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   Princeton University has a lovely campus with nice architecture. The college town, Princeton, New Jersey, although small, is very nice. It has many shops and restaurants. Princeton is also relatively close to both Philadelphia and New York City.

During my day long visit in February, I found the tour was unusual. It told a lot about Princeton's history and traditions. The tour guide told us about the famous people involved with Princeton, and the history of some of the buildings. We also learned about traditions including entering through the front gate on the first day of freshman year, and never leaving through that gate until after graduation because of the superstition that if a student leaves through that gate, they will never graduate.

The students were very friendly and outgoing, and seemed happy to be at Princeton. One student explained that the biggest drawback was that the majority was men (about 60% of the student body), which causes some stress. Princeton went co-ed only twenty years ago, and two of their eating clubs are still for men only. She also said she would prefer to have Princeton closer to a city, but when asked if she had college to do over, she said she would definitely go to Princeton.

Reviewed in 1990

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