The Battelof Dark and Good

November 14, 2009
By Kayla Rampley BRONZE, Canton, Georgia
Kayla Rampley BRONZE, Canton, Georgia
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One day, in the mountains there was a little girl named Nicole. Nicole was walking around the mountains. She saw a cave with something mysterious looking inside. Nicole ran inside the cave, and felt a burst of warm wind. She had ended up in The Land of Noble Dragons. When she walked into the cave everything changed, there were no people, no cars or even human houses. It was just dragons. There were all different kinds of dragons. Some had armor, some had brilliant jewels, but the biggest most beautiful dragon was standing in front of a magnificent palace.
Nicole walked into a majestic looking palace, and seen a golden egg. She had read in books that dragons may exist in another universe, and has read that the golden egg was the queen dragon’s baby. Nicole new she wasn’t going to take the egg, but she touched it and felt an intense shock. Started, she ran back the way she came. As she got closer to the cave door she felt a tinkle in her arm and seen a vivid flash of light. The flash was so bright; it blinded her for a brief moment. She opened her eyes and she had returned home.
The next day Nicole woke up with strange markings on her arm, she recognized the markings on her arm from one of her books. She got down “The Great Book of Dragons.” The cover was all bluish color and covered in dust. She wiped the dust to reveal the silver dragon pictured on the cover. She opened the book and then she seen the picture, and read, “ The Golden Egg is the queen dragons baby. If a human touches a princess egg they would not only let out all vileness creatures in the land of noble dragons, but it would take away a lot of the queens’ powers. It would be that persons’ responsibility. If the egg is lost or if the egg has all ready hatched, that persons’ left arm will glow telling them that they are near it, even when the dragon is grown up”. After she had read that Nicole closed the book and said, “Who could believe that?” Right after Nicole said that, her mom said, “Come do your chores Nicole.” Nicole went down stairs and took out the trash. As she walked down the passageway she saw something behind the bushes, as she got closer Nicole felt her arm tingle just like before. When Nicole got there and seen what it was she said “Its true”! She picked up the golden egg, and ran the egg up to her room, and she sat on her bed.
When she heard a crack she ran to get her mom. When her mom got in there they saw just to parts of the golden egg. Nicole’s mom said, “ What is that and how did it get here? Nicole said nervously “ well, it’s a baby dragon… and well, I think when I was walking in the mountains I had walked into a cave, when I walked in it was just like another universe but only dragons!” I saw this dragon palace, and I just had to go in it. When I got in the dragon palace I saw the golden egg. I new I should not of but… I did for some weird reason. So now I have to go back and defeat the dark dragon. See this on my arm ever since I went to that land I have weird marking on my arm, but if the dragon isn’t with me this marking turn yellow in my dragon book it says if it turns red that means the dark dragon is near if it is normal old blue than its okay.” She explained.
The next day, Nicole woke up and heard something coming from her left arm. The noise was saying, “ Wake up, wake up, and wake up”. When she got up she heard her dragon say “The dark dragon is taking over we have to save them.” “ But you can’t fly.” Nicole said the dragon said, “ Just give me a lift.” The dragon and Nicole went outside and Nicole gave her dragon a lift and about five minutes later, the dragon flew up in the air and when it came back it was all grown up. “Lets go!” dragon said excitedly.
When they got there they saw the dark dragon. She was saying to all the other dragons “ You are my people now and no one can stop me.” The dragon and Nicole rushed into the scene and went into action. It went, left to right then right to left. Then it was dragon on dragon. When Nicole saw what had happened she closed her eyes and thought really hard, Nicole felt her arm tingled she looked over and saw that marking was glowing bluish red. Nicole knew that the dark dragon was almost defeated. Then she looked up and saw both dragons lying on the ground. She thought her dragon was dead but her dragon got up very slow, still it was alive. All villains were back in the villain part of the land of Nobel dragons and the queen was out and said, “can I please have my baby back now?” Nicole said, “ Yes, and your baby isn’t a baby any more it’s all grown up.” Nicole gave her dragon a big hug good-bye. Then every dragon was yelling “Nicole, Nicole, Nicole’’.
She then heard her mom say “ Nicole come and do your chores.” She thought for a moment, was I dreaming, it seemed so real. Nicole went and took out the trash. She ran down the passage way and ran behind the bushes there was nothing there she said to her self “ Where is the golden egg” She ran back to the house and told her mom were is the egg?” Nicole’s mom said I don’t know what your talking about sweetie.” Nicole ran up into her room and looked at her bookshelf for the book about dragons, she couldn’t find it. Then she new it was just a dream. Nicole’s mom told her to go to bed. That night she woke to get a drink and when she got back in bed, there was a piercing flash upon her window. She got up and raced to the window and saw her dragon in the sky writing “Good night Nicole.” then she new it wasn’t a dream!

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