Bed Time Story

October 21, 2009
By Zachariah Vega BRONZE, Wolfforth, Texas
Zachariah Vega BRONZE, Wolfforth, Texas
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It was a foggy morning walking down the road from school not really knowing what was in front of me but the closer I get I can pick out the things that pass me. It’s about a mile from my house my feet hurting I have no shoes to keep me from the pain of all the blisters I have from walking on dirt roads. While walking to my house I can see lights from cars in the distance and shadows of people passing but for some reason theirs this one black shadow in the middle of the road that hasn’t moved for some while I walk slowly towards it but as I get closer I stop in fright, it’s a killer tribe of about six kids and adults I can hear their soft voices whispering talking about wanting to hurt somebody. As I’m listening talk I hear one tell another that they can see me I look to my left and see a dark alley I run as fast as I can panting in exhaustion thinking of a strategy on how to get away so my first thought is to run into them and keep running it didn’t work I feel one grab my hand trip me I get punched in the face. Waking up on my doorstep bleeding my mom walks out screaming in fear not knowing what to do, there’s not a hospital in site anywhere. Sweating in bed waking up from a horrifying dream I finally calm down and realize I’m alive.

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This is an amazing story

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