stay a live. Everyone ran up to Cole and hugged him and Cronium walked away into the fog and vanished.
The End

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