Medieval Trouble

October 12, 2009
By Talking_Pig BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Talking_Pig BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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BRRRR, it was a horrible rainy night with thunder clouds roaring above the castle. In England, a young swordsman who is a slave of Flap Jack, known as Jason, is lying in his bed in Flap Jacks castle. He is waiting for all the other slaves to fall into a deep sleep. Jason is exceeding his bed time.
Later that night, he hurdled out of a hole the size of a child that was made from him smashing his bed against the wall. He was not injured from doing this, because he was only on the first floor above the basement. He then sprinted all the way from the castle into the village Boston, a town of log houses and its very first brick that was the only Orphanage.
Jason tried to enter the building but the door was locked. He clustered together a bunch of leaves for a blanket and somehow got them to stick together. There he was lying on the edge of a non-pokey bush for a pillow. In the morning Jason was awakened by the co-owner of the orphanage explored who the area for abandoned kids and taking them in. The king has been posting LOST Signs that said “LOST slave kid reward $$$.”
Right away, a rich family Marie and Timmy drove up in the very first car made to the orphanage looking for a perfect child. They saw Jason doing intelligent stuff and then Marie Said we’ll take him and pointed at Jason.
“I adore this new life,” Jason whispered to himself.
Timmy and Jason went to the well to get some water until he saw the king Flap Jack, posting another LOST sign. Flap Jack turned around curiously hearing the talking behind him.
Flap Jack had his noble army chase Jason and Timmy, but they hopped into their old car and drove back to their house. Once Timmy told this, they drove Jason to their parent’s house to protect him.
The king and his army rode up to Marie and Timmy’s house and dragged them to Flap Jacks torture hut. They hung Marie and Timmy from chains from the wall until they told where the boy was.
“WHERE IS HE?” wondered the king.
They replied, “He’s far east from here.”
As the king’s army arrived at Timmy’s parent’s house, no one was home. Timmy’s parents had a note that was given to Timmy that they were heading overseas. The army reported 2 days later with a report that no one was home. So the king tortured Timmy and Marie even more until they told them where they were headed. So Timmy handed Flap Jack the note…
“Dear Timmy,
We are going too held overseas because we were near the grocery market and we saw these 5 knights looking for a boy named Jason. Once we heard that we got what we had and rushed home to prepare a raft that Jason and I built.
“WHAT… what do you mean overseas, he is escaping?” shouted the king. “Yes, and I’m glad. Hope you don’t find him, he might be around the ocean.” Timmy chuckled. The king was stupid enough to go with his army to get his boat that was 1 mile away. While the king was gone, somehow they were able to escape. They then met up with Jason and Margret near the ocean and escaped to discover a new land and build a new home. Luckily Timmy and Marie Had have been carrying a lot of cash with them, so they stopped by a different market and bought a lot of food that would last their adventure. So the king went to search on the ocean but he couldn’t find them, so he gave up with his search for them. The king went on a hunt for a nice lady and he actually found one that was just as evil as he was. Flap Jack had found the lady that would stay with him for all his life.
His wife’s name was Sarah. She wanted to have a child and they did. After a while when the kid was grown, their son was able to build a bomb shelter that is made with indestructible materials. After the shelter was made their son made a bomb and planted it in the middle of the continent. While he was gone his parents noticed and looked everywhere while they were looking the boy sneaked home to his shelter and blew up the bomb. Now he is the only one on the continent. Later after it was destroyed he made a boat and sailed around until he found a new continent. This time at the new place he was actually making friends with each other and not trying to destroy the place.

The boy had been known as Johnny in the new island, he had met a girl that was interested in sharing his power that he held on the island. He ended up being a really rich person. He bought all the food; he even got food and gave it to all the poor people that were not doing well in their life. He was only 14 at this time; he was a really nice, intelligent, wealthy, person that was very helpful to the others who were not as wealthy.
Johnny ended up dying at the age of 42 from an assassination. His wife began her life over without Johnny while owning all his valuables and his child. Although, Johnny was still in all of the villagers hearts.

The author's comments:
I used a story that i wrote before with same problem but i improved it.

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