October 12, 2009
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Tempoar Tower was a pretty intimidating structure, one hundred and twenty feet of metal, glass, and fancy business people doing business stuff. The building was actually pretty isolated, a good thirty minutes away from the nearest town and built on the ruins of some long destroyed backwater town. A large parking lot and a few plain buildings dotted the surroundings landscape but the tower was the only real attraction, due to the Tempera Company leading the world toward an age of EcoFriendly power sources and more advanced technology.

The Tower was actually one of the main structures built all over the world but it was relatively new and security had not been fully installed into the building. The receptionists lobby on the first floor but only a handful of rent-a-cops sat at the chairs while other, more experienced and permanent officers, made their rounds around the Tower. Invisible cameras silently tracked their movements while several cruisers periodically intercepted the ground forces at designated intervals. It was a very efficient setup yet it wasn’t efficient enough for the seemingly suicidal recklessness of Solomon King.

Defiant purple headlights suddenly erupted in the midst of the parking lot, accompanied by a black streak of metal and the loud roar of music. A car had somehow ‘warped’ into existence during the middle of the night and was approaching dangerous speeds for any civilized area. The car was heading towards the Tower and a swarm of cruisers and officers were attempting, and failing, to cut the vehicle off. The driver hid behind tinted windows but a rough outline could be seen by the cameras, though nothing actually definite. Within seconds the car flew into the receptionists lobby, crashing through glass then the receptionists desk before the driver angled the vehicle into a wide and destructive turn that left long skid marks on the polished floor. The car came to a stop before the elevator and the passenger window rolled down only for a gloved hand to push the ‘Up’ button. The window rolled upwards and the drivers window rolled down only for a brown package to sail towards the oncoming police cruisers.

As the police cruisers approached the package a furious multi-colored explosions tore through the cheap paper and various rusty items commonly found littered on the floor of a junkyard cut through the cruisers while the unfortunate soldiers caught a lethal dosage of shrapnel that tore them to pieces. As the lobby began to quiet the cheerful ding of the elevator doors opening. The passenger window rolled down again and a very large package wrapped in cheerful wrapping paper was thrust into the box, followed by three more. The elevator doors began to close and the passenger window rolled down.

The car engine started up with a roar and the music was turned up to night sky a new level before the car shot out towards the shattered window and into the night. The whole operation was quick, a little more than a minute and very loud, but effective. As the car drove off into the darkness, purple headlights illuminating the road, the Tower suddenly stretched out as if fat before violently sinking into itself with a large bright yellow explosion that seemed like a small sun coming to existence in the center of the Tower. With a loud explosion of air the Tower was sucked into a single point in the air followed by a large shockwave that generated angry cracks on the ground and shook the small buildings that surrounded the tower.

Back in the car the grinning driver turned to his passenger.
“Ya see? That was easy! We were in, then out, a few explosives and BAM! We’re done,”

“I admit it was sorta fun. It would have been more fun if I could drive,” the passenger was obviously female, especially by her voice and figure. They both wore full body black jumpsuits and black helments that covered their faces but their voices game away their gender.

“I’ll let you drive when I become Emperor Dictator Siegfried the thirteenth,”

“Don’t you want to become Emperor Dictator?”

“Of course! Consider this your present for my day of crowning,”

The two enjoyed a lengthy laugh before a sudden flash and purple light erased them from their location.

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