My Great Escape

October 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Laying there in the hot summer sun, I waited for my best friend. I had known my best friend (Penelope) since I was really little and we were together all the time. The sun was beating down on my face and I could feel my skin darkening with every minute that passed by. Seconds later, I heard a honk and I sat upright straight away.
Sitting in the passenger’s seat was a dark haired girl with brown eyes and a tan face. I instantly knew it was Penelope, it is very hard to mistake her for anyone else. I stared to run forward, but the look on Penelope’s face was telling me to stop, so I did. Then I remembered that Penelope was supposed to be walking. I looked in the drivers seat, the man driving was defiantly not her dad. Penelope’s eyes were blowing up like balloons. She had that look on her face like she was going to do something that she shouldn’t and she yelled.
“STACIA!” she yelled and at first I asked myself who Stacia was, but then it hit me. I am Stacia, I am the one Penelope was yelling at, I am the one that Penelope was trying to warn.
I turned around ready to run, but four cold clammy hands grasping my upper arms and carrying me to another van, where it came from is still a mystery to me. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest and I was struggling for air. My next thoughts were the worst imaginable. I thought about how I would probably never see my family again, my friends, my home, anything and everything imaginable that I would never see again in my whole life unless a random urge of luck came to me and everything turned out ok. Or maybe this was just a dream and I was waiting for my body to wake up so I tortured myself in my sleep to the point where my mind couldn’t take it any longer.
I was wrong, my head was throbbing and I had my hands in tight fists. I was thrown in the back of the “magic” van and everything went black. Sounds of my family and friends were rushing through my head and I could see images, but nothing present was coming to mind. I saw a quick flash and everything went away.
I woke up in an unfamiliar room, walls covered in maps of the local area. They were dotted in red dots and names of people, a few I knew. I looked around to find I was not alone. Penelope was laying next to me on the cold, hard concrete floor. I could hear distant voices, but I wasn’t sure about Penelope. She was laying there motionless and silent. She had that look on her face like she was going to do something she wasn’t supposed to again. I was waiting for her to say something or do something, but nothing happened. I walked around the room that I assumed to be the basement looking at the maps.
The voices came again, it sounded like there were 3 or 4 men, and they were walking. I tried to figure out where I was by the maps, but I couldn’t, the only spots were of other people. There were no markings that said you are here like the maps at the mall. I took 3, 4, 5 steps and I froze. I was looking at my house. My house with a red dot and then a red line that showed the path I took to the spot where these men took me. I looked a few inches to the right just to find Penelope’s house marked with a red dot as well. I was wanted.
I felt a warm, small tear trickle down my face and a warm comforting hand on my shoulder. I instantly turned to find Penelope standing with red marks down her face and her eyes were beaming red showing me that she was crying too. How long had she been there? I wrapped my arms around her glad that I was not in this alone stood there for what seemed like days. Every few seconds I felt a teardrop on my shoulder and heard a sniffle from Penelope, whose face was buried in my shoulder.
All the sudden, we heard a whisper and we turned to find a cage like thing with 3 locks. We walked closer to find 5 girls crying and they scoot back thinking we were the bad people. I looked up and found a window that was boarded up and I got my idea. If I climbed on top of the cage, I could easily get to the window and free us all. I grabbed the keys hanging on the wall and put them into their designated locks.
All of the girls in the cage slowly moved out and climbed on top of the cage. I had already opened the window and a draft of cool air came through. I first stepped out of the window to help the others. I counted about 13 girls come out and I was glad I could help. I could hear Penelope say that I should come down to destroy the maps. I agreed and jumped back into the now cold room that I was in minutes before wondering what was happening. I looked at the walls and first ran for my house and Penelope’s house and then continued through the rest of the basement. Suddenly I heard a door open and I jumped. Penelope was already at the cage and that is where I was heading. Penelope was out the window and had her hand ready to grab me by the time I was there.
I jumped up not afraid of how much noise I was making and ran across the top of the checkered top of the horrible compartment that was holding the 13 girls hostage. I jumped as high as I could and grabbed Penelope’s hand she pulled and pulled to help and the man grabbed my foot. The many girls above were now helping and it was fifteen against one. I felt a sudden jerk and I was free. I ran as fast as I could and all I could think was “THAT WAS A GREAT ESCAPE!”

The author's comments:
this is a great story

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